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Hi people of Earth and beyond. My name is Glacial Pisces, but you can just call me Pisces.
Good news, peoples! I'm thinking of strting a new story! Oh yes, and to all the people out there waiting for it, you might have to patient. I've already started school, and let me tell ya, I'm drowning in homework, so ya'll going to have to deal with me barely updating. If you vote on the poll, I will give you a cookie/cupcake (you choose);D

Glacial Pisces

Information about me:

Age: 14 (Soon, I'm gonna take this away...)

Country: Canada (hence the spelling)

Languages: Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin), English (duh), Spanish (I'm learning this at school), and a tiny bit of Japanese (I only know a few words)

Languages I'd like to know: Japanese (just 'cause I'm learning it doesn't mean I know it), Latin (it could help!), Egyptian (again, it could help!), French (oddball Canadian school...they don't teach us French...just Spanish...), Chinese (I'm embarrassed...I'm Chinese, but I can't write it, speak it, or read it...just listen to it...and I'm talking about Mandarin. I can barely get away with speaking Cantonese, but I can...kinda...)

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Reading, a lot of other things that I'm way too lazy to name

Likes: Badminton, Sports I'm good at, Music, People I consider human, Other stuff I'm way too lazy to name

Dislikes: Sports I'm bad at, People who I don't consider human, People I dislike, Pervs, Other stuff you do not want to know about

Sports I take/took: Dance (I quit, like, 8 years ago), Ice skating (my mom won't let me continue), Swimming, Martial arts (is that considered as a sport?)

Extra Curricular Activies I take: Piano (Monday), Martial Arts (Friday)

FictionPress Account:

Characters used in stories:

Rin Mitsuho Kisetsu:
Age: 13
Story: Beyblade Metal Fusion: Rin Mitsuho Kistesu
Personality: She tends to get a little touchy around topics about her past. She hates the Dark Nebula and Ryuuga (ish), but enjoys helping them get over their power-hungry-ness. She is usually coldhearted and quiet, but inside she is a loving person...just don't get on her bad side...yikes...
Extra Talents: She's a psychic, she has perfect vision and almost superhuman strenth, she knows her bey stuff...and...she can kick ass
Weaknesses: When someone mentions her family, the Dark Nebula, her little psychic moments, her mood swings
Strengths: Probably nothing in the weakness section...they'll appear in the'll see :)
Picture: You're going to have to wait 'til my scanner wants to work with me and 'til my laptop learns to like Deviantart (translation: a very long time)

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