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"Hello all~ I'm NeoCortex-"

"And I'm Elfgal!"

"Yes, I was getting to that Sissy..."

*giggles* "I know~"

"You may know myself from some of the Supernatural fics that I have done under my own account,"

"Along with my own Harry Potter piece that I am working on as well!"

"Yes, but we have now come together with this account-"

"to give you many different pieces of work-"

"that we both enjoy."

Both: "Such as~"

"Star Trek-"

"and Pirates of the Caribbean for starters."

"Yes, we may even add other categories to the works, but so far-"

"For now, those are the two that we shall focus on."

Pieces in progress:

Kirk's Capture- The crew of The Enterprise comes upon an uncharted planet where the captain is captured by the planet's native inhabitants. Spock comes to terms with his feelings for his intrepid leader and finds that he must lead the "expedition" to save Jim.

Pieces in Contemplation:

The Life and Times of Pirates- What really happened and who was really involved.