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Hey guys! I have created this account after a long leave of abscence from writing, so please don't be to harsh to judge on the stories i write.

Name:Tierza(not my real name, but that's not important. i wish it was though!)

Most of my stories revolve around my favorite childhood show of Yu-Gi-Oh, but I might try to write about my other favorite stories as well.

(sorry for the profile being short! I'll add more later possibly!)


Hey, I got a DeviantArt! YAY! might post a link here, but I don't have much art up, so maybe not.

Heres the link for my DA (yeah, same username. How original!)


Everyone who reads "Unattainable Salvation should totally check out the fanart made for it by the lovely animedrawer666 on Deviantart. you can either go to my profile and find it under favorites or click on the link. Here's the link:LINK

Also, a new story may or may not be in the works...

In case anyone wanted to know, here are the character profiles for Unattainable Salvation:

Kommandant Akefia Touzoku:

Age: 29

Head of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Orphaned as a child due to mother’s large debt owed to a Jewish money lender which forced her to abandon him, which is the reason behind his hatred of the Jewish race, along with the fact he considers them impure. Also feels hatred towards thieves (I know: that would be totally untrue if this were cannon!), because his father abandoned him and his mother when he was three to go back to the life of wandering and thieving. The only person he makes an exception for is Bakura, seeing as they are friends.

Lived on the streets for most of his life, begrudgingly having to pickpocket like his no good father, before being detained by the SS. However, instead of sending him to jail, they were impressed with his hatred of Jews and his ruthless and uncaring nature. Took him in and trained him to be part of the SS, eventually rising through the ranks to become the Kommandant.

Cruel in all ways to those who work for him with the exception of Marik and Bakura. Sees them as sort of his brothers who have shared his hardships and his love for sadistic cruelty. So strong is his caring for them that he had his villa expanded to include rooms for them. While he will not shoot any of his underlings, he is not afraid to beat the living crap out of them when he is in one of his moods, as well as verbally insult them.

Along with the being worked to exhaustion, fearing the gas chamber, and being shot, the prisoners must also fear his appetite for torture. Be it boy, girl, woman, or man, Akefia has a prisoner, or sometimes even two or three so Marik and Bakura can have their own to torture, brought to the villa each night for him to “play” with. Torture ranges from sexual to mental to physical to emotional, and is usually a combination of all four. In the morning the prisoners are either returned to the camp and told to never speak a word or their bodies are cremated. Though, there is usually not much left cremate.

Like most of the officers, he has no problem with raping the female prisoners, but unlike most of the officers (since homosexuality was taboo for the Nazis) he enjoys an effeminate boy as well, but makes sure to keep such affairs hidden, as do Marik and Bakura.

Rapportführer Marik Boehm


Rappotfuhrer of Buchenwald (responsible for daily role call and daily schedule of the camp)

His mother, a woman who considered herself a pure “Aryan”, had a drunken night fling with an Egyptian Roma ( I looked, albeit on Wikipedia, and they are an actual group!) man visiting Germany, whom she had met at a bar. Her SS husband was pleased to find she had become pregnant, but was furious when he was born because he was not his son. However, instead of getting rid of him, he instead chooses to raise him to hate all those who weren’t pure.

Due to his father’s SS connections, was allowed to join and soon gained a reputation as a sadistic, manipulative killer. Was in a combat unit for a few years before being assigned to Buchenwald. Became fast friends with Akefia and delights in joining his Kommandant is his torturing games.

Besides running the camp on a daily basis, he also likes to medically experiment on the prisoners in his free time, with the help of the camp’s chief doctor.

A frequent womanizer and has an insatiable sexual appetite. Brings home many women he meets at the official parties, but is not opposed to raping a female prisoner. Also enjoys a good lay with a boy every now and then. Prefers women (and boys) with the desired blonde hair and blue eyes, due to his fathers installed training that these were the pure women. However, due to the fact that he himself has Roma blood, he has a small bit of sympathy for Gypsies and as such, takes a little more pity on them then other prisoners, sometimes going so far as to make sure the Roma work details get the least strenuous and harmful jobs, and usually sends all gypsies brought to him back intact. Usually.

Wachbattalion commander Bakura Schwarz

Age: 28

Wachbattalion commander of Buchenwald (oversees the guarding of the camp and perimeter patrols)

Born to a prostitute, grew up without a father and had to make a living by stealing and pickpocketing. Was caught on the same day as Akefia. They saw each other often during training and became friends, then fell out of contact, for Bakura was the placed in training to become a guard. Was amazingly skilled due to his knowledge of being a thief and being able to see how someone could escape from a situation. Was made into the commander and stationed at Buchenwald, reuniting with his old partner in crime and finding a comrade in Marik.

Ruthless guarding tactics. Will have any prisoner he thinks is too close to the fence shot instantly.

Because of his mother’s promiscuity, has an aversion of women and thinks all of them are good for nothing sluts. Is homosexual, and admittedly has shared a night or two of rough sex with Akefia or Marik, or even once with both, but is in no way caring of the boys he beds. He makes damn sure that none of the others know of this. Usually is the one that leaves the most blood after a session of “play” due to his fascination with knives and blood.

Deniz Sahin (yeah, a girl oc. I know. But I promise not to make her a mary sue! And the only person allowed to complain about it to me will be KitsuneKittis… Yeah, I just gave you permission Kitty to say this is a bad idea, if you read this.)

Turkish Roma, Prostitute, and Household Maid.

Age: 20

Born to a Turkish Roma father and a German mother. Her father was shot in an act of violence against her Roma community when she turned 16. Was forced along with her mother to work for a living, she a dancer for a night club and her mother a maid for a wealthy SS officer. When she turned 19, they were forced to go to a holding camp. Her mother was taken away immediately to be gassed at Auschwitz for being a blood defiler and she was sent along to Buchenwald, where she was a laborer, then a prostitute due to her good looks. Brought to the villa one night for Akefia, she finally broke down after a long time of keeping it together. Whether out of pity or lust or something else, Akefia had her transferred to be the villa’s maid, provided she still did her “job”, but only for himself and Marik.

Has a complicated relationship with akefia. While he treats her with some amount of respect, but still can be cruel, but somewhere deep in his black heart, there is some spark of compassion, though he would never admit to it. He speculates it is because she reminds him of another girl he had met while living on the street who was one of the few people in his life to show him compassion. She doesn’t approve of the things he does to the prisoners, but is always respectful out of gratitude for allowing her to stay in the villa away from the camps hardships.

Her relationship to Marik is actually a little better due to Marik’s sympathy for gypsies, especially those with dark skin like himself. Marik has admitted that if only she were a pure Aryan and not a gypsy, then he would have made her his wife, but seeing as she was Roma, that would never happen. While he is more inclined to be sexually and verbally abusive towards her himself, he does not tolerate the new younger guards trying to make a pass. She is theirs and theirs alone and when he doesn’t bring home a woman or takes a prisoner, she is the one he calls for.

She loathes Bakura and he her. Usually has to be asked to do anything for him by Akefia or Marik which amuses the two to no end, but sorely pisses him off. Has received a couple of good slashes when he is in a particularly bad mood.

When not doing her duties as a maid or servicing the two, she finds solitude and peace in the camp stables where she and a young Russian boy named Lisak care for the Akefia’s, Marik’s and Bakura’s horses. Can often be heard singing in German, but when she is sure no one is around, she prefers to sing in Turkish and even dance when the mood strikes.

Ryou Michalski

Polish Prisoner

Age: 18

Lived a happy life in the Polish city of Krakow, then forced to move into the ghetto. Made many friends with the Jewish kids there, two in particular: a young boy named Yugi and his older brother Yami. Lived there until it was cleaned out and was sent with his mother, father, and sister to Buchenwald. His mother and sister were sent to be gassed, along with Yugi and Yami’s grandpa. They were luckily all put into the same barrack together.

Despite the hardships of the camp, he tries to keep a positive attitude, along with Yugi. When they are confined to the barrack at night, they often sit up for a while, talking and dreaming about life outside the camp. They also spend any free time they get teaching Malik and his brother German.

Malik Ishtar

Egyptian Roma


Arrived in Germany only five years ago with his sister and adopted brother, so his German is still not great. Forced into a holding camp for Romas before being sent on to Buchenwald. His sister was sent to work in the camp’s brothel and he and his brother were put into a Roma work detail (wonder how Malik meets marik…hmmm… this isn’t a spoiler at all!)

Malik is defiantly a rebel. He hates having to be told what to do and often it takes his brother to prod him to do the work for the day. This quite often gets him into trouble with the overseeing guards.

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