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I've loved fantasy books since I was a little girl. Dragons, knights, Mages, Griffins, Gallantry, and anything to do with Magical happenings. When I was 5, my father read 'the lion, the witch and the wardrob' to me. From then on, I loved all books about such wonderful places filled with such wonderful things. I read Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness book for the first time when I was 10; I was caught forever. Years later, I figured out that Pierce had come out with a second quartet, the Immortals. While I had always enjoyed the Lioness and her stories, once I read about Daine and Numair, nothing would ever be the same. I'll be turning 22 in August of 2004 and I'm still reading my old Immortal books over and over, even if they are dog eared and the pages turned an odd shade of dirty brown.
Even today, a college graduate with a B.A. in History (wouldn't you have it), I still cannot bring myself to put away my wonderful books. I've grown to love many books now, Jean Auel, Milton, Pierce Anthony, Rowling(Potter books are cool) and countless other classic and modern authors.
For all girls who are finding that they are growning up now and feel as if it is necessary to try and 'contain' their immaginations, please don't. Growing up and becoming an adult is hard enough, please don't squelsh the beauty that can be created in each and every one of your minds.
I'm nearly 22 and I still find myself caught in daydreams and fantasies of wild magical places where I have magic of my own. I refuse to let them go. Nor will I ever. I'm 22, have my own apartment, which I am actually 'buying', am a high school history teacher as of this coming September, and lead a very grown-up life. But inside, i'm still that little 5 year old that sat at the edge of my bed listening to my father read out of a book to me every night.
As we grow up, we let go of many childish fancies; but never let go of your immagination.
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