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Hello. Eulaliaaa! I say chaps, this is a bit of a damp squib. I jolly well have to keep my personal info mum, y'know? I think I'l just go for my bit of plum pud over there and chat about my alter ego, eh wot!

Thought I was a hare, eh Redwall fans? Well, sorry, I'm a bat, Dari, flying around the Underland! I wish Ares hadn't died, I miss my brother-

Stop stealing center stage you blighter! Huh, enough of my hare imitations. They're far too vulgar. It is a regrettable twist of communication, however entertaining, that they speak like anomalous glossators from the British Isles-

AHEM! Thank-you mister fox, but I am the primary Outside Character in Eulaliaaa's writing. It does us no good to argue.

Hah! YOU, the primary Outside Character in our creator's writing? Don't make me laugh you clumsy, fluttering... uh, sorry. No offense.

None taken. You were just blowing off steam, the currents are as tempermental as you are, and not nearly so apologetic, so why should I be angry at you when I am not at the currents?

Um, maybe because the currents, whatever they are, aren't alive and I am? But thank you.

You're welcome!

Will the two of you shut UP! I'M the author here! Hi everybody, ignore those chattering wise ones will you? They've given away more than a few spoilers already.


Hey, fox! You shouldn't have said anything in the first place! No-one knows about you yet!

They know about me...

That, good Dari, is much beside the point. Now both of you be quiet or I'll put you in the "A vacation gone horribly horribly wrong" story. Besides, you're only my primary OCs SO FAR!

Annoyed/uncaring silence

Good, now, there are a few things I want to say. First of all, I will never abandon a story until it is completely done.

Oh, so putting "World At War, Underland", MY STORY, on hiatus for an undefined length of time was just a lark.

My threat didn't work at all, did it Dari?

Nope, and that's unanimous.

Oh, so now you're a shrew from the Redwall shows instead of a hare.

*annoyed sigh* No, I'm not.

Whatever. Okay, also, anyone who knows the Redwall Series, read Highwing's stories, in the order he uploaded them. THEY ARE TOTALLY AMAZING!!! YAYYY URTHBLOOD SAGA!!!!!

awkward silence*

Add to that JadeTeaLeaf's "The Chain's That Bind Us"! Not done yet, but still a AWESOME story, right up there with the Urthblood Saga!!!!! (Maybe)

another awkward silence*

Okay, so that was crazy, but still, read those stories. Oh, speaking of crazy, here's a shoutout to FFcrazy15's works, awesome Kung Fu Panda awesomeness!!! Go FFcrazy15!!!

yet another awkward silence*

Add crissy miu to that Kung fu panda Awesomeness list. Really though, there are tons of authors I should shoutout for, Sgt. Sporky, Killy-S, Samadhir, Col. Hogan, Castaway5, Kamakazitwinkie, Dragunity Gemini, Ally Jackson and tons of others. Respect, you amazing, descriptive, creative, entertaining authors! Respect! (Thanks Samadhir for coining that awesome "respect!" phrase thing).

In any case, Dari brought up a good point. World at War is on hiatus, but it will be re-uploaded eventually in final form. Updates on progress in finishing it will be placed below the line of 0's.

Any other random comments will be placed below the second line of 0's. OH! By the way, I am avaliable as a beta-reader for some book/movie/tv series.


World at war Underland hiatus Reports.

2/14/12 - Story is put on hiatus about halfway through part two of three.

3/27/12 - Story is redevided into parts, a few minor edits made.

4/1/12 - First three chapters of part one combined, expanded, and edited.

4/2/12 - 4th, 5th, and 6th chapters of part one combined and partially edited.

4/6/12 - New 2nd ch edited, part of recombined and larger third chapter edited.

6/10/12 - Got back to it after a long time of playing Minecraft (Awesome game!), edited and recombined the new chapter 6 and part of the new ch 7.


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