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Hola! (The only spanish word I know! lol)

Obviously, I'm Random Smirking Blonde AKA Hannah! Enjoy the picture (Not me) of an emo blonde like I am! I DO NOT OWN THE PIC!

Ya might know my twin sissy April, (april the hunter of artemis) she's gonna be the writer, and I'll comment. But ya neva know, I may pop in a oneshot every once and a while...


1. I am bipolar

2. I am a twin

3. I live in a place... Ya don't need to know, STALKERS!

4. I love SUGAR!!! ;D

5. I hate pickles

6. My fave T.V. show is GLEE!

7. My fave animal is a BUNNY RABBIT!

8. My fave color is lime green

9. I wear lots of eyeliner!

10. People don't expect me to be an emo...

11. I drink lots of soda

12. I eat anything sugary

13. I write almost never

14. I break the rules

15. I am amazing!

(='.'=) This is Bunny.
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Peace Out Suckas!