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Author has written 12 stories for SeaQuest, Back to the Future, and National Treasure.

About me:

I guess I could be considered a veteran fan fic writer at the ripe ol' age of, gulp, 37. (Damned birthdays!) I feel like an old fogey in a sea of kids. I feel kind of diginified and horrified all at the same time. (I can't be that old!)

I am a liberal Wiccan who feels nowhere close to her age, engaged to a guy that is also in deep adult denial. Most everyone I know will likely tell you I don't act my age, either. LOL! Hey, at least I'm fun!

I have been a Back To The Future fan since the age of nine. That is my trilogy. I love other movies, of course, but those are the DVDs I would grab should my residence ever catch fire. Of course, if there is ever a National Treasure 3, that hierarchy could be strongly tested. Hmm, I might need a bigger fire safe.

I began my fan fic "career" in 1992, writing Back To The Future stories that I wouldn't let anyone read, save for one soul. She and I shared an in-joke about page 27 for years. Think Marty McFly channeling Clark Grsiwold's tirade about his boss in Christmas Vacation and you get the picture. No, I don't have that story, anymore. It belongs to the Randolph, VT landfill. RIP.

Around 1997, my fic sort of fizzled out. I was in my second (and final) year of college at this point and deemed myself too old for suych nonsense. I no longer have any stories from this early period, something I kick myself for now. At least, I have a good enough memory, I can remember most of what I wrote. You know, in retrospect, maybe it's good that they never reached this site. The later stuff is warped enough.

In 2002, I revamped my writing and started to post the stories to the Internet. Also, I started to dabble in SeaQuest DSV fan fic later that year, and a few years later, I tested the waters of the National Treasure genre. Only having a part-time job during that period gave me plenty of time to churn out fics.

But those days are no more. I have been working full-time since 2006 and I have written an original novel that I hope to have published. Naturally, fan fic took a backseat to life once again. But now that life's drama seems to have slowed down a bit (it's been a chaotic four years, I tell you), I want to return to my hobby. It may not be lucrative, but it does provide a nice escape, especially when I have a major mental block on my original stuff.

After a bit of introspection, I have realized there is a common thread among the genres I have listed. The friendships/mentorships featured all have an older protagonist paired with a much younger protagonist (Doc/Marty, Bridger/Lucas, Ben/Riley) and that seems to be where I gravitate with my writintg. I guess I'm drawn more to the "human drama" aspects of these genres rather than the fantastical storylines behind them.

I do not write slash in any fandom, though I will not condemn those that do. Enough said.

About my BTTF fandom:

I have been intrigued with these movies since childhood, but I have always gravitated toward anything with Michael J. Fox in it. :) In my fic, I tend to flip between the canon storyline and my alternate universe that delves into the supernatural and occult. One thing I will rarely write about is the DeLorean. (I have received my share of comments about this, I assure you.) I prefer to focus on the human side of the trilogy rather than the time travel exploits. I will include the other characters from time to time, but I mainly focus on Marty and Doc. I am intrigued by their story and how there is so much that is never told in the trilogy. Unexplored character histories are fun as there is room for interpretation. Cue maniacal laughter! :)

There is an obvious father/son relationship here, I think. Seriously, it makes sense if you see Marty's family in the beginning of the first movie. He has no support or role model, so he needs to look elsewhere for that. Cue Doc Brown, someone that takes a genuine interest in him. While they have known each other for some time (I'm in the camp that believes they've been friends for a couple or several years), there is still alot unknown about their histories, particularly Doc's. Hey, what's unexplored in canon is open for interpretation. Am I right?

I took that open interpretation to a new level with Haven't We Met Before?. I had this wacky idea for Marty to have been reincarnated from a good freind Doc had during his youth. However, Marty isn't aware of this until he undergoes hypnotic regression therapy, courtesy of an OC (not based on me, I assure you). The story briefly explores what might have happened had this soul not reincarnated into Marty.

If you think that's screwed up, then read Haunted Time (when I repost it). Doc and Marty have an encounter with a vengeful spirit. I channeled The Frighteners when I wrote both versions of this. Yeah, upon rereading these stories that fact became painfully obvious.

So, do I score points for originality? Do I at least get a cookie? FYI: I like chocolate chip.

I had a couple of in-progress fics. One focused on Marty's ancestors journey to and subsequent life in the United States. The other was a sequel to Haunted Time that involved my OC from Haven't We Met Before?. However, I have drifted away from these projects. I have not scrapped the ideas, but time will tell if I return to them.

A side note: I had since posted my BTTF fic on its own web site. However, I have discovered a glitch with the site manager software. It won't accept my HTML changes. In fact, such attempts only manage to fubar the whole layout. I am seriously reconsidering bringing the fics back "home" (they started out here) rather than try to find another web host as I don't relish putting all kinds of time and labor into something that obviously isn't going to last (this is the second host for my web site since its inception in 2003). This will not happen today, tomorrow or even next week. Likely, this will be a long term project as I have to go back through the files and reformat everything. Ugh! It's the 2004 web site erasure debacle all over again!

EDIT 12/31/10: I have started uploading the stories here. The site is no more as I have deleted everything. Apparently, I still have a placeholder should I ever decide to have a site again. The way my life tends to roll, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

About my SeaQuest fandom:

This fandom dates back to high school. C'mon, Jonathan Brandis was cute! Sue me.

My mid twenties saw a brief return to this fandom. I blame unemployment. When I am idle, I get weird ideas. Hence, my friend and I co-wrote a SeaQuest DSV and BTTF crossover, Back To The Future Meets the SeaQuest. Now, have you heard everything?

Gee, I think I just lost my originality points for that title. I even lost my cookie. Okay, that just sucks.

Basically, the story is what might happen should Doc and Marty accidentally enter a time warp field and end up on the SeaQuest. No, it isn't as acid trippy as it sounds and neither of us did drugs during the writing of this fic. Hell, I didn't have a drink and my friend doesn't drink, so we were completely sober for this mind warpage.

In this fic, there are comparisons between the Doc/Marty and Bridger/Lucas friendships. I saw similiarities in the father/son dynamics and I had to act on them.

In this fandom, I gravitated toward the obviously paternal relationship that Captain Bridger shares with Lucas, because Lucas' father was an inattentive bastard. Heavy human drama factor, Batman! However, I didn't write much in this fandom as I was juggling my return to the BTTF fic at the same time and the latter won out. Besides, it was hard to come up with an idea that hadn't been written.

About my National Treasure fandom:

And I thought I wouldn't like the first movie when it came out! So, I end up writing fan fic for it. Who knew? LOL! Of course, I was sold the second Justin Bartha opened his mouth. Sarcasm is my friend. Those blue eyes helped seal the deal. It shouldn't be human to have a pair of eyes as gorgeous as those!

Obviously, I favor the Ben and Riley friendship in my writings, as backward as that friendship can tend to be. Sometimes, it seems to be a one-sided friendship, doesn't it? Poor Riley. He really needs to plant his foot up Ben's ass. Or at least tell Ben to ask rather than tell him to do something. And, yes, he would have to tell him this. Ben Gates doesn't understand subtleties when they pertain to people.

I will read fic that portrays Ben as a father figure to Riley, but I don't necessarily see it that way, myself. For one thing, the age difference isn't that vast. I'm going with the real difference between the actors' ages, fourteen years. Hey, I dated someone fourteen years my senior. It really isn't a gap in a lot of ways (unless you just happen to be comparing life priorities).

I can almost see him as a big brother to Riley. Yes, I said almost. However, I feel there is a warmth lacking in their relationship. I don't know, I just always had the feeling that these two didn't know each other all that long before all Hell broke loose on the Charlotte. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been so easy for them to lose touch in between hunts. All this makes their friendship a bit hard to define and I feel it's a friendship that needs to be redefined for it to work.

I have compared their friendship to Marty and Doc and there are similarities in that Riley assists Ben to see his dream come to fruition. However, the major difference between this fandom and BTTF is that Riley is an adult and he clearly does not need a mentor, nor does Ben seem to enthusiastic to be anyone's mentor. They're friends with very different interests and lives.

Yes, I have put thought into this. Yes, I know I need a life. I'd say I need chocolate, too, but I'm scarfing down a box of Lindt as I write this.

I was mainly intrigued by the character of Riley Poole. He is so unexplored in the movies that his past, save for the bit about the windowless cubicle, is anyone's guess. Obviously, the writers never meant for this character to take off like he did or they would have given him a backstory. It's fun to write about him, but also extremely challenging. This is the first time I have worked blind with a canon character. I feel like I'm writing an OC that's been licensed to someone else. The plus side? Writing a character I can relate to age-wise. Not all 30-somethings act like it and I rather enjoy writing a character that struggles to retain some semblance of adulthood, while not letting himself submit to it completely. I mean, who wants to be an old, stuffed shirt? Yeah, this coming from the 30-something that still likes glitter stickers, happy faces, stuffed animals and Lucky Charms marshmallows straight from the box. LOL! And I keep my Solar Shades from BTTF 2 on my desk. :)

I totally see Riley as being descended from the age of Grunge (early and mid 90s). That would cover his high school years, at least. I mean, that outfit from the first movie was a throwback to the 90s for better or worse. On that note, I am so glad that goatee did not survive to see the second movie. Justin Bartha looks so much better without it. ;)

It's All Relative is, so far, the longest thing I have written for this fandom. The story dates back to 2005 and, well, almost ended up in the trash when I changed residences in 2006 and, again, in 2008. I guess a part of me couldn't stand to see it die and I shoved it away in a box. Earlier this year, I decided to dust it iff and continue it, though I had to rewrite it around NT2, which didn't exist in 2005. Oops!

It is clear that this story is going to be my psyche's dumping ground. I used to do this as a teen as a sort of therapy. Now, after a failed engagement and past traumas coming back to afflict me, I feel the need to project again. Hey, it's cheaper than a therapist and I don't have to worry about whether or not my insurance will cover it. Works for me. :) And, what better canvas than a canon character that has some clear angst bubbling under the surface? I plan to take this story to the limit. There is going to be some serious shit, in other words.

In the words of Beck: "You can't write if you can't relate." With angst, I can definitely relate. Some of us are just magnets for it.

So, how into this fandom am I? Enough to draft out full numerology analyses of Ben and Riley (I also did such for Marty and Doc way back when). Interestingly enough, Riley comes up as an old soul. And, yes, I did a profile for each alias I created for him in It's All Relative. He came up as an old soul twice. On that note: I would love to do a reincarnation fic of Riley and Ben, but I risk beating a dead horse to death. Been there, done that. Same thing with a possible BTTF crossover (which did cross my mind back in '05). The more I thought about it, the more I did not like the idea. It wasn't meant to be, I guess.

However, if there should be an interest in such a reincarnation fic, I might consider it. If someone else should want to write it, better still. Same goes for a BTTF/NT crossover (I would love to mess with characterizations, but the respective story settings would give me fits.). Currently, I am exploring an idea in IAR that could translate into a reincarnation story, but I'm not totally in love with the idea, yet. Like I said, been there, done that and that kind of writing doesn't really fit into my life at this point in time.

I considered charting Ben and Riley's respective natal charts, but I lacked the necessary info (need locations and times of birth for complete accuracy). Instead, I took the actors' real birth dates (month and day) and compared the personality profiles for each and their generic horoscopes. Satisfyingly accurate, I guess, but I would have preferred the full charts.

The IAR Playlist:

That is, if you were wondering where I got the lyrics to spearhead my chapters. When put together, it's a rather eclectic soundtrack, albeit a bit depressing. I'm trying to stick to things that someone like Riley might listen to. So far, I've decided that he's a fan of Matchbox 20, U2, The Counting Crows and The Wallflowers (as far as groups are concerned). No, I won't be cruel and make him into a Backstreet Boys fan, but I could be evil enough to write a short about him being caught rocking out to one of their songs. Maybe. *Cue maniacal laughter here.* (BTW: I am a BSB fan. I'm not trying to bash the group, but only looking to have a bit of fun

Updated to include filler lyrics and song mentions for specific chapters.

Chapter One: "Unwell" - Matchbox 20 (I couldn't have found a better song to open this story, unless I had used No Son of Mine.)

Chapter Two: "Objects In The Rearview Miror May Appear Closer Than They Are" - Meatloaf (This song strikes a chord, forgive the pun. It is very personal to the artist and it shows in his singing. Also, the chosen lyric just fit this chapter like a glove.)

Chapter Three: "Human" - The Pretenders (The lyrics say it all.)

Chapter Four: "I Wanna Change The Score" - Tony Banks (This man is the songwriter for the introverted cynic. My hero. I so had to use a lyric in this story!)

Chapter Five: "Far Behind" - Candlebox (Again with the lyrics. I was listening to this while writing an earlier chapter and had to use it.)

Chapter Six: "Mad Season" - Matchbox 20 (Matchbox 20 is the penultimate soundtrack for Riley and this story.)

Chapter Seven: "I Wish I Felt Nothing" - The Wallflowers (I was undecided on a lyric for this chapter and I listened to this song for the first time in years. This lyric grabbed me. It was just so perfect for Riley's view on having people in his life get too close to him. Can't divulge too much or I'll spoil the chapter.)

Chapter Eight: "No Son of Mine" - Genesis (I was going to use this somewhere! Given the premise of the story, this song is a perfect choice.)

a) "Loser" - Beck

b) "Mr. Tambourine Man" - The Byrds

Chapter Nine: "Stand By Me" - Ben E. King (Yeah, this one is much older, but the lyrics speak to me. I am a sucker for an awesome lyric or an orchestral or ethereal tune. And, at this point in the story, Riley needs someone to stand by him.)

a) "Turn, Turn, Turn" - The Byrds

Chapter Ten: "Bittersweet Symphony" - The Verve (I had no idea that the group totally ripped this from The Rolling Stones and that the they still retain the rights. I guess it was quite the controversy back in '97, but I don't remember. I had the quote before I learned the info and I decided that I had a hard enough time deciding on a quote in the first place, so it stays. Of course, I will credit where it is due.)

Chapter Eleven: "Learn To Be Still" - The Eagles (I have loved this song since I first heard it in '94 and the lyrics tie into facets of this story so well. I had to use it.)

To Be Continued... (Yeah, I totally had to do that! I said I was a BTTF fan first and foremost!)

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