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Three and a half years since last login. Where to start. What's even relevant.

I'm a role-player; an original and fanfiction aspiring author; a member of the press and copy editor for a newspaper; I'm a gamer with moderate-liberal views; I listen to NPR and the BBC while driving to an from work. I'm still deciding if I'm trans. Been getting lost in online and single-player video games since 2004, which was about when I last published anything.

We'll see if this sticks.

Yes, it is true I founded the Metroid fanfiction category on this site, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... It is no longer a prestigious title since I wrote primarily about characters from John Morey's "The Kihunters" fanfiction. I discovered this work on the fansite called the Metroid Database... which, as I now understand it, no longer exists. I'm just that old.

I took my fanfiction streak too far and wrote some forced fluff near the end of my fanfiction binge. Because of that abysmal ending, I stopped trying to adhere to someone else's genre. I quit before I could embarrass myself any further, or do injustice to the characters.

I did not write "Metroid: The Kihunters" -- John Morey, Metroid extraordinaire, wrote it. I was writing a sequel "Metroid: Show Off" at the time, and wanted his prequel posted so people would know what I was talking about. I got his explicit permission to post it under my pen name as long as people know he wrote it.

And when I think about the short time I talked to Morey, he was probably looking at his Metroid career the way I'm looking at mine: "Wow, you're still messing around with a universe that's being retconned in the wake of Other M and the Prime series? Whatever, man, have fun..."

I really do miss the good ol' days. Enjoy life while you can and where you - life after college is fun less than half the time.

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In Search of Booty
Commander Tarenor of the Phoenix Highguard is hosting a jousting tourney between the Alliance and Horde, but something goes terribly wrong. Astilaldan must fix it before things get much worse. DISCLAIMER: None of this actually happened, none of this is canon, and was written as an art trade with Mayluri. Tare is a gentleman and Astil is a grumpyface. ED-US. Ahvie is my character.
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