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Hi-eth! I'm Ladyofnonsequitur!

Anyway, I don't actually write much fanfiction... So most of what I post will be... Um...

Well, I have this character. Her name's Anilae, and thanks to a magical mishap (The bridge she was walking across vanished, flinging her into a different universe. It's one of her best friend's fault.) she's spent the past long interval of her life bouncing around through different universes and times. She's got one-way telepathy (mostly) so everyone can understand her, no matter what languages they speak- she's learned to understand a lot of languages since this started- and her natural magic and mostly subconscious shapeshifting abilities. And some serious memory problems- the space between universes messes with her head.

All this is very convenient, of course, as it means I have a character ready to throw into any story that catches my imagination... and is problematic, since if I ever get around to finishing her story (Well, I doubt I can...) I could never actually publish it... But that's alright! I doubt I'd ever write up enough of her story to do that, anyway! So throwing all that together, I guess I'll be posting her story up here, in bits and pieces, and see how you readers like it!

Recently, I've been writing stories involving Anilae in the Pokemon world... and, even more recently, meeting the Doctor, from Doctor Who. The TARDIS likes her much better than the Doctor does... Something about llamas, I believe. But that's OK, since she doesn't seem to like him much, either...

So that's probably most of what I'll post: Crossovers between my own fictional world and other people's fictional worlds. But that's what most stories are, anyway (Who says the 'real world' isn't fiction? Not me!) so it ought to work out somehow!

...Well, we'll see.

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