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Poll: Would you be interested in reading an "Extra" chapter of how Neona stole the Mane's prized pet elephant? Its completely inconsiquential to the story, and i cant make up my mind. So! its up to you. Vote Now!
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Since I've got at least a few people looking at my profile, i guess i should fill it out with relevant information.

My main Fan Fiction right now is The Nord and the Nightingale, its also my only fan fiction. I used to have one for Dragon Age as well called A Blade Dancer's Blight, but I brought it down to do some major fixes. I have yet to return to it, so chances are Ari'da Fen is never coming back.

The Nord and the Nightingale: This is a story of a bosmer with a very tragic past. Orphaned when her parents where murdered before her eyes, Neona has been forced into a life of thievery and crime. She joined a small band of orphan thieves called the Twilight Mist in Vallenwood, but even then was not allowed solace. Inheriting Lycanthropy from birth, her curse made itself known during a full moon of her thirteenth year and has since been hunted as a monstrosity. After years of travel and intermittent chases, Neona has finally found a family among the thieves of Riften. During her stay, however, she uncovers a treacherous conspiracy with the highest echelons of the guilds ranks, and must work to destroy the evil, shit bag bastard behind it. *cough* MERCER *cough cough* all while keeping her Lycanthropy a secret. During her adventures, she finds someone who has become closer to her heart than any other, but will he accept her once he finds out her secret? Or chase her away like all the rest.

Now that i'm past the 'official intro,' let me give you the unofficial one. I was pretty pissed that the thieves guild quest line was so damn short. It feels like they give you guild leader status after being in for a few hours. I'm also super pissed that Brynjolf wasnt romancable. Even after i tried console commands, the bastard would always just tell me "Sorry lass, i have important things to do, we'll speak another time." What's worse is that the freaking Wolf Twins put together have half as many lines as Brynjolf's! And Bryny's voice is just so much sexier too... Wait... im getting off track. So instead of sending a flaming hate mail to Bethesda for a fan girl complaint, I decided to write a fan fiction about it. And there you go.

Just a few notes: Neona has nothing to do with the dragon born. She doesnt fight dragons, she cant speak the dragon language. I'm not even sure if i'll make any mention to the dragons return in this story, since the main story line and the Thieves Guild story line have nothing to do with eachother.

Also, she has nothing to do with the Companions. Her Lycanthropy was a result of her parents also being werewolves. Although, the -Kas twins do make an apperance or two.

I think thats all i have to say. I hope you like The Nord and the Nightingale! Let me know what you think in a review/comment. Thank you.

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