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Wow um ok, so profile...alright I'm a 18 year old girl living in Sydney Australia. I've been writing for leisure for about 6 years now and I am trying to up my skills in literature so that I can become good enough to publish a novel. :-)

I'm starting Uni this year , cause I just finished my HSC, so my brain hasn't been on writing much as of late but I swore to myself when I first started on this website that I'd never leave a story unfinished so no matter how long it takes I will update and complete all my stories. I remember how annoyed I used to get when I'd be reading a fabulous story and suddenly the author would discontinue it. I love good stories and they're so hard to find these days.

Currently my story status is:

I Need You For More Than A Life Time - finished and awaiting an Epilogue.

Blue on Black - in working progress.

Bittersweet Revenge - finished and awaiting an Epilogue.

Dreams of Reality - finished and awaiting an Epilogue.

Wild Fire - in working progress.

I'm the type of author who can't write without motivation and reviews are the best way to motivate me so if you guys want a faster update Read and Review my stories. I'd love constructive criticism though I find flames pointless, pathetic and a symbol of a readers true immaturity. If you have a qualm with something I've written or a way I've written it, then don't just tell me you hate it... give me some pointers on how you'd like to see it fixed. That I am open to.

Name: Samantha... though if you call me that I'm liable to slap you. Call me Sam... or don't call me at all :-P

Gender: Female... Really if you can't guess by the name, I'd truly be worried :-P

Age: Well I've already got this on here but oh well...18

Birthday: 21st May (1989 if you can't do the math or if you're just like me and are way too brain dead to try :-P at said point in time.)

Hair: Long, dark brown (almost black looking until I get in the sun) and really wavy to the point that it'll curl into ringlets if I let it . that really annoys me sometimes.

Eyes: Chocolate brown... mmmmm chocolate.. heh ok a little off topic.

Skin: Olive - no not green olives- tan ones.

Body Type: Eh I'm one of those blessed people who can most likely out-eat you in an eating competition and not gain a kilo :-D although I will say its not as good as it sounds... for instance, I eat more than most people I know... even those that are like 10 times my size... and I don't put on a thing... I'm told I look really thin... frankly I don't think I'm that bad but I can't put it on even if I try... and no I'm not bulemic either... I enjoy digesting (ok that truly sounds wrong) as much as I do eating :-P

Aspiration: Have absolutely no clue... no seriously not even a drop of an idea. I'd love just to paint ,write and play music all day long but I'm realistic... those sorts of jobs either don't pay much or are really unstable... I do want to publish a novel before I die though... heh ok that was slightly morbid sounding-ish... moving on.

Psycological Stability: Well... I think I'm sane... but no one else seems too :-P...can't imagine why really... Just cause I go absolutely nuts when I'm bored... or full of sugar... or full of energy... or tired... or amused... or- eh ok so not helping my case here.

Drugs: Never, not way back when, not now and not ever. I have that unique talent of insanity without the adverse side effects drugs give you... or so I'm told. Still I'm not stupid... no offense to anyone who might be reading this and taking offense but I think drugs really are silly...

Nationality: Well... hmmm I guess by birth I'm Australian... by blood I'm Lebanese...yes yes I'm shock horror 'Arab'... that'll prolly make more sense to any Aussies reading this or anyone who's heard bout the Cronulla riots (eh I really don't know how to spell that)...

Fave Food: Hmmmm that's a trick question... ok does it have to be one? Yes? Oh fine then I guess I'll settle on any form of ICE CREAM! My all time weakness :-P went through a full 4 liter tub of the stuff in one night once... lol yes I did pay for it in the morning (my tummy wasn't so pleased with me) but it was well worth it I think.

Movies: Anything except horrors . I HATE horrors... I don't get scared. I get paranoid, even though I know its ridiculous... don't ask why cause I really don't know. Yes 'anything' classes bloody gorey movies and lovey dovey stuff too :-P I have a strong stomach... I leave it to you to work out which one I mean by that.

Hobbies: Hmmm I LOVE writing even though for some reason I'm just not inspired lately , reading, Painting/drawing- yes I'm an arty farty fanatic (as Andy calls it), piano- I can play for hours and feel like its ten minutes- no joke- heh my brother suffers all the more for it :-P, basket ball, volley ball and soccer- playing the games on all accounts, not watching so much. Oh and dance. Yes I'm a dancer, should this come as a shock to you all? I'm female :-P

Anywho I've rambled on long enough. I hope you find my stories written to your satisfaction, and theres a little bit bout me if your curious.

Any comments for me what-so-ever leave them in a review or email me. And if you want a reply tell me so I don't not send you one and seem like a snob.

Enjoy :)


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