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Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Who are these demons and why do they

cross my path?

I seek these answers on my travels...

"I pray the masters will guide me

For I know he watches over me

Nothing can stop me from finding the answers I seek"- The DragonLord2912

About Me

Man! Sure has been a long time since I last update the profile part. Well, better get started.

Everyone around here calls me "The DragonLord2912" or "The DL2912" but my friends also call me "Zoi".

I'm now at 25 years of age. I'm all Australian living in Victoria, although I do attend to have an American accent. I blame television. And I'm diagnosed with ASD.

My birthday is pretty busy since I was born right after Xmas so I get presents from two close dates. Lucky! At the moment, I'm currently looking for a job cause I am bored out of my system. Hopefully, it is a great job that I'll be looking forward to!

I have also friends who go on fanfiction. They are PossessedTypewriter and theblazinglance. They both also go to the same school as I do so that's how we met.

The things I like to do. Let me see... I like to play video games, watch movies (mostly animation like Kung Fu Panda, etc, and cartoons/animes like Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sonic X, Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Legend of Korra, etc), think up FanFics/stories, go shopping for games & movies (mostly), and pretty much doing nothing for hours. Yeah, I’m pretty lazy, most of the time.

My main interests would have to be Sonic The Hedgehog & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They have been my heroes for so many years. For the hedgehog, a friend of mine had the very first game of STH on Game Gear and for TMNT, I think I remember watching either the original movies or NT: TNM when I was little. Ever since then, I have always been a big fan of them.

Everything from Sonic X to the newer games (excerpt the '06 game. SEGA has REALLY messed up bad). I don't care too much for Archie comics cause I never read them. That's why, I'm sticking to the games and Sonic X. I also been reading the new TMNT comics, you know the ones from IDW Publishing. Really GREAT so far. Can’t wait for more!

I collect pretty much the newer Sonic games and oh, I got this Sonic Hat which its look awesome! I am also getting used to the new voices but I would mind bringing back the former voice of Amy Rose. The new one sounds like Minne Mouse FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!! But on the other hand, she is getting a bit better in Sonic Generation and Sonic Lost World. And as for Sonic Boom, she is ALOT better!

I'm a fan of the new reboot movie, so, I don't care what anyone would say. It was awesome!

I'm always into Sonic the Hedgehog, so my favourite characters are: Sonic, Amy Rose, Tails, Knuckles, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Cosmo, Chris, Silver and Blaze.

And for TMNT, it’s Leo, Don, Raph, Mikey, Splinter, April, Casey, Angel, Shredder, Hun (from 2k3 series), Leatherhead, Klunk and Miyamoto Usagi.

Also, I have a Twitter and YouTube account which goes by the name JessieOrderProduction. So, check it out!


Hey guys. How concern should I be with the whole "Net Neutrality is dead" since I live in Australia?

Until we meet again,

The DragonLord2912

Favourite Couples

This is pretty much my favourite couple out of all the Sonic couples I know. I love this pairing, ESPECIALLY in Sonic X. I just can't help it. There is absolute no doubt that Sonic loves Amy in in the show. There are just too many hints in the show, and maybe in the games, that Sonic has feelings for Amy that is beyond friendship. “Never leave her again” – I find that scene in ep 52 in the Dub version very cute but it was a lot different in the Sub version (Come on! I mean they even played a love song during THAT scene). Anyone who doesn't believe it is just a freaking fool or at least blind idiots. For the games, well... there were some hints that Sonic DOES care for her but Amy is just the same which makes me love this couple even more. Let’s just hope something like this will happened in Sonic Boom. And from what I heard the rumors and the show so far, YES!!!!!!! Go SONAMY 4EVER!!!!

Coming in second place on my list! Who loves a good couple with a love-hate relationship? I mean, c'mon. They are so funny together. They crack me up especially in some episodes of Sonic X and games. I vote for more on these "interaction" in the future.

OK, I like this couple a lot as well. I think it is really sweet that Tails has a cute love interest on Sonic X. I was really sad that Cosmo had to die near the end which I really feel bad for Tails but they do another season of Sonic X, they better bring back Cosmo.

I definitely picture these two turtles as a couple. You don’t have to ask why but I wish for more appearance of the female turtle in the future.

I have been liking this couple for some time now. I don’t mind it’s anyone as long it’s a female and not Karai. (Don’t ask. Look below)

Least Favourite Couples

Never seen the show or read the comics because I've always felt some kind of hatred towards Sally, I just don't like her that much. I always prefer Sonic as the Cool and Hero type, not the Lovely Dovely type! I have nothing against Sally, I just hated them being girlfriend/boyfriend. I would like them if they were the brother/sister type, you know.

Now, this is one of the reasons why I didn't want to get this game or play it: Not really big fan of this couple. A human and hedgehog don't match. Unfortunate for SonElise fan, I'm sticking with Sonamy! Like Sally, I have nothing against Elise. Just the "couple" but like to see them as "Good Friends", that's all.

This is new to me. I really don't like the idea of an OC being with Sonic, it just makes me sick in the stomach. Really! I just throw up every time I see this so if you have a problem with it, DEAL WITH IT!...Unless, they are in a brother/sister-like relationship then I'm ok with that.

In the entire TMNT universe, it is NOT my favourite couple ever! I don’t see them as a couple. I would prefer Leo to end up with someone who is NOT evil and use him or his family to get what she wants like in 2003 and 2012.

I don't really like any Yaoi or Yuri parings in Sonic or TMNT cause I can't see any of them being gay which just makes me uncomfortable, so no please.

Alternative Nicknames

The "PossessedTypewriter" and I have come up with alternative nicknames for the "Sonic X" crew which I think some of you would really like them!

Sonic: Grain of Sugar

Amy: Karma

Tails: Delusion

Knuckles: Leggo

Cream: Pebble Thrower

Cheese: Pebble

Cosmo: The Weed

Vanilla: Vanilla Cream Cheese Spread

Eggman: Bloodhound/Jamie Heinerman/Pokemon

Decoe: Mel

Bocoe: Function

Bokkum: Terrorist

Chris: The Smart One

Rouge: The Hooker/Batty

Shadow: The Emo

Sam Speed: Dead in the Head

Ella: The Russian

Tanaka: Cross-Eyed

Chuck: Crazy Old Hooter

Vector: NSS (No Shit Sherlock)

Espio: Barney

Charmy: Parasite

My Stories

I have always been a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for years now and I thought I could share some of stories to you which I am going to write up since I don't have school to hold me back anymore.

Sonic: The Movie (TBC) - Sonic is back in all-new adventure that's out of this world! After a huge conflict with Dr. Eggman, Sonic and his friends find themselves teleported into a another world where they meet a young teenage girl who helps them on their mission to find the Chaos Emeralds and tries to find their way home while avoiding Dr. Eggman who was transported here too and decided to build his Eggman Empire and a new threat who learns about their existence and knows about the young girl's secret!

Sonic: Season 1 (Takes place after the fanfic movie) - (TBC)

Sonic X: Night of the Vampire (Changing it to The Return of the Dragon Slayer soon) - Legacy of the Monster (Changing it to The Great Emerald Hunt soon) I'm going to write the remake version of KATTALNUVA's fanfics of Sonic X since I have no idea how to start off mine because KATTLNUVA did an amazing job on his fanfics. (TBC)

Sonic X: The Flames of Disaster (Takes place after the remake version of KATTALNUVA's Sonic X fanfics if he finish the next one from what I heard of him or I can write my own) - (TBC)

Kung Fu Hedgehog: Set in Mobius populated by humanoid talking animals (with some humans), a bumbling but cocky hedgehog named Sonic is destine to become a kung fu master. But when an evil Kung Fu warrior escapes from prison, Sonic was accidently named the Chosen One where he is destined to bring peace to the land. Based on the movie "Kung Fu Panda". (Completed on 22/04/2014) (Thinking about a remake)

Mobians of Mana (Children of Mana: Sonic Style)(In production): Based on the DS game, four heroes will stand up and face many adventures and strike back at the evil that corrupts the heart of Mana. I'm videotaping the cutscenes rather than watching them on YouTube cause my mum will kill me for this. You know how women are!

The Saint's Hope (In production): The Retelling of the TMNT 2k3 series filled with Action, Adventure, Humor, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance and much more. Follow the story of a young girl; along with her mutant brothers as she battles her way through her life while she uncovers the secret to her past. This will probably be the story that you will never forget. OC X ?

Pokemon Ranger/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover (Planned; title for the FanFic will come. TBC)

Ratchet & Clank series (with a OC) (Planned; title for the FanFic will come. TBC)

TMNT 2012 (with my OC) (Planned; title for the FanFic will come. TBC; after The Saint's Hope)

Sonic Boom FanFic (with my OC) (Planned; title for the FanFic will come. TBC; after Sonic: The Movie, Sonic: Season 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic: Season 2 and Sonic X FanFics)

Heroes in the Half-Shell (TMNT 2014 FanFic)(In production): "You live, you die, you fight as brothers. Remember, nothing is as strong as family..." With the notorious Shredder and his Foot Clan on total control of New York City, a group of shell-wearing heroes will rise from the sewers with the help of their new friends. Based on the 2014 movie.



Kung Fu Hedgehog (Completed on 22/04/2014) (Might be able to do a remake)


Heroes in the Half-Shell Completed on 2/11/2017

The Saint’s Hope (In production)

Heroes in the Half-Shell: TURTLE POWER! (Commencing in January 2018)

Sonic Boom (In production)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (In production)

The Legend of Korra FanFic (In production)

Sonic: The Movie (TBC)

Sonic: Season 1 (Finish writing out the summary and now, need to start writing it)

Sonic X FanFics (Writing the summary out)

Mobians of Mana (Need to start writing this and get rid of the videos that is taking up much space)

Sonic 2: The Savior's Past (Get an idea once I have finish the movie)

Sonic 3: Ari's Revenge (Same thing above)

Sonic X: The Movie (So many ideas rattling inside my head but now, came up with an idea; just need to write it down) (Make that two ideas)

Pokemon Ranger/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover (Once the others are out of the way excerpt for The Saint's Hope. Once that is done, a summary will be written up)

Ratchet & Clank FanFics movie (Saw the movie. The character has been planned and how she/he fits into all this)

TMNT 2012 (I will probably do this after I have finished The Saint's Hope. Or maybe during the project.)

My OC Profiles

I made these characters up a few years ago but I never go a chance to put them somewhere until I have discovered this website that hailed like a god. Thankyou! You changed my life for the better.

My OC Profile 1

Name: Katarina “Kate” Firestone

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Dradians (Human-Dragon Hybrid)

Height: 161 cm

Birthplace: Firestone Village, Martivir Island

Alignment: Good

Weight: 58 kg

Eyes: Dark Blue with a mixture of Rainbow

Colour Scheme: A mixture of Purple/Blue long Straight hair with two straight bangs that goes to the sides, Dark Purple Dragon Wings, Ears and Tail

First Appearance: Sonic X: The Rise of the Dragon (Coming Soon)

Family: Coming Soon

Friends: Coming Soon

Rivals/Foes: Coming Soon

Likes: Coming Soon

Dislikes: Coming Soon

Skills: Coming Soon

Ability Type: Flight/Strength

My OC Profile 2

Name Ashley Rose Faith/ Saviour Arianna Rosaline

Age: 16

Species: Winged Mobian (1/2), Human (1/2)

Height: 5’2”

Alignment: Good

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Short/Long Brown Hair

First Appearance: Sonic: The Movie

Family: Christopher Arnold Faith (brother)

Friends: Jessica Burner, Daniel Holt, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Miles “Tails” Prowler, Knuckles the Echidna, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao

Foes: Dr. Eggman, Decoe & Bocoe

Like: Her friends, Having fun, Helping everyone

Dislikes: Anyone who attacks or hurt her friends and family, Dr. Eggman and his robots

Skills: Coming Soon

Ability: Flight

My OC Profile 3

Name: Salvadora (Sally or Sal) Hope
Hair: Long Dark brown with right side bang, later short
Eyes: Hazel
5’0”, 5’1” (Fast Forward)
Mutant or human: Human
Salvadora (also known as Sal or Sally to her friends) acts as the sister and best friend to the turtles for the past fifteen of the life and beyond. She also acts as a cook and nurse of the group and sometimes, second-in command.

She is always looking out for her brothers in any possible way. She often acts like a mother to them at times. Sally is a bit tomboyish because of how much time she spends with her family as all of them are men, but still possesses girly and somewhat womanly traits. After surfacing for the first time, she enjoys the freedom, eager to explore new places open spaces of the city and beyond; hates to be hold down or not sit for a very long time. She enjoys having fun with her brothers like extreme sports, eating pizza, video games and training.

Like Raphael, she has a bit of temper issues which relates to the only “girl” growing up with “four boys”. She can also be strong; is interest in competitions and makes sarcastic comments at times. She also not afraid to throw a punch to her opponents excerpts her friends and family. Despite having a fierce personality, she is also calm under pressure, nice, caring, smart and very independent. Sally was born around be a laidback, ambitious and determined kind-of person; cautious but realistic and fearless as well. While growing up, Sally is very compassion towards animal and creatures alike e.g. Leatherhead, Usagi, Klunk, Quarry and Traximus. She also enjoys watching soap opera with Splinter.

Like her “brothers”, her sensei, Master Splinter is often over-protective of her despite being the only human in the family.

Appearance: Salvadora appears as a young-looking 15 year old. She has long dark brown hair that is tied back into a braid and her curved bangs that go to the right. During most of the series, Sally was seen wearing what appears to be a loose short-sleeve blue kimono top with a sleeve less white tunic over the top. Both of them have a blossom pattern on the trim. To hold them together, she is wearing a cyan sash or in her case, an Obi. Underneath, she was wearing her tight white shorts. On her arms, she is wearing black finger-less gauntlets with metal bracers. Around her waist, she has her very own custom belt that holds her Dual Kodachi with retractable gauntlets. On her feet are black lace-up Tabi sneakers with blue knee-length Tabi socks. Pretty stylish for a teenager who loves to fight.

On her head is her cyan ribbon headband with the same blossom pattern just like the one on her clothing. but later on with the help from April, she occasionally wears a casual clothes to blend in with the surface but still kept her special belt. But she still wears her original clothes for training and special occasion.

Specialty: Mastery of Ninjutsu and combat martial arts, Mastery of Kobudo, Olympic-level-athletic skill, Mastery of Swordsmanship, Strategic leadership skills, Mastery of Kenjutsu and Laido, Expert in the use of Kodachi, Telekinetic, Levitation

Weapons: Dual Kodachi, Bow and Arrows, Ninja stars

Likes: Having fun, fighting, freedom, open spaces, nature, drawing, reading novels, hanging out with her friends and family, relaxing, exploring new places, extreme sports, eating pizza, video games and training.

Dislikes: The Shredder, Foot Ninja, Hun, war, anyone who hurts family and friends, being alone and lost, losing her family and friends, unable to protect herself.

Serenity Hope (Mother; deceased) (TSH version)
Master Splinter (Teacher and father-figure)
Leonardo (Best Friend; Big Brother)
Raphael (Big Brother)
Donatello (Little Brother)
Michelangelo (Little Brother)
?????? (???)

April O’Neil (Best Friend, like sister)
Casey Jones (Good friend)
Angel (Best Friend)

Story Progress/Upcoming Chapters

Kung Fu Hedgehog - Completed on 22/04/2014

Sonic: The Movie - TBA

I'm still working on this story as we speak but I'm also going to rewrite the story since most of it didn't make sense or how I want the story to go. After the story, I'll start working on the Sonic: Season 1 that will take place after my FanFic movie if you guys like it. :)

Available Chapters

Chapter 1: The Chaos Battle (TBA)
Chapter 2: Meet Ashley (TBA)
Chapter 3: The First Meeting (TBA)
Chapter 4: The Reunion (TBA)
Chapter 5: Ashley's Secret Part 1 (TBA)

Upcoming Chapters

Chapter 6: Ashley's Secret Part 2 (TBA)

More Chapters Coming Soon...

Mobians of Mana (Children of Mana: Sonic Style) - Returning 2017/2018

Other than my other stories, I will work on this story in the meantime.

Available Chapters

Chapter 1: The Determination of a Young Warrior (TBA)
Chapter 2: The Kindness of a Young Maiden (TBA)

Upcoming Chapters

Chapter 3: The Curiosity of a Young Boy (TBA)
Chapter 4: The Diligence of a Wandering Echidna (TBA)

More Chapters Coming Soon...

The Saint's Hope - Returning 2017/2018

Retelling of TMNT 2k3 series with my OC. Probably, the biggest project of my life that I will be working on for the next two years or more if I use my time well.

Available Chapters (Bold means done)

Chapter 1: Things Change

Chapter 2: A Better Mousetrap
Chapter 3: Attack of the Mousers
Chapter 4: Meet Casey Jones
Chapter 5: Nano
Chapter 6: Darkness on the Edge of Town
Chapter 7: The Way of Invisibility
Chapter 8: Fallen Angel
Chapter 9: Garbageman
Chapter 10: The Shredder Strikes, Part One
Chapter 11: The Shredder Strikes, Part Two (TBA)
Chapter 12: The Unconvincing Turtle Titan & the Psychic Girl (TBA)
Chapter 13: Notes from the Underground Part 1 (TBA)
Chapter 14: Notes from the Underground Part 2 (TBA)
Chapter 15: Notes from the Underground Part 3 (TBA)
Chapter 16: The King (TBA)
Chapter 17: The Shredder Strikes Back Part 1 (TBA)
Chapter 18: The Shredder Strikes Back Part 2 (TBA)
Chapter 19: Tales of ?????? (TBA)
Chapter 20: The Monster Hunter (TBA)

More Chapters Coming Soon...

Heroes in the Half-Shell (TMNT 2014 FanFic) - Completed on 2/11/2017

Heroes in the Half-Shell: TURTLE POWER! (TMNT 2016 FanFic) - Commencing January 2018

The sequel to HITHS which takes place one year later.

Available Chapters (Bold means done)

Chapter 1: One Year Later...
Chapter 2: Night at Madison Square Garden
Chapter 3: April O'Neil - Undercover Ally

Chapter 4: Having a Ball (TBA)

More Chapters Coming Soon...

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Book 2: HomeFront by horsemens reviews
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Mutant Override by Gabzgirl reviews
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