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Author has written 2 stories for Vocaloid, and Dragon Nest.

I'm a writer of mostly murder and mystery stories (on fictionpress), although I don't really know how to create a convoluted plot, so I keep accidentally make myself focus on the murder instead. I'm trying to learn how to focus on the mystery now, though. And...I guess here's some information you MIGHT wanna know about me. o.o

Gender: Female (straight)

Age: Sshh...a teen, but that's all you need to know. xD

Hobbies: Writing stories, piano.

Religion: Most definitely Catholic :3

Strengths in school: Math, English, Literature (Fourth place in the Academic Decathlon for Literature! Muahahaha. Doesn't sound that great, but who cares! :D )

MMORPG games I have played/am playing: Vindictus (Lvl...46? Evie)-East Server, Dragon nest (lvl 7 Sorceress [soon-to-be Elementalist, lvl 21 Acrobat, lvl 40 Sharpshooter, lvl 40 Mystic.)-East Server (Gerrant)

I played Vindictus over the summer of 2011. It was pretty fun, but I gave up a bit before school started haha. I started playing Dragon Nest in mid-September, and have been playing ever since. I also have some characters in the other servers, but I never really use them. My Mystic is my main, followed by Sharpshooter, then Acrobat, and finally Sorceress. Although I've been playing in the east servers, I'm actually in the Pacific time zone. xD I only joined the east because some of my friends were there already from Vindictus.

Ok, enough about games...kinda talked about it too much there haha.

Favorite Books: The Hunger Games, And Then There Were None, Artemis Fowl, Airman, H.I.V.E., The Series of Unfortunate Events, and probably some other books I forgot to add that I read a long time ago.

Let's see...the stories I've written so far need a LOT of work. It's so difficult finding a somewhat unique and interesting plot...I'm not too worried about my grammar, but my vocabulary and word-usage definitely need work. I also keep writing fan fics on things that aren't really my style. Alluring Secret: Black Vow is a pretty good example., I've only published two fan fics? Must write more!

You're free to pm me some ideas on what to write about! For example...Airman or some song you really like. :)

And last but not least: remember to favorite and review my stories if you like them! >:D

Wait, that's not the last thing I want to say. ._.

I'm open to critiques, but please do not make them too harsh. That includes cussing! I don't like curse words. :(

Currently writing a fan fic on Dragon Nest.

Update: 6/5/12-Alluring Secret:Black Vow (Discontinued)

Saint's Haven is still being written. Sorry for the delay, but I've just been kinda busy lately. The Nationals (piano) have really been stressing me out lately, but it's today so I'll have more time to write soon! Ahaha plus I've been wanting to squeeze in some more game time. Credos needs an upgrade on her equips. (Btw if anyone has a Superb Ankle Shot (CD), Superb Arrow Barrage (CD), or a Level 40 Superb Destructive Enhancement, please pm me or send me some mail.)

Also...CONGRATS TO EUPHORIA FOR MAKING IT SO FAR IN GUILD RUMBLE!!! We made it to the second round of the finals and lost to Somnium haha. xD Their Mystics, Elementalists, and Priests were really good. It was difficult for me and my teammates to defend the left and right flags. I was stationed at Shepherd's Outlook (left flag) and things were intense...Oh, but I went to the center and front flags as well. It was hectic pretty much everywhere.

Update: 8/4/12-Currently working on the third chapter of Saint's Haven. IT WILL HAPPEN! THIS CHAPTER WILL BE FINISHED. (Unfortunately, I have some summer homework I haven't finished...It's taking a lot of playing and writing time. :l)

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