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Who are we? For we are a "we".

We are the collective members of the TV Tropes "All Purpose Negima Fanfiction" Forum. To put it bluntly, we are a bunch of people on the internet who routinely get together and swap stories about Negima. In between that, we collect memes, poke fun at things in general, and discuss crack pairings. We're a rather varied bunch. We made this account to serve as our own collective portal into the site. Simply put, we wanna write stories TOGETHER, and this is where we're going to post 'em. So, let's introduce ourselves:

Trope Handle: Anemoi

Fanfiction Author Name: Zephyr Fiction (

Specialties: Large plots, info dumps, exposition, crossovers.

Likes: Long stories, character development, piss-your-pants comedy, and Crowning Moments of Heartwarming.

Dislikes: Xbox Live asshats, people who can't write, Mary Sues (unless they're being parodied), and poorly-written stories.

Claims to Fame: International Magic (the first 'good' Negima / Harry Potter crossover), Equal and Opposite Attraction (A Negima / Nanoha crossover with its own TV Tropes page).

Quote: "It's not Negima until someone gets naked."

Trope Handle: Cygnus

Fanfiction Author Name: The Ansem Man (

Specialties: Crossovers, humor, toying with KonoSetsu, yuri

Likes: Alternate Interpretation, plenty of humor, world building and deep plots

Dislikes: Endless fluff (which buries any good KonoSetsu story), horrendous sentence structure/pacing, irritating use of fake Japanese.

Claims to Fame: Disgaea: Gehenna's Holy Queen (A story that completely trumps all my other works in nearly every stat.)

Quote: "Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!"

Trope Handle: Japanese Teeth

Fanfiction Author Name: Japanese Teeth (

Specialties: Yuri, small numbers of characters, taking isolated elements of canon and extrapolating them into something ridiculous.

Likes: Good character development, subverting audience expectations, yuri, meta-humor, and creative storytelling.

Dislikes: Arrogant people, stories that start out well but begin to suck, downer endings, and excessive use of potty humor.

Claims to Fame: Artifact Abuse (has its own TV Tropes page), Nerima: Magistra Nelly Magi (A gender-flipped retelling of Negima), and Chisame Shipping (which is about exactly what it sounds like it's about).

Quote: "I have no idea what to put here, so I'm going to leave a quote about how I don't know what quote to use, because hey, why not?"

Trope Handle: No Limit

Fanfiction Author Name: No Limit 5 (

Specialties: Fourth-wall breaking, lampshade hanging, shout outs/references, developing original characters, and schedule slips.

Likes: Excellent humor, clever references, unexpected twists, heart string-tugging moments, and actually getting things done on time.

Dislikes: Limited writing skills, whiny/asshole characters, stubborn/arrogant people, and non-over-the-top-goofy dark humor.

Claims to Fame: The Girls of 3-A. Oh, and the "Screw it" meme.

Quote: "...Screw it."

Trope Handle: OverMaster

Fanfiction Author Name: OverMaster (

Also known as: NapoleonDeCheese, That Guy Over There, Doctor Octopus.

Specialties: Making sandwiches, Crack Pairings, Crack Crossover ficlets, and if someone has discovered something else I can do well, please tell me.

Likes: The original Tarzan prose novels, Darkwing Duck, Batman's Rogues Gallery, a Spanish comic titled Mortadelo y Filemon, Gun X Sword, Mai Hime, good lemon fanfics, The Powerpuff Girls, Tolkien, Avatar the Last Airbender, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Gen 13, Kelley Jones, Simon Bisley, J. Scott Campbell, crappy pop music, Hayashibara Megumi's singing, Noto Mamiko and Inoue Kikuko's voice, To Love Ru (yes, it's crappy flat fluff, but I like it!), Hasegawa Chisame, Sundays, Super Nintendo, 2-D platformers, 2-D fighting games, Fate Testarossa, CSI Las Vegas, Futurama.

Dislikes: Censorship, Moral Guardians, Yu Yu Hakusho, Saint Seiya, gore movies, Supernatural, Stop Having Fun Guys people, character bashing, Het is Ew, Guro, Scat, Futanari, Ron the Death Eater syndrome.

Claim to Fame: Unequally Rational and Emotional, More than Fifty Four Negi and Chisame Threesomes, Birthday Gifts.

Quotes: "I'm too old for this!" and "The Magical World arc is too long!"

Trope Handle: Sereg

Fanfiction Author Name: Sereg5 (

Specialties: Turning really random ideas into actual (extremely short) stories.

Likes: Humour, over the topness, anything that affects my emotions, crazy fight scenes, twists, fluff for characters that could do with some, expanding the role of minor characters, world-building.

Dislikes: Unnecessary character-bashing, blatantly out of character behavior in a serious fic, longwindedness, explicit gore.

Claims to Fame: Mahou Sensei Anya (An AU, where Anya and Negi each got the canon assignments of the other)

Quote: “She’s Bestateverything Chao!”

Trope Handle: SCM of 2814

Also known as: Shadow Crystal Mage (Badum, bum bum!)

Specialties: Making people laugh out loud so hard they make people annoyed at them, cause milk snorting, getting chips up people's noses, turning initially cracky ideas into viable concepts with PLOT!, strange and unorthodox pairings, crossovers, Megacrossovers, humor, making Adaptational Badasses, and shameless self-advertising. Did I mention the crack?

Likes: Megacrossovers, Yuri, Het, humorous stories, WAFF, FLUFF, references to other works, people quoting and mentioning him unprompted in other websites, being in TvTropes pages, Jim Butcher's utter coolness as a writer, Akamatsu Ken DOING THE RESEARCH!, Brandon Sanderson's WORLDS OF AWESOME!

Dislikes: Bashing, relying too much on fanwank and fanon for fics rather than the original material, people who right using ONLY fanwank and fanon, the reduction of complicated multifacted characters into one-dimensional evil manipulators, Xander-Sue fics, Ranma-sue fics, Lina Inverse-sue fics, character-derailment-centric fics, the bashing of Yuuno in the Nanoha fandom, Stephenie Meyer's desecration of the once-cool word 'Twilight', info-dumps, and University of the Philippine's students who like playing at politics by trying to oust the current president, no matter who it is (it's complicated)...

Claims to fame: I'll let me list of fics and my various TV tropes pages speak for themselves. Oh, and I have a Wiki. Wiki Magic, please?


Trope Handle: Eva Unit 01

Also known as: Gundam Kaiser

Specialties: Making things HOOOT BLOOOOODED!!!!!, using craziness as a means to making things awesome, crossovers (sometimes of the Mega variety), making things awesome that are normally not (aka What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome?)

Likes: Crossovers and Megacrossovers, that which is funny, 99.5% of what's written by Shadow Crystal MAge, in general anything that is awesome, crack pairings that are done well, GIANT FREAKING ROBOTS!!!, and most of all, characters who transcend their problems to become HEROES!!!

Dislikes: Bashing characters who aren't canonically rredeemably evil, those who completely ignore important canon for trivial reasons, the reduction of complicated multifacted characters into one-dimensional evil manipulators, fics where a character is god-moded (but only if it's supposed to be taken seriously, parody fics are fantastic),

Claims to fame: None yet, at least not with Negima... but some decent Evangelion fics!

Quote: "We are the white paper. We are the cold ink. We are the just pen. With keyboards in hand shall we reap the terrible fics of this fandom, and cleanse them in the fires of DESTRUCTION! WE ARE ALA IRIDIA! THE END HAS COME!!"

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