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Author has written 9 stories for Pokémon, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人, Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師, and Yuri!!! on Ice.

I guess I should rewrite this dumb profile. I'm sudowoodo.

When I finished secondary school I was given a laptop and I immediately sat down and started writing. At that time, I had been binging Pokemon instead of studying and that's where the name sudowoodo came from. He's just the best ever :) That was four years ago, and now I've just graduated university so I guess I'm like an adult or something. But, still, all I want to do is watch shows and write books and eat junk food in my bed. I'm 100% happy living that life :D I'm a highly obsessive person and watching or reading something twice, thrice or three hundred times is never enough. People have told me that fanfiction is written by unimaginative people but I think the opposite is true. I can't watch anything without my imagination running away with me and that's how I end up doing this shit over and over and over again. I think even if I became a published author, I'd still write fanfiction. (Of my own work. Hahahaha.) Anyway, I think it's amazing practice but also it's just fun.

Heh, anyway, I just finished my final full-length fanfiction (for the immediate future) and have a few more ideas for short fics (listed below), but really I'd like to start writing some original ideas I have. I daydream about being a real author someday and my old fanfictions being discovered. Ah, but I'm proud of what I've done here and it's been a blast. Thanks for coming to my profile, I hope you find something you like.

New Story Ideas:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Seven Heavenly Beings.

This is a prompt I made up, but might already exist. Anyway, if it doesn't and you decide to do this prompt I guess send me a PM or something and give me some credit :P A compilation of seven short stories/poems/letters/whatever media you like, in which the characters of FMA:B display one of the qualities opposite of the Homunculi’s sins, ie. the seven heavenly virtues. Those are: chastity, temperance, diligence, kindness, patience/serenity, charity, humility. Some of the ones I came up with were the sexual tension between Roy and Riza when he transcribed the transmutation circle from her back (chastity); Al's list of food to eat after his body is returned (temperance); Olivier Armstrong carrying a child for Sig and Izumi (diligence); and a tale of a generous Xingese emperor (charity). I'll probably write it someday, but can't say when.

Game of Thrones: Love and Death.

Ramsay x Myranda. Some short chapters about their relationship and the mutual abuse that brought them together as kids. I thought it'd be interesting to try understand/invent what sadistic Ramsay and jealous Myranda really feel about each other. I don't think either are really capable of love, but I thought that a sort of love between psychos would be fun to write. By fun I mean dark and angsty. It's (pretty much) written but needs editing.

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan: sequel to To Tame a Titan. AU where assistantprofessor-Levi and unistudent-Eren can live happily ever after. Yeah, believe it or not I actually am a sucker for a happy ending. I STILL NEED MY RIREN CLOSURE.

Game of Thrones/Misfits Crossover: haha just once had an idea of Nathan falling into the Dreadfort and getting tortured by Ramsay while calling out "Save me, Barry!" It's probably a meme. Goddamn I just love Iwan Rheon so much.

Anyways, those are the things I have going on/planned at the moment, and that's probably the last of the fanfics I'll let myself write for awhile. I have two or three ideas for original novels/series that I wanna start really planning and writing so ... yeah. I probably won't be able to resist though, while binge watching all the anime on Netflix. We'll see.

(I realise that this site has made linking difficult, so just remove the spaces. Is it worth the effort? Who knows. Maybe you just love me that much.)

Prodded To Drown pics:

Annie: http:// images6.fanpop. com/image/photos/37600000/Chloe-Bennet-chloe-bennet-37600558-500-640. png

Finnick: ... looks like Finnick in the movies I guess!

Also, I suddenly gave everyone in district 4 Irish/Scottish/Northern Irish accents. Just because I thought it would be cute. And also to highlight the difference between four and the Capitol and where Finnick fits in... A few irish phrases for you to learn, like mo stór which means my love, and cailín which means girl. That's about it, I think!

And a fanart was done of this story, which is so exciting, which I will link once I get the permission!

The Ones Left Behind pics:

Sirius: Looks a lot like a young Gary Oldman. http: //justin-teodoro.blogspot. com/2012/01/young-gary-oldman. html ... *drools* This shirt. I can't even ...

But for me, this is Sirius, this one right here: http:// com/tumblr_lwunnfgeai1qdj9xwo1_500. jpg.

As for Holly, I imagine her as an Imogen Poots or Taylor Momsen kinda looking person, but maybe somewhat plainer ... http:// luciebartlett.files.wordpress. com/2009/03/taylor_momsen1. jpg

Together, I imagine them as sort of a Sid and Nancy type duo. HAHAHA sorry, now Sirius speaks cockney English in my head for some reason... It's kinda cute... http: //4.bp.blogspot. com/-3R3Nq91-V_E/TgX6y1UZkpI/AAAAAAAADAY/bX1szssroq0/s1600/3_9_11a_1977_London_PaulSlattery. jpg

James: In my head he is the image of Daniel Radcliffe. Literally, same exact face but with old fashioned glasses.

Fiction Press:

Where I occasionally write poetry and stories and sometimes stuff based on the stuff I've written here. Give it a look!

Deviant Art: hollycomstock

Where I occasionally post drawings related to my stories or just stuff I've done in my free time. Yeah, most of the covers are done by me expect for Prodded to Drown. I'd love to be good enough to do doujinshis! I am obsessed!

Twitter: sometimes/rarely in use.

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