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Stranger than you dreamt it
Can you even dare to look
Or bear to think of me:
This loathsome gargoyle who burns in hell,
But secretly yearns for heaven,
Secretly... Secretly...

Fear can turn to love
You’ll learn to see
To find the girl behind the monster:
This... repulsive carcass who seems a beast
But secretly dreams of beauty
Secretly... Secretly...

~Darkside Omega~

The excessively cool authoresses, Mieren and -NC- are the greatest! *Worships excessively* The account 'Unholy Quintet' seems to have been deleted, though. Mieren now posts under... 'Mieren' on FF.Net, and -NC- has moved to Mediaminer under '-Natural Chaos-'. Go find and read. Now. You too will worship these two authors... And as far as I know, both of them update regularly. *Nods* So go! Read something by these two omnipotent authors!

Story Status:

Mweh. o.o; I promised you all updates, didn't I? And I still haven't updated. *Dies* Well, I still have explanations. I'm a Junior in High School now, and I have all the hard classed my school offers. Phooey on PreCal, I say! Uh... There'ss tupid people everywhere, I hate humanity as a whole. And my Yu-Gi-Oh addiction hasn't come back any. This is a somewhat serious problem, seeing as most of my fiction here is about Yu-Gi-Oh. o.o;; At any rate, the only two unfinished ones, Master of Disaster and Miracle, are Yu-Gi-Oh fics. I'll try and give them finality, I promise. But it may take a very long while, even longer than it has already taken.

Some of you people may know I was having problems with a certain Guild, and it's leader/members? Well... I've finally reached a certain level of power there, I got my Council position, but only after out Beloved Leader *Sarcasm* was absent for a few months. Major props to Kile, who gave me the spot, Neoangel for being simply awesome, Bane for being the best stalker I could ever have, and Hater and Penguin and Oracle for being great OAs. And Vegetan for being an awesome FF.Net authoress! Vegetan is a supremely cool person to talk with. o.o! I haven't managed to read her fics yet, but her username for FF.Net is Sentomegami. Go read her stuff, give her great reviews. ^^

My fics... Well, people who read the last time I updated this bio know I was working on Butterflies and Confettii. Well, like the previous two times, it sort of died. o.o;; I'm working on nothing big right now, just a few of what I call practice fics. They're pretty short, just some random person thinking on some random tangent. And they're mostly Angst/Romance, with titles like Soul Mate, My Love Is, Virus, and Red Numb.

I've also gotten around to writing out the individual stories and histories of my Muses. My Muse Count is at 59 currently, and I'm meeting new people every couple days. Curse you, Silvara, you Blue Haired Silver Eyed Bounty Hunter, for bringing me all your friends. -.-; Ah, well.

I'm boring, yes? I'll stop boring you all, now.

As before, feel free to E-Mail me if you want, or if you are a Neopets player, Neomail me at either Spellbynder or Lunaflora, as those are my two most active accounts. And I have MSN! It's Darkside_Omega@hotmail.com. But if you add me, please be sure to tell me where you got my address from? It's just that I have about five people on my list who I have no clue who they are or how they got on my list. o.o;;

Cheers ~ ÐîK§ÏЀ ÕM€GÃ.

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