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Hi! I'm Skarizza and it is my pleasure to meet you.

I would like to say that if you like my stories, then thank you. I really love writing stories, it is my passion and my only talent. And, if you want me to be your comrade, then, why not? Appreciation is really overwhelming. Please send me e-mail if you want :). Hey. I just wanted to be friendly. It is nice to have a friend in this site.

Here's my e-mail;


I love different kinds of anime and I'm writing according on my favorite characters. That's why I can't do stories by request. To be honest, I'm an amateur in this field. I'm always trying to do my best in every chapter because that's my motto. And I'm really overwhelmed to those people who can appreciate my works. So I promise you, I'll do my best to fill up this profile with plenty of stories. Like Luffy (in One Piece), I'm determined to be one of the great. :)

Also, I wanted to clarify this things:

01. Please no copy cats. My story/(ies) are my hard works. It is not easy to made a story because first, you must use appropriate adjectives for the verb you'll use. second, the sentence must have a link in the sentence before and many other elements. But i must say, though it is hard, it is my passion. I hope i'll be good someday.

02. If I commit mistakes in my story, please don't argue to me. But If you are willing to correct me, please talk to me in my e-mail or right here. It is appreciated,i must say. :)

03. If I am so lucky that you wanted to print my story, please include also my name as the author of the story. I'm not forcing you but I'm requesting, this is my right as the author.

04. If you wanted to request a story or a pairings, I am not promising I can do it, it depends on my mood and my everyday schedule. If there's school, It is not really possible that i can do stories. Just talk to me in my e-mail or here. :)



1.) A Diary of an Archeologist

Anime: One Piece

The Strawhat Pirates gone to a deserted island who played a great role during the Egyptian civilization. Being the archeologist of the crew, Robin grabbed the opportunity and wished for days to stay for her research on the island. But, she didn't know that her life was in complete danger when she encountered the mysterious tomb of one of the fearsome pharaohs.

2.) Confessions in Benrima Shima

Anime: One Piece

This story is the combined ideas of my friend, Ninzkie and yours truly :)

A ZoroXRobin and LuffyXNami story

The Strawhat Crew checked-in in a famous and fabulous hotel on Benrima Shima Island for a vacation after the Saboady Archipelago incident. The crew decided that 2 persons per room. Who will be the room mates? and what secrets will soon reveal?

3.) True friend or True Love?

Category: Tekken

This story is the continuation of the first trailer of Tekken 6. How will Hwoarang and Lili escape to the collapsing building? find out in the story.

4.) The Other side of Robin

Anime: One Piece

A ZoroXRobin story

Unlike any normal days in Thousand Sunny, this day is the worst. Their seventh crew mate, Nico Robin, started to act differently. She became flirty and frisky to all of his male crew mates. How can they resist her beauty and charm? Who's going to be so affected on her sudden changes? and, why did she change? Find out in the story.

5.) Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Anime: One Piece

Usopp and Kaya will soon be married and decided to include his crewmates on entourage. What will happen to the rehearsal if some of the crewmates doesn't want to cooperate due to their partners that was assigned by the bride and groom.

6.) Stories of Love

Anime: One Piece

Love is a fallacy and yet, heartbreaks are vexatious. Stories of Love is a collection of stories about different pairings from One Piece. An 8 Chapter. 1 Chapter is allotted for 1 story. It do means 8 different pairings as well.

Who will be the pairings? What will happen to each of them?

Shocking and astonishing events will be revealed.

7.) One Little Sin

Anime: One Piece

Nico Robin was happily engaged for about three months. One day, she was invited to a huge Masquerade ball (which is an engagement party of her childhood friend). On the next morning, after the party, she woke up on a hotel completely naked. Eventually, she realized that she had just lost her virginity to a gentleman he met that night. This sin will lead her to decisions that will affect her whole life.

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