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Author has written 4 stories for Star Wars, Halo, Elder Scroll series, and Arrow.

Update 6/1/14
Wow it's been a long time.
Yeah, I've been gone approximately forever. I beg your forgiveness.
News: new story up (I know, I can't focus on one thing) in the Arrow fandom. You should totes go check it out.
T9R next chapter is in progress, about 2/3 done.
DUO, well...I am in the process of writing the next chapter, and likely will be for a while yet. Seriously. It's gigantic. Enormous. Other synonyms for the word 'large'. I'm trying to dredge DUO back from the depths, but no promises.
Also, I'll be heading off to college soon; this may mean more time to write or less, depending on how my schedule turns out, but I'm trying to be more disciplined about my writing now and hopefully will update more consistently this summer.
Thanks for all the PM's and concern! I really hated to leave you guys hanging so badly on DUO, but I had written myself into a corner that it's taken me quite a while to figure a way out of.

Yes, it's me! That anonymous reviewer that frequented so many fiction realms has finally gotten off his lazy butt and made an account! Yay! (small children yell, followed by confetti)

Right, now that that's taken care of, here's some basic information about me, and what you can expect from my stories.


Background-I've always loved writing. Always. My first experiments with stories began in the third grade, and I've been writing ever since. I received no tuition; all my writing is self-taught and self-authored. As such, I am vulnerable to several recurring themes in my tales; and since as aforementioned, I am very lazy, I am also prone to repeating character names in different stories. Give me a break there, por favor.

What to expect from my stories:

Review policy: Seeing as I started out as an anonymous reviewer, I will not disable anonymous reviews except in extreme circumstances. However, please be courteous. If you have a beef with me or my story, please state it intelligibly. "ths sux ur a trrble author" will gain you very little and will likely get your comment deleted. The same goes for profane reviews. If you have to resort to cursing to get your point across, I sincerely doubt that you are of the mental caliber capable of effectively reading and understanding a well-written story.

Update policy: As stated above, I am a full time student, and am usually engaged in several school sports and activities. As such, updates will be dependent on my schedule. No amount of threatening or begging will get me to update before my schedule allows. (bribes, however, are always appreciated).

AU/"creative license": I will not always operate completely in canon. I try to keep by it as much as I can, but if faced with a glaring plot-hole or something that I frankly think could be done better, I may break into AU territory. Deal with it.

Content: Something to always except from my stories is action. This includes, but is not limited to, gunfights, swashbuckling, political intrigue, large explosions, and other such assorted goodies. My stories will usually be rated "T", mainly for violence concerns. I try to keep cursing down, but please don't freak out if I throw in a few "colorful" expressions. Likewise, my fics may contain romance, but it is generally not an integral part, and generally of a mild nature.

A note on plagiarism: As a hopeful publishing author one day, I take plagiarism very seriously. If I suspect you of plagiarizing my work, make no mistake, I WILL let you know. Likewise, I take accusations of plagiarism gravely. If you suspect me of plagiarizing, by all means, LET ME KNOW, and I will take immediate steps to look into and rectify the matter.

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