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Hello fanfiction community!

I am a juvenile 16 who created this account as a means to followed other stories, mainly DannyPhantom. I never meant to write anything, as I was never a fan of the activity. However, after the discovery the netflix added DannyPhantom to its online repertoire, I spent weeks watching the cartoon until reaching Phantom Planet. I was reluctant to continue because I never wanted my beloved show to end. When I finally came around to watching it, I took notice of Valerie in the crowd following Danny's exposure. Even though she was drawn as jovial, I highly doubt that she was. Half a year later, I decided to put my thoughts into words. thus, my first fanfic was born!

What Once was describes the changes of life since nothing is stable. Wasn't there once a person that said something about wishing life was a museum, so it wouldn't change? Holden Caulfield, I think. Well, Danny's life is about to change drastically, following the exposure of his alias and, the main plot pusher, Valerie's take on the newfound information. Of course the story is DxS and centered around Danny. I can't have Valerie giving away precious plot information now can I?

Also, please help me out. I got a B in English last year. Or don't help me. That's okay too because I don't actually enjoy writing. I don't understand people that do. I suppose it's kind of fun watching scenes go by in your head. This story begged to be written. I'm sure someone else wrote one like this, but I have yet to come across one. if there is can someone please tell me? I don't want to accidentally make it similar.

almost 2 years later, I am now almost 18. I won't be finishing this story because I lost the outline I had and I'm doing college apps. Actually, now that I remembered this site existed... I might finish writing after I get into college... yeah, I'll write that down so I don't forget :) I probably have to edit my story, I'm a little scared to read what I wrote so long ago...

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