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Obviously, I'm a writer...just not so quick to write. I have two fanfics that I have published. One of those is a oneshot that I am actually ashamed to say I wrote. (That was just an extra that could help towards me becoming a beta) Anyway, my more recent story: I'm Definitely Fighting Fate to Keep You Alive...or shorter: Fighting Fate, is going to be updated a lot quicker now that it's almost summer. So, do me a favor, review it please, and then go read Mike the Troublesome. You know what? Don't. Just...don't.

Besides that, I play the flute, am homeschooled and I have a pest of a 10 yr. old sister.

That's about it!


Copy and paste if you made a copy and paste

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These are all lies. These are made up by people who feel bad about themselves and try to feel better by ridiculing someone else. Being a size 4 or occasional 6 isn't skinny. Myth. Being a brunette, means you aren't pretty. Myth. If you live in the USA, you have to be dumb and eat fast food. Myth. If you love video games, you have to be a boy/man. Myth. So stop thinking about the stereotypes and change to the real world.

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