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Author has written 53 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Gundam Wing/AC, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Ranma, Warcraft, Naruto, Mega Man, Harry Potter, Phantasy Star, and Teen Titans.

I like to use this space to comment on recent stories-- their genesis, who I went about writing them, and so on. Unfortunately, it's gotten to the point where I have so many stories I can't cover them, or even the most recent.

Recently I was inspired to write a couple of Mega Man stories, even though the games I used as my source material aren't exactly new properties. The motivation was listening to covers of the old-school Mega Man soundtracks by a band called The Megas. (I highly recommend their CDs.) When I wrote the first two stories, I amused myself with the notion that I'd write one for each of the three X games I had played. And then... I got carried away. My research to ensure I got the X3 story right encouraged me to write an X4 story; my desire to see the culmination of (what I thought at the time would be) a pretty logical story arc resulted in my re-writing all of X5. Oops. And even then I found that there were still some major holes in the continuity, gaps Capcom had patently failed to address. Before I knew it, I had gone whole-hog and done up a whole series.

Strangely, the first two stories that I wrote, "Lost in the Land of Nod" and "Fratricide", ended up not quite meshing with the rest of them. I didn't know I'd be writing more, and I didn't know the direction the future stories would take, so I guess I can't be blamed for that; but I would definitely do a few things differently, given the chance to do them over. Anyway, the full saga is as thus:

Post-Classic: Supernova; Pre-X: Impertinence, Red Awakening, False Dawn; X1: Lost in the Land of Nod; post-X1: A Foundation of Sand; X2: Fratricide; between X2 and X3: One Link in the Cable, Credo; X3: Zero Sum; X4: Consequences; X5: A Heavy Load to Bear.

The concept for "Robotnik's Mercy" came upon me with great suddenness. I felt compelled to get it on paper (metaphorically) while it was still burning in my mind. I wrote the story in about six hours. It took two days to finish editing and sprucing up. It's the fastest I've ever produced a story. One thing is certain: it creeps me out something severe. Sometimes when you write a story, it's the product of things that have been floating around with you for a while, a deliberate amalgamation of things that matter to you. This story feels alien to me, like I was just the transmission method for an idea born elsewhere. Very strange.

I just (Sep2012) finished my longest story yet, "The Sonic Seven". So as to avoid spoilers, I put most of my thoughts on the content of the story as an epilogue. I will say this, though: this was a joy to write, and I'm delighted it came out so well. If you'd asked me a year ago about writing a Sonic story based on Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai", I would have scoffed that it was derivative and probably pointless. But after I heard "Knight of the Wind", then got upset at the weapons they'd chosen to give the characters in "Sonic and the Black Knight", I sat down to think about what weapons fit better. It was a short trip from there to imagine how such a story might go, and I got so excited I couldn't help but write it. (Aside: do yourself a favor and go watch "The Seven Samurai". Or "The Magnificent Seven", a Western variation of the same story. Both are outstanding feats of cinema.)

"HIGH SCHOOL SONIC HIGH SCHOOL" was written on a lark. I've seen too many stories of this type and wanted to mock the worst of them. The completely over-the-top title is because people continue to miss the labels on my other parodies that clearly denote them as such. They still might, but at least it'll be funnier now. In terms of length it's between the short, point-making blurbs (like "Shadow, Falling") and "Ultimate Sonadow", which had its own plot and momentum. HSSHS is more like cliche whack-a-mole. I think I got most of them.

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