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Moonbeam: Finished!

I had several questions that I wanted answers to, with the main one being, 'Why don't we see see Princess Luna again after the first two episodes?' She's a very important character after all, in a story standpoint and a pony mythology one too. This story sprang to my head, which also answered several other question that I didn't know I had until I got the whole explanation done (but I won't reveal them now, as they would constitute spoilers). There is a small smattering of author's notes at the end of the final chapter. If you have any other questions about the story, please feel free to ask me in a private message.

Fan art!
A picture of Luna as Moonbeam and her friends, by Zonra http:///view/5962328/

And a Hard Place: Finished!

My attempt at making an episode length, one chapter story. Also, an effort to give Fluttershy and to a lesser extent Rainbow Dash some 'camera time', since I left them out of my first story.

The Cutie Mark Crusade: Finished!

Made for the June friend off event for the Equestria Daily blog. Writers whip up a story based off of a piece of fan art, and artists do the same for a story they read. You can find directions on how to view the piece of art that inspired this little piece of silliness at the end of the tale.

My Little Western Finished!

The Great and Powerful Trixie heads to Appleloosa in an effort to start over after the fiasco in Ponyville! I felt Trixie would be the perfect kind of character to use as the protagonist in a western, with her attitude and anti-hero leanings. Finally completed, huzzah!

Fan art!
The Coyote Colt, by RaspleZS: http:///-1aGWywYsQrs/TfOxlIR3HfI/AAAAAAAAAHk/rYmuZx0vuAY/s1600/coyotecoltwanted.png

In Progress

Phases of the Moon

A sequel to Moonbeam. Looking like it will be longer than the first (eek!). Join me as I explore how Luna tries to readjust to life in present day Equestria and to her station as Princess, and how her friends cope with the changes being friends with someone as high profile as Luna brings with it.
Lookie! I'm not dead! Honest! To prove it, have a long overdue chapter. That's right, chapter #11 is finally up after way too long of a delay. Now for me to get to work on #12.

Fan art!
The final scene of chapter 1 (spoiler warning!), by Heatwave: http:///ZP5ih.jpg

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MLP:FiM. Sequel to Moonbeam. The continuing adventures of Princess Luna and her friends from Ponyville. Follow along as Luna works to regain her former position in the court of Equestria, and her friends cope with being the close friend of royalty.
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MLP:FiM. Chapter 10: Through Thick and Thin. You don't have to be an Element of Harmony to be able to harness the magic of friendship. Story Complete!
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