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Hello my fellow twi-lovers! Welcome to the Pimp My Bunnies contest!

So, remember awhile back, a couple of fuckawesome authors held/judged the plot bunny contest? Well, this is basically the same thing, except instead of prompts, there are select plot bunnies to choose from. All of the plot bunnies come from my sick, twisted, overactive imagination. I have so many plot bunnies jumping around in my skull, it's hard to hear myself think. However, for some reason, my kids like to take up my time so I'm unable to write all of the stories I'd like to see come to life. And that's how another twific contest was born!

Okay, on with the bunnies!

1. Edward/Jasper, AH, high school. Edward is the ever popular, rich, preppy jock. Jasper is the artsy, goth, trailer trash. Edward and his buddies make Jaspers high school life a living hell, from start to finish. Whether it be spreading rumors about his home life or destroying an important art project, Edward and crew just can't get enough of making Jasper miserable, all the way to graduation. Jump 12 years, Edward is still popular, still rich and still at the top, only now, hes a resident at a Seattle hospital. When he hears the talk of the newest addition to the hospital, hes more than ready to meet the man that has set his work place abuzz. The new man, however, happens to be the same man he personally tortured for 4 years. But Jasper is no longer the shy, socially awkward boy in black. Hes confident, comfortable in his own skin and perfectly content to pretend that Edward is non existent. Edward, of course, is immediately smitten. Can he prove to Jasper that hes not the same boy from high school? I want some serious pining here folks. I want Edward to want Jasper so bad, hes willing to do anything to get his attention. Bonus points if you include mega UST from Edward and some fuckhot desperate, needy sex.

2. Edward/Jasper, vamps. Really simple, I want to see Jasper use his power to torture Edward in a public place, sexually, of course. Classroom, crowded night club, grocery store, whatever you fancy. I want to see Edward positively desperate and writhing without Jasper even touching him. Bonus points for a public, slightly humiliating orgasm. Even more so if Edward gets some payback.

3. Edward/Jasper, human Edward, vamp Jasper, angst. Picture a meth addict, but exchange the meth for Jaspers power. Edward is traumatized in some way, death of a parent, mugging, whatever and his totally enraptured vampire boyfriend only wants to take his pain away for a little while but when Edward starts needing it more and more, so much that he can't even leave Jaspers side for fear of the effects wearing off, will Jasper be able to withhold his boyfriends drug of choice or will his rose colored glasses prevent him from seeing the damage. I want to hurt for this one. I want Edward to be so addicted that he will do anything for one more "hit", use sex, threaten to leave, whatever it takes. I want Jasper to be so in love, so attached to his human, that ripping out his own heart would be easier than saying no. This should be angsty, hurty, with lots of dirty, "drug" enhanced smut. Bonus points for a "I'm high so I'm a slut" Edward :)

4. Edward/Jasper. AH. I highly doubt anyone will want to take this one on, but I want some forced feminization. I want it all; makeup, stockings, corset, garter...and OMG panties. Slutty, barely there panties. I dont care what the story is about, as long as there is a Dom/sub element. The dirtier, the better!

5. Domward/subsper preferably. AH. Have you ever seen a Bound In Public video? If you haven't, you should. If you have, then you know what I want. A sub who wants to be used in public, but is too embarrassed/nervous to ask and a Dom who always knows what his pet wants. Domward is ready to collar his sub, Jasper, and wants to make it a special event. In front of crowd, he uses Jasper, even allows a few others to play with him. Edward should be possesive, though. He can handle other hands on his sub, but ultimately, he will be the only one to make subsper come. I want possesive, a little jealousy, and a lot of love for his sub from Edward. Jasper should be nervous, embarrassed at first but quickly gets into the scene. Bonus points for a begging sub.

6. Edward/Jake. Canon. Vamp/Wolf. Yes, I am asking for an imprinting fic. I want Jake to imprint on Edward, but because Edward isn't human, he's not immediately susceptible to the connection. Where as Jacob is completely ready to become everything Edward wants and needs, Edward denies the imprint, which leads to a very heartbroken, completely useless wolf. I want Jake to be so desperate for Edward, he feels like he's dying without him. When Seth shows up at the Cullens door begging Edward to reconsider, Edward being the selfless vamp he is can't help but at least try to ease Jacobs suffering. And of course, one thing leads to another. I want Jacob completely needy, moaning and purring at just the slightest touch from his imprint, preening every time Edward graces him with a smile. I want Edward to slowly warm up to Jake. And lots, lots, lots of UST. Like, whoa UST. Bonus points for the first time smut to be slightly rough, desperate and a "omg hes fucking touching me so I cum in 2.5 seconds" Jake.

7. Any M/M pairing, exluding Emmett because...ew. Ever heard of daddy!kink? No, not like incest, I mean where the more dominant partner likes to be called Daddy in bed. I want it! A lot of it! Maybe Carlisle comes home to find Edward watching a little daddy!kink porn, or perhaps Jasper slips up during sex and calls Edward "Daddy". Maybe a blushing, shy Seth makes his way to a BDSM club to find himself a hot Daddy, in the form of Edward. You get my drift. Totally hot, right?

So, did any of these catch your eye? I really freaking hope so! I have many more, most of them really dirty and I just don't think anyone would actually write them. Not to mention, they'd all be reported in a matter of minutes so it'd be pointless anyway. Now, on to the other stuff.


Domward's Mistress, Touchstone67, PigSooooie, Dragonfly336


Entries will be accepted from April 15th through June 17th

Open voting will start on June 18th and close June 25th

Winners will be announced on June 27th


-Email all entries to pimpmybunnies@gmail.com

-Label your submission with the following information at the top: Entry for “Pimp My Bunnies”




Plot Bunny Inspiration:


-Between 5,000 – 15,000 words

-Collaborations are allowed

-You can write for more than one plot bunny. There is no limit to how many times an author/team can enter

-Writers must be at least 18 years of age

-No previously written stories please.

-Entries should not be continued until the duration of the contest is complete

-Entries must be beta’d

-NO rape/abuse/incest/pedophilia

Winners will receive a banner for their story. There will be one overall winner, as well as judges picks.

Am I forgetting anything? Probably so if you have anymore question, email me at pimpmybunnies@gmail.com.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to writing! :D

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