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Author has written 16 stories for Adventures of Shirley Holmes, Card Captor Sakura, Angelic Layer, and Degrassi.

OK, I had to add a "last name" to my pen name so the frickin' author search would turn up a record on me. As for any personal info, to quote The Slayers's Xellos, sore wa himitsu desu.

Still, here's some info on what I've done so far along with some notices. The notices'll come first. First, please don't request in your review for me to e-mail you when a new part for any of my stories comes out. Since my story parts come out when I actually have the time and drive to write them, you'll know something is updated when you see it. Second, I'd like you to say why you liked or disliked something. I get as much annoyed by praise without any reason for it as I do with pointless criticism. Try to be constructively critical if you can in your reviews. Flames will be ignored or mocked. Third, I've created a lot of original characters because I really like keeping the canon characters in-character (for this, I'm very grateful to my beta-readers whenever I use them). If you want to use any of my original characters, ask me first or suffer the wrath of a cow being dropped on you. Well, that or you'll get Thundershocked or stomped by the Mecha-Pikachu, followed by an assault from my Machine Monster Cards.

Now for what I've done so far in ficcing (well, the stories I've posted here):

Shirley Holmes fanfic world: My starting point in ficcing. Sherlock's great grandniece Shirley finds herself facing new enemies in the form of the ENIGMA organization. Good thing she's got Blake Hewitt and the Strangers' Club on her side. Expect plot twists and anime influences in this one.

Status: Currently on story #10 "The Case of the Black Lion." This world has been received well within the SH fan community, but outsiders seem to not give a hoot about it. Despite this, a few people take the time to review. As of now, work has been stalled, but keep your eyes peeled. You never know.

Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic world: My second attempt at a fic series. Sakura's the Cardmistress now, but she finds herself in conflict with the sinister forces of the Cyber World. Original characters join in with Syaoran and Meiling to help out. Oh, and yes, Tomoyo still likes to film Sakura and make her costumes.

Status: Composed of two stories so far ("The Funhouse" and "The Enemy Revealed") and "A New Beginning" is still in progress. The second story got plenty of notice in terms of reviews, but apparently I lost my audience during my ficcing hiatus. Please come back. Since the anime and manga have ended, it'll be easier to work on it, so patience. Also, I'm seriously considering cutting down the original stories I had in mind. I tend to go into Rowling mode when I write these fics.

Angelic Layer Neo: Thanks to an American distributor, Angelic Layer becomes an international sport. While Misaki continues on her path as a Deus with her Angel Hikaru, other Deuses and their Angels emerge. However, something wicked this way comes in the form of the mysterious organization DG. For now, the story will be divided into Tokyo and Toronto sections.

Status: After a long hiatus, I've been drawing characters and organizing background information for this world. Tokyo Chapter 4 is up. In addition, I've been redoing the chapters posted. After a few Tokyo chapters have been posted, I'll start on the Toronto side of the story as soon as I finalize the characters and designs for it.

Hikari/Yami: A Degrassi: The Next Generation fantasy starring Kendra Mason. A dark force has come to Toronto, and it's up to Kendra to stop it. Kingdom Hearts and Something Wicked This Way Comes influenced this one.

Status: Stalled. Hard to write for when the character has vanished from the show, not to mention little encouragement to continue and way too many details to sort out.

Other ficcing ideas still swimming in my brain or need to be refined: The Secret World of Alex Mack, Spy Kids, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Punky Brewster, Harry Potter series, Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero, Zero's Familiar), Heroes

My DeviantArt Page: Where I post drawings of the characters in my fics as well as drawings for original stories.

My Associated Content Page

For the record, I rarely update my homepage.

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