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Hi, I am Medha and I love reading. My favorite genre for books is supernatural! I am IN LOVE with twilight! GO EDWARD!!! I am also in love with the immortals series by alyson noel. I love reading so much that i came to write my own stories and Fan fictions. I was also inspired to write by a really great friend and I hope you guys will enjoy the stories I come up with!

Favorite colour ~purple~

Favorite book~well i have lots... twilight saga, nightworld series, house of night series, gemma doyle triology, distant waves, dark visions, fallen, torment, mediator, lock and key, the tomorrow series,the immortals series and i have so many more just can't think right now...~

Favorite chocolate~milk chocolate~

Favorite time of the year~summer, i like winter too but in summer you get 2 months off!!!~

Favorite flower~tulip... mostly because Damen gave them to Ever meaning undying love~

Favorite things to do when bored~read, READ, and READ!!! i also like to write fan fics and i love doing my nails~

Favorite electronic~ my ipod touch 4, can't live without it!~

OMGGGGG I just finished reading Hush, Hush and Crecsendo!!!! I recomened reading it! But I gotta warn you, the second book leaves off at a hanger... Now I have to wait until october to read the 3rd one... sad face

I made my own forum!!! it's for the immortals series by alyson noel. PM me if u wanna join!

Forum Link: My Forums:

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hey and also i would love if you guys will review my stories once u read them. i love getting feedback from u guys so yea REVIEW!!!!

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