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Knothole Network went down when I didn't have enough staff to manage it, and I was suffering pretty badly with seasonal affective disorder. Y'all prolly know it well.

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Tails, Knuckles a close second.
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Hi there! Over the past four years or so, I’ve recieved a good few comments on my blog about my ‘female tails/Tailsko’ stories on and ADS and Wildchild are on my blogsite, and YG not available for downloading/reading, currently. I sorta.. figured out why I haven’t had any desire to write over the past six years. God willing, I’ll have some time and peace and quiet for more storytelling over the next year or two. If you want the info on why I haven’t been writing.. Well, you can see [link] . Depression and sleep difficulty is linked to that deficiency, and are the first signs of it, but everybody’s genetics react differently.

Anyways, I hope to be sending first drafts maybe towards the end of this year or so. Take care, enjoy the year, and if you’re studying, take a bit of extra D3, B-complex and fish oil. Your brain will thank you hugely, you’ll sleep better. Study is intense, hard work.

Luffs, –illys Sonic SatAM was animated in 1990 by DiC France, Amy was developed by Sonic team in 'Sonic CD' in 1991~1992. The split about pairings is because the sonic 'story' has been written in two countries, DiC in France, hired by Sega Europe, and I forget the team that did the original Sonic CD animation.. but it's awesome. Both storylines are written by excellent authors. The french storyline is set on Mobius, another planet with it's own chronology and history, and the Japanese storyline is set on Mobius, a modern earth analogue with talking animals. See 'Mobian Suppositions' for a bit of my own playing with the french storyline.

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The Cycle of Ages: A Chosen One by Cap'n Chryssalid reviews
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Strange Goings On by SA2B Fan reviews
Another transgender fic, this time by myself. Since my other fic is winding down, I figure I should do another one. Sonic and Amy have switched bodies by an unknown force, what hillarious antics will ensue? Only time will tell. (A/N THIS IS IN NO WAY RELA
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Sooner Than Later reviews
Sonic is forced to nurse Tails to health after an encounter with a car in Station Square. Ironically, Tails is female... short story. -Japanese Sonic Universe-
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