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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog.

I would love for anyone making a review on my stories, please do make any note on grammer error or improper puncuation. I cannot improve if their is nothing to tell me what i'm doing wrong! But to tell you as a side note, somethings I will spell things wrong delibberattly, considering some of my character speech.

By tah way, the picture is not mine, (obviously) as it belongs to an artist from... what was it again? Oh, it's DeviantArt. Anyway, here is the address for the original, (I think) So that I won't get attacked for a stolen image! Isn't that WUNDERBAR? I like the picture, Tails looks so... insane, and you might actually connect the image with Five. If you don't know who Five is, then you might want to read Outbreak to find out who and how he's created.

Zombie storyline: Outbreak-Trinity-(inbetween)Call of the Hedgehog-The Rising-???

Zombie Easter egg songs used in stories:

Lullaby for a Deadman & Beauty of Annihilation- Outbreak

The One- Trinity

115 & ???- The Rising

???- Call of the Hedgehog

Characters ages in the zombie storyline:

Sonic the Hedgehog: 21

Miles "Tails" Prower: 14

Knuckles the Echidna:22

Outbreak- Human and mobian kind are forced to fight for survival, in this installment of Zombies. This is how it began.

Trinity- The undead has invaded Station Square. Our heroic hedgehog has to fight a foe unlike any other. With old friends and a mysterious maniac who is the only one with knowledge of the situation, will he overcome the nightmarish hell of the zombie apocolypse?

Call of the Hedgehog- While the others find a way to end the zombie nightmare, there is another group looking for the secrets of how it all started. The test's were done at Geisteskranken, but where did 115 come from? How did they get it? But most importantly, what connection does Shadow the Hedgehog have with the dangers of the mysterious element one-fifteen? Our newest hero's might find out, if they survive long enough that is...

By the way, I am a Sonic fanfiction fan, just so you know. Maybe others...?

I do have my own OC, but I tend to not use him. Haven't written a story for him at all yet, really. Usually, I'll make up characters, (Or use some mentioned in passages from various information leaks in the story I'm writing about.) that tend to end up... dead. Yes, it is crude, but in that way, I won't be like many other authors (Not saying that I'm against anyone who does, I think it's okay, just not for me.) who end up making their characters relate very closely to other official characters. (Like Sonic or Tails, etc. Oh, Shadow, yeah, that's a good one too.)

I have no intention of ever making any of my own characters develop, (In the romantic way) a relationship. Sure, they might be friends at best, no more then that. I'm not the best at following the personality of the characters, so please, do bear with me if they seem out of, ahem, character. (See what I did there? With the joking, and the repeating and the... ah, fuck you.) (Sorry for the coarse language, although I actually do use it quite abit...)

Jeeze, writing all this down... shouldn't I be working on the next story? Should I move it over to the crossover section? Wasn't their a story about Sonic and black ops i saw in the sonic fanfiction page? (Hah, I did not read that one. I must get to it, then work on my own.)

Actually, some of you may notice that I... suck. Hah, I'm so vain and vandictive. Do you hear the voices? Bah, I should work on that... where is that damn noise? Where is that little girl? Why am I talking, er, writing like Richtofen? Do you actually think he writes how he talks? Wunderbar! (German, so it's not wrong.) (Oh, did anyone actually do the german translation from Trinity, in one of the chapters? I think it's three or four, I can't remember, but Richtofen talks about the glowing green balls. Did you know that Tails spoke German? He's much more diverse in his language than Sonic is.)

To Let The World Be.

Decided to clean up my page a bit, the descriptions weren't exactly important, but I can rewrite them even better if anyone actually ants me too. Not that I ever get any PM's :(

Uh... this is quite odd...

It's been a while, hasn't it? What have I been doing all this time, no updates, no new chapters or anything? Well, that is a story better left unexplained, because, it doesn't really matter to a point other than the fact I haven't been updating in like... christ, how long has it been?

Well, if you're reading my page and have been awaiting my story updates for quite some time, be aware! I have RETURNED! (Line from 115) Yes, and it's time we continue the saga! (Damn, I just revealed that this was going to be a six story series!) But I do wonder if anyone has been wondering how the events ahead would play out. Share with me your juicy thoughts and anticipate the oncoming chapters of the crossoverish Sonic and Call of duty zombies story plotline!

A new thing on my page i will try doing: a relevant peice of information relating to the story in a informative manner! This won't be spoiling anything in the plot really, just some knowledge on what's happening.

New information regarding the effects of element 115, unpentinuium on the humanoid body and mind.

Researching the various effects of the element have led me to discover conclusive results on how they effect both human and mobian bodies. Firstly, there is hardly a difference between the effects they both experience, only one key characteristic that is different, but I will discuss that later.

The element in its liquid state is hard volitile or corrosive in any means. However, it has been discovered that if injected with the red liquid and then having physical cntact with the element in its electrical state will cause a reaction in the persons bloodstream. Muscles in the body react and expand, creating thicker layers underneath and pushing them up, causing a great increase in strength and endurance. In a sense, the element acts as an physical enhancement.

Yet, most noted and wanted explanation of the elements effects right now is how it reanimates the dead into what most call zombies. The dead cell reanimation theroy is highly correct regarding my research, but there is something else that is distubing me slightly. Upon closer inspection on one of the reanimated, we recorded spots of decomposed flesh and had seen something most disturbing: repairing tissue.

The reason for the zombies violent nature is due to the damage caused to the brain from death, and the reanimation process doesn't seem to effect it fully as much as the entire body. However, it is possible that once the dead are reanimated, given a lengthy period of time, will regenerate tissue accordingly until their brain functions once more on the same level of us. It will eliminate their primitive state of eating as their only function and result in actually bring the dead back to life!

This is not confirmed, only theorized. The time for that to happen could be decades, and we don't have the time for that during this crisis.

Now on a final note, differing effects on mobians and humans regarding exposure to 115. Such exposure has been recorded to cause an increase in aggresion, most notable in mobians. Take a more timid and shy personality of a mobian, and with the effects of 115 exposure, causes them to exhibat more than usual levels of aggression.

Being bitten by the reanimated will not result in tranformation, yet they can spread the reanimation process to corpses they come in contact with. (If you are killed by a zombie, then you will become one, not when your still alive) The only effect a bite or scratch might have is leaking exposrue and result in paranoia and delusional images appearing.

If only we learned some of this information sooner, we may have saved lives. If Maxis were here, maybe we could fix this quickly. But, it seems that we won't be able to get out of this mess without getting our comeupence. G.U.N will be found out about this, and the people will not be happy.

(Coming Soon)

???: After The Rising, all seems quiet in the world. But the zombie mencae has only been halted for a breif moment, their numbers gathering as they prepare for the final strike. Our Hero's have one final chance to finish the battle before all the Earth is engulfed with the endless numbers of the undead, but can they do it? With all life on Earth hanging in the balance, will they finally be coming home?

"I see them staring at me, they know my name! The faces in the sky, are looking, for something more. My friends have paper smiles, they laugh at me and all my trails. I see them everywhere, see everything what do they-

Need me, and I need them."

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