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~Ze Facts~

Name: Uhh... anything works. Unless it's a mentally disturbing name.

Gender: ... Alien. :D

Age: 3.141592653...

Location: On the lonely island that lies within the numerous thoughts that nestle inside my brain.

Species: Human. (Really? No, I'm actually purple monkey riding a unicycle.)

Job: Procrastinator and space occupier.

~Ze Random Stuff~
-If you ever see me doing any misspelling it's because I'm an asdfjkl-- BRAIN MALFUNCTION. REBOOTING SYSTEM -- a blonde.
-Vanilla is my favorite flavor
-I'm incredibly lazy.
-Blowing bubbles with an overly attractive boy is one of my favorite things to do.

~Quotes, thingamabobs, stuff, and rejects~

"Okay, life's a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that's the only chance anybody's got for real happiness."
-Breakfast at Tiffany's

"If you're a bird I'm a bird."
-The Notebook

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."
-Orson Welles

"Sugar and spice
And everything nice
Thinks she's hot but she's cold as ice."

"People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it."
-Walter Langer

"Because this girl, she is great! She's like... like sunshine. Everything is better when she's there. I can't stand the idea of some jerk hurting her, I just can't. I can't."
-Reed Bennett, Valentine's Day

~Final words~

You know what I think about not being able to show emotions in text? It's a big, fat, underlined, bolded, italicized BULL.I joined fanfiction for 974,134,527 reasons. I'll tell you three.

1. Authors DESERVE a signed review. I'm still a little lost on how to find potential stories
2. One day, I'm going to post a story on here!
3. The number three is just here cause it's entertaining.

Anyways, the name's Jennifer. Don't wear it out.

I really hope to get to know you fellow fans, writers, psychopaths, and lovers!
The time I might ACTUALLY post a story would be on 12-12-12. I missed 11-11-11 11:11.
Love you all.

~Ze Story Ideas~

Fairy Tale Rejects
Naminè always loved fairy tales. The adventure, the action, and the romance. But when she had everything she ever wanted, Naminè wanted to give it all back. After getting trapped in her very own fairy tale, she desperately tries her best to escape this nightmare.


The Beautiful Disaster
Who ever said that there are more than two sides at war? Obviously, they weren't thinking straight—alcoholism, pfft. There are only two sides to this war: Roxas's side and Naminè's side. Different motives, same endgame. Which side will you choose?


I'll add more when the plot bunnies make some families in my head..