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Poll: I have these series in my mind right now: Harry Potter; Hunger Games; Maximum Ride; Percy Jackson; Hush, Hush; Mortal Instruments. Here's my problem - I'm starting a new crossover, and I don't know which books to cross over! Help, please? Vote Now!
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HEY THERE! *waves* It's Awkward Bananas. So this is my profile...have fun creeping. Just kidding!

By the way, I have a lot of stuff on this profile...if you want to learn more about me, read the interview Meet the Awkward Banana! and if you want entertainment (mainly movies and books) news, read the interview The Awkward Banana Shares News. If you want to know about my recent updates on stories and art and such, take a look at The Awkward Banana Updates and you'll know everything about what I'm writing now and next! Well, I hope you like all the stuff I have on here...the news interview is updated every time I hear something new about a series, or something! Well...enjoy. Have fun. Don't creep too much. ;P


Harry: Hi, I'm Harry Potter, and I'm here with the newcomer to FanFiction - AwkwardBananas. So, AwkwardBananas, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and the probably wonderful experience you're having on FanFiction?

Awk: Heyy. First off, please call me Awk. Because it's awkward being called AwkwardBananas or Awkward, you know? So I prefer just Awk.

Harry: Like I prefer Just Harry?

Awk: Yes. Umm...this is actually not my first account on FanFiction - it's my second. But I don't think I'm going to tell everyone my first account. I'm actually somewhat well known on my first account around this website, so I won't mention it for now.

Harry: So I see. Since you wanted me to interview you, I'm guessing you love Harry Potter? (Well, not me, but the series...)

Awk: F!CK YES. Harry Potter is my life. I have four posters in my bedroom, a full Halloween costume (including the wand, of course!), and all the books. I also have an account on Mugglenet and my parents are totally fed up with me. *sigh*

Harry: All right then. Well. Glad to hear that. Do you like any other books?

Awk: As a matter of fact, yes. I did love the Hunger Games series until the last book...

Harry: How come you don't like it anymore?

Awk: One word...Mockingjay. That book was incredibly stupid. I mean the first two books, the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, were brilliant and amazing and perfect and all those other descriptive words of awesomeness. But the last book totally ruined the series for me.

Harry: Care to explain?

Awk: The ending sucked. Gale, my favorite character, just left like a jerk. Plus he was still sweet in the book but Katniss was a brat. Peeta was a clingy...ugh. Finnick, my second favorite character, died by MUTTS. What else could I NOT ask for?!

Harry: Well, I'm very sorry, Awk. Are there any other series like this, that got ruined later on?

Awk: Mhm. Maximum Ride. First three books...AMAZING. Last four books...CAMEL SHIT. Like, Fang, my favorite character, just LEFT. And then...and then...he came back, and Max started falling for this horny, stuck-up butthead named Dylan. Ugh. Disgusting. James Pattersen has already lost a big fan, but that's his problem. He can fix it, however. Make the last book good, fix it all up, and I'll go back to being a huge fan. Kind of huge.

Harry: Ah. Hopefully you didn't think this way of my series, right? 'Cause I'm such a cool cat.

Awk: Well I KNOW you're a cool cat. That's why I loved the series the whole way. MOVIE COMING OUT THIS JULY! EEEEP!

Harry: Yes, I know! I can't wait for it! What do you think of Daniel Radcliffe? Do you think he acts me out well?

Awk: Def. Although I might say he has hairy fake-abs and he should wax, like, RIGHT NOW, I think he's an amazing actor, at least for your part. My favorites, though, are...Fred and George...oh god they're so shmexy. I LOVE IT!

Harry: Awk...

Awk: Yeah?

Harry: Oh sorry I meant that's awkward.

Awk: Ohhh. See, this is why I'd rather have had a different pen name.

Harry: Then change it! You haven't written anything for this account yet...

Awk: But I like it!

Harry: Okay. Fine. On with the interview. How old are you?

Awk: CREEPER! You already have Ginny! D:


Awk: All right, all right. So I won't say exactly how old, but I'm in my teen years.

Harry: Sure. Now -

Awk: What do you mean, SURE?! I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE!

Harry: Mkay then. So...I've noticed you like guys in books?

Awk: You know it.

Harry: Any other that you care to mention? Great guys from great books that have caught your attention?

Awk: Hmm...Fred & George and Cedric from Harry Potter. Gale from the Hunger Games. Patch from Hush, Hush. Jace from the Mortal Instruments. Adrian from Vampire Academy. Percy from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Po from Graceling.

Harry: ...Wow. You sure seem to find the dark-haired kind shmexy, yes?

Awk: You know it.



Gale: Hey, Awk.

Awk:' I...I...I'm at a loss...for words...

Gale: Me too. I didn't imagine you to be so hot.

Awk: *blushes* Hehehehehe...

Patch: Wassup, Awk!


Patch: Hi?

Percy: What's goin' on here? I thought I was the only one visiting Awk?

Awk: Ohh my god. It's Percy. Percy, have you dumped Annabeth yet?

Adrian: Hey, what's going on? Why is there a party in here?!

Awk: Oh my -

Patch: Because we were all invited?

Percy: Duh.

Gale: You wanna get out of here, Adrian? She's all mine.

Adrian: Gale, shut up, or I'll use compulsion to make you screw Percy.

Percy: HEY. Don't even bring me into this. I'll take Patch and throw him against you.


Awk: STOP IT, YOU GUYS. Harry, I don't think this was such a great idea. They'll end up killing each other.

Harry: Me neither. Buh-bye! *Poof*


April 9, 2011 at 10:53 AM: So hey, guys. It's my first update, because...I've started my very first story! It's called Bits & Pieces, if you're interested in checking it out. Remember, I absolutely ADORE getting reviews, so PLEASE don't hesitate to review. Please keep in mind, however, that I DO NOT accept flames. If you want to flame, please send me a private message. Button's up there. ^^ Ahaha. Also, take a look at the poll that's up! I'd love if you answered it!


Harry: Thanks for dragging me back here, Awk. I didn't want to be part of your new jungle.

Awk: Pshh. Stop being so pubescent, Harry. Be happy I brought you back at this time...I got rid of all my potential husbands.

Harry: All right then. Soooo, Awk wanted me to ask her about the BIG NEWS? (Even I don't know it yet...)


Harry: ...Soooo? What is it?

Awk: It's pretty amazing, just saying.

Harry: *taps foot impatiently* Hurry up, already!

Awk: ALL RIGHT! Stupid pubescent dementor killers...*grumbles to self* Okay. So. Guess what!

Harry: WHAT?

Awk: THE OFFICIAL CASTING FOR THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE HAS BEEN RELEASED! (Well, at least just Peeta, Katniss, and Gale...)

Harry: Ohh. Emm. Gee. WHO ARE THEY?

Awk: So Katniss was old news - Jennifer Lawrence - but Gale is being played by Liam Hemsworth, and Peeta is being played by Josh Hutcherson! LMFAO.

Harry: *chokes* Are you kidding me? That's the worst cast ever!

Awk: *rolls on ground* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...*sniffle* *wipes tear*...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Harry: Oh my god. Lionsgate fails worse than Suzanne Collins when she wrote Mockingjay.

Awk: I KNOOOOW! THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT SO FUNNY! Now I'm going to be the first in line at the movies...I can't WAIT for this! I mean Liam Hemsworth is pretty hot. As long as he ups his acting a little, and dyes his hair, he just might make the purrfect Gale!

Harry: Josh Hutcherson, though...

Awk: Yes, I know. I just had an hourlong conversation with my friend, who is currently out of town due to Spring Break, and we had a blast because she's as much of a Gale fan as I am. We were pretty much screaming in delight.

Harry: ...delight? I can think of LOTS of words to describe this, but delight definitely wouldn't be one of them.

Awk: Harry Potter, are you meaning to tell me you're a Peeta fan?

Harry: No, but the casting for him definitely sucks, which means I'm definitely not going to see the movie!

Awk: Yeah...I mean, I don't DISLIKE Peeta. He's okay. And the casting DOES suck, and I don't like that. So...

Harry: That's unfortunate. Words of whole community: SCREW THE PRODUCER.

Awk: And Suzanne Collins.

Harry: And cast director.

Awk: Wow, that's a lot of people to screw.

Harry: Awk, Awk. Now. I gotta go because Ginny's waiting for me.

Awk: Oh, look! And ANOTHER person to screw.

Harry: STFU.

Awk: Buh-bye! *Poof*

Bits & Pieces reviews
Max's heart is in pieces. Angel is gone, her ex has left her for the third time, and nothing feels right to her as she finally realizes that she's still hopelessly in love with Fang, someone who she doesn't even think loves her anymore. FAX! FAX! EGGY!
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