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Hey! It's ForeverPurpleAndInLove. I have two stories going right now, the newest one is Fitting In. And you can scroll all the way to the bottom and make one little click and read it!!! Come on, you know you want to! So thanks for checking out my profile, you are a now a very special person. :)

I love the Percy Jackson series. My favorite pairs are Tratie, Percabeth, Thalico, Jasper, and Grover and Juniper. There's not nearly enough stories for those two. *Sigh* oh well. I also love Conner! Conner's important too! I also love Twilight, however I don't care for the rest of the books after that. Team Edward! Jacob sucks.

Random Facts About Me:

90% (No I'm not exaggerating) of people who try to say or spell my name FAIL epically. It's quite sad actually.

Race: Black.

Hair: Black. As you can imagine my hair is not naturally straight. Much to my chagrin. I have to constantly press my hair to keep it straight. Even then, if I get it wet I'm back at square one. :(

Height: 5'0 I'm proud to be a shorty!

Religion: Proud Christian


Personality: When I'm with friends, I'm very random and outgoing. I enjoy visiting lala land and getting wierd looks from people in the grocery store. If I'm shy and quiet around you it means I care about your opinion of me. I tend to trick alot of people that way. Sadly, I am a grammar (mostly spelling) freak. It's a curse I'm forced to live with.


Color: Purple!

Sport: Volleyball

Book: Too many to chose from.

Movie: (See book.)

Music: Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Owl City, Far East Movement, Paramore (I fricken love them,) Vanessa Carlton.

So hopefully I'll start my first fanfiction soon... just waiting for inspiration. Anyone who wants talk go ahead and hit me up. ;) Like I said earlier i'm kinda new, so anyone who wants to give me some tips or something is welcome to. I'll happily take advice and am willingy to read anyone's fanfic who asks. n_n So yeah...

The girl you just called fat? She's been starving herself and lost over 30lbs. Now she almost has an eating disorder. The boy you called stupid? He has disabilities and studies over 4 hours every night. Now he's getting depressed. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting on make-up, doing her hair, and spending ALL her money on clothes, getting in trouble, hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. He doesn't need more at school. There's a lot more to people then you think. Post this on your profile if you're against bullying, anywhere and everywhere.

Happy writing!


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Fitting In reviews
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