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Author has written 3 stories for Death Note, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Yo. Sup. I like to write, sometimes I end up not finishing things though. If you thought I was thirteen then lol. I haven't updated this thing for forever.

Scratch that and let's get back to the start, now shall we?

About me? Hmmm. I like many things. I watched Harry Potter, Supernatural, Merlin, Full Metal alchemist, and many, many other shows, including Yu-Gi-Oh. I also LOVE Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I prefer to understand characters as much as possible before I set an idea of their character in stone. I also like Homestuck so That may pop up at some point as well. IT's a fair warning I believe. I am a fangirl. However I won't try to impose my views upon you and I will probably apologize a thousand times for something that may not have even be my fault. It's just who I am and likely who I always will be.

I am Introverted and I rely on logic more so than emotions. Emotions are confusing to me, and I really don't like showing them or being emotional. It makes me feel weak and then I hate myself, especially if I cry. To stop I normally just say that tears are illogical.

I am afraid of some things. Other people, cows, the uncertainty of life, and some members of my family, but I believe at time that the thing I fear most is in fact, love. I fear it, yet there is also a part that understands and feels it more than anything else. I am scared because what if it backfires? What if I am hurt by it or by someone I loved? What if I end up hurting them? I don't want to hurt anyone or anything at all. There are also times where I am scared to love something because love? It isn't logical. It isn't logical whatsoever. It is based entirely on emotion and that is a potential issue I have with it. Decisions based upon emotion that serve no logical purpose are ones I cannot help but to find them confusing and perplexing, but unable to be solved.

I try to tell myself that love is simply a chemical reaction that occurs in our brains when we find traits that make for good offspring, or a bond forged between family or those who you do not perceive to be suitable for procreation in order for them to not end up killing you. I say these things and yet I know a portion of me says that is not true, because not all animals have the concept, the idea, of staying with a single other for the rest of their lives and being as happy as possible. Animals also only have sex to produce offspring and yet, here we humans stand with the adoration for the idea of life partners, and only having a select amount of offspring.

It is a beautiful feeling and idea though. The idea of loving so intensely and being loved in returned with the exact same amount of love. But what if you screw up?

I also have a portion of me that wants kids when I grow up, heck I kind of even want to be a stay at home mom when I grow up, and yet that is so illogical I laugh at times. I am also freakishly strong at times and I am scared. I don't want to hurt whatever offspring I may have. Ever. But there is that potential if they actually occur.

I loathe myself at times because of that stupid fear of love and emotions. Then again I am also a person that acts like a mom to all and I actually do feel, I was rather depressed for quite some time, actually. Sometimes I feel I would be better off hiding those emotions actually, because I feel alone anyways. Then I say, no. That I will not let such emotions conquer me. I will be powerful and strong. And there are times when I feel I have achieved that wish.

I suppose that what I wish to say is that even though I am as logical as they come, I still have the balance of a heart. I apologize deeply for rambling for so long however. I do hope you forgive me.

NOW! What else is there about me? Uhhh. I read the dictionary and textbooks as a little kid. Like Pre kindergarden. I never went to preschool and I already knew everything I needed to know up until about third grade when I entered kindergarden. I was also once freakishly tall as a little kid. Oh how the tables have turned.

I am also one of those people with this really intense need to protect. I was once being stalked by some guy who made various threats as to my maidenhood. Then A female friend had to leave the room full of people for something and I asked the teacher to go with her. I was told no. So I said, "With all due respect, in light of the terrifyingly creepy things that just occured, I am not comfortable with letting her go alone." So I was allowed to go. Before she said she had to leave the class room I was sitting, rocking back and forth and trying not to cry. I had dropped literally everything because I could not allow that or worse to happen to another. The only reason I reported him was because I was told that something could happen to someone else, like it had the year previous.

Okay then. Now that we have all that crap cleared out of the way. Hi. I'm Hannah, and I am confusing as all heck. Nice ta meet ya, darlin. :D

I like swimming. Swimming is great. Like oh buoy, swimming! (I like fish puns so be prepared)

I'm still in school. I am also really good at math. I don't flounder around like some of the other kids in my class. Infact the only reason I don't have an A is because I am SUPER forgetful. Heh...heh... yeah.

Also I am SO SORRY for... well. EVERYTHING. I know. Not the greatest writer. Not the BEST at regular updates (Oh who are we kidding I suck at regular updates.) But to be quite frank, we all gotta figure out something of our own along the way. I MAY go back and revise some things... Okay. I'm going to go back and revise ALL the things... Eventually... If I remember.

Iuhhh. I also have an IQ of 140, I guess, if that is something you enjoy in life??? Not social... Uh... I want to be nothing like my family when I grow up... I'm an intense INTP too, for those who actually READ profiles and also are into Myers Briggs thingamahoos. Uh... Bye for now until I wish do update this... thing again.

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The Rose Mutation reviews
All I wanted was a cupcake from the new bakery. What I got was a snake lady and a scene from a scary movie. The snake lady ate my dad and now I am stuck with really cool mutant plant powers. According to this girl named Annabeth, I'm just a demigod. I'll still call myself Botanical Girl. I'll be a superhero even if I'm a demigod. That sounds no where near as cool as mutant. Hiatus
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When L was fifteen years old, he was working on one of his first Serial cases. It was a very serious one seeing as He moved around. After he killed his next victim he would be going to Winchester England. This man took prizes from each of his victims. One of them being a baby. both of her fathers (adoptive and real alike) were geniuses, so what is she? May be abandoned/on hiatus.
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Hiya! this is a oneshot that will probably end up being a chapter of Finding Axis later on. I just randomly wrote this when I was wondering what would happen when they all met again. after all that I have planned for them. L does die in finding Axis but that is a huge part of the story. I made them both live. Mello by him never removing the helmet, and Matt got away.
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