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Hello there, I'm writting my first fanfic but english isn't my first language so if you find mistakes tell me, also I accept critics, I'm doing my best at this story I hope you like it. And also hope you leave your reviews come on I know you want =)

some stuff about me

My DAaccount -- http:///

Reading is my favorite hobby... currently reading Oliver Twist

I like sports but I'm not very good at it so I dance my ass off in stead (physycal activity is needed right?)

I never tried writing stories (engineering careers don't require it too much) before but is so much fun!!

Classical music is my favorite but I like almost all the generes

I'm 19 years old , 5'7 feet tall, black hair, hazel eyes, breathtaking smile and another awesome features =P

anime fan: death note, paradisse kiss, loveless, strawberry panic, elfen lied, hetalia, bleach, etc etc etc

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