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Author has written 24 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Lord of the Rings, Trigun, Gundam Wing/AC, and Harry Potter.


Update – 5 April 2016

NOTE: All works are currently on hiatus, but I will begin working on them soon. I have just finished my Master's Degree and will be graduating in May. Now that I don't have to worry about papers and research I can start looking at all of my incomplete stories and see about finishing them. Unfortunately my brain has been writing a new story, a crossover of Harry Potter/The Walking Dead. Yep, there is just not enough of these out there. I really don't need to start another story but it is all floating around up there. So for a long story short here, I am soon to be back in the writing world. Thanks for all of those that have stuck with me. I promise, Wild Blue Yonder is on the top of my list to work on. DBZ

Let me introduce myself. I am a total Japanese Anime fan. I started writing fanfiction many, many years ago and I hope that you have enjoyed what you are reading. I work full time, just recently had a major change in my job duties, to include taking over a brand new section. So Real Life has become a major pain to my writing schedule. My favorite anime and other series are the following in no particular order.

1. Dragonball Z
2. Blue Seed (This is one that got me hooked on anime)
3. Rurouni Kenshin
4. Gudam Wing
5. Orphen
6. Trigun
7. Inyuasha
8. Nightwalker
9. Escaflowne
10. Saiyuki
11. Harry Potter
12. Pet Shop Of Horrors
13. CSI (I am really trying not to get hooked into this...I know that I'll start writing)

I live in North Pole, Alaska (yep, that's right, Home of Santa Claus). In fact he only lives 1 1/2 miles from my house. When Christmas is coming, Santa and his Elves are running around everywhere trying to get ready. So remember, he's watching and so am I...I may have to get Santa's permission and write a story with him in it. Wouldn't want to piss the big guy off and end up with coal in my Christmas stocking next year... If anyone wants to email Santa here is his email address: santa @ santaclausehouse . com

I currently have five WIPs going in several different genres, one that is permanently on hiatus until I finish the others. Please see below for information about the WIPs and my Completed story comments. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me through the fanfiction email system. I will answer you emails to the best of my ability.

1. Wild Blue Yonder: Chapter 51 has finally been completed. I know it is a little short compared to what I have done before, but we are getting down the the end of the story. Rivendell is near and the end is upon us. Does Legolas and Rain's love stand the chance of destiny or will it rip them apart? I have about one page written, but this is a difficult chapter as it will be a transition chapter...

2. Firefly Wishes - Chapter 12 has been started and is still sitting where I left it. I occasionally go and look at it, but with the way I have been writing this story in the First person way, it is hard to look at it and see what to do next. The next part will be a light lemon (to fanfiction.net) standards. I may have to write a more detailed version and post somewhere else. Who knows when I will get this one done? It is hard to right in first person and I need to review what I have and try to continue. This may go on Hiadus until I get the others done.

3. Beautiful Force: Sequel to You Make Me Feel So...All Duo had wanted was a kiss before Heero left for his mission, but he is long overdue and Duo has become worried. Chapter 15 is a bit of a cliffhanger and I know that you want to know what happens. I hope to start back on this, but I am still too engrossed with Harry Potter stories right now.

4. In The Light Of A Prediction: An interesting piece that I started as a Halloween fic that ended up (like most of my stories) bigger than I expected. I have been thinking heavily about this story and have a good idea of what will be in the next chapter. Unlike most of my other stories, I have no idea where this one is going until I start looking at it. All the others have a basis outline, this one is free-form.

5. Seal of Aravas: //STILL ON TEMPORARY HIADUS UNTIL I FIND TIME FOR THIS AGAIN.// My very first story that I ever wrote and I still haven't finished. I hope that one day I will be interested back in this genre and will finish the story. I still have the outline and the premise, just not the interest.


1. To Get To You: Another songfic that had been rolling around in my head and I had to write it down. Based off of episode 23, Wolfwood is angonizing of killing a child and Milly wants to help him, but forever in not in the books for these two. Romance and alot of angst.

2. Travelin' Soldier: Ok, I want to thank you all for the support I have received on my Inuyasha Travelin' Soldier fic. The story came to me on my way home from work and I wrote it all in one weekend. Travelin's Soldier was awarded the 2003 Sakura Con Special Story/Songfic Catagory Award and also the Special Award for Alternate Universe. Thank you all for your support and reviews, because without you I would not have the inspiration to write.

3. Living In A Moment: This is the much requested sequel to Travelin' Soldier is now available. Kagome is trying to live on after finding out the Inuyasha had been killed in Vietnam. Will she be able to live on, and is Inuyasha really dead?

4. From Beneath The Ashes: Sequel to Living in a Moment, will pickup the same day as Inuyasha returns to Kagome. But will he be able to intergrate back into society and what did they do to him! Will be full of angst, romance, suspense, the possible meeting of an old character and much much more. Finally completed! I can't believe that this trilogy is finally done. I have to say it has been a pleasure and an honor writing these stories. I would like to take the time to thank all those who supported me throughout this journey.

5. You Make Me Feel So.. All Duo wants is a kiss. Songfic based on Faith Hill's Beautiful. (Complete) Well this started out as a one-shot, but has progressed into something more. For some reason I can't leave my one-shots alone...The Sequel is entitled "Beautiful Force".

6. You're Still Here: A story that I posted, featuring Milly from Trigun. Milly has started anew after the ending of the final episode. A deep introspective on Milly's feelings about Wolfwood. Believe me you will like it, another songfic based on Faith Hill's "You're Still Here."

7. Secrets Can't Be Kept: Originally a one-shot about Karou stopping Kenshin from leaving. I have a sequel sitting on the back burner in my files that is 1/3 done.

8. When the World Stopped Turning: A Gundam Wing fic dedicated to the happening on Sept 11. When all our hope and fears are relived and prays answered. This story took 2nd place this year at the 2004 Sakura Con in Seattle WA.

9. Final Tear: This LOTR story was based on a story request from one of my yahoo sites. An individual talked about an article where one twin had to identify his other twin's body after a motorcycle accident left him lying in the woods alone. I could almost feel the emotions coming from this idea and ran with it. This also spurred the sequel "Lonely Tears".

10. Lonely Tears: You know me I can never leave a one-shot alone. I got to thinking about how that other twin would feel and be able to cope with the loss of their other half. This story was drawn from the grief and anger I thought that he would feel.

11. Solitary Tears: Again, can't leave stories alone. This story, the sequel to Lonely Tears, shows how pain can be worked through with the help of friends, yet can also be an emotional rollercoaster when they have to leave for their own lives.

12. The Dolphin's Cry: Yet again I am branching out into another fandom, this time Harry Potter. (Don't get me started). I love to write songfics and this is one of my all time favorite songs. I started listening to the words and the story just flew down on the paper.

13. Strong Enough: One of my newer and darker fics. I normally don't write this dark, but it just felt right. Severus is such a dark individual that it is hard at times to write him fluffy. He is a snarky basrd, and you just can't help to love him that way. 1

4. Once Upon A Blue Moon: This plot came from the SilverSnitch challenges page. Its a bit on the fluffy side, but still has some of the snarkiness that we love from Severus, plus a big surprise for him from Harry.

15. Trio of Drabbles: I got involved in a Harry Potter forum for a while that had contests, that included things like song fic stories to creating icons and pictures. I wrote a series of different drabbles (stories with a set number of words, in this case 200 exactly). They are:

a. A Christmas Bell: An angst little piece about Harry grieving over a lost child and the rememberance of his through a tiny silver bell. I have had numerous requests for more from this story, but sadly I don't plan on anything until I finish at least three of the WIPS above

b. Breaking News: A short-silly fic that caught my funny bone (and you'll notice that I am not a prevelent humor writer). Remus is caught in an embarrasing situation when he doesn't listen to Sirius.

c. I'ts The Thought That Counts: A slightly romantic Valentine fic that has enough sappiness that I was worried about cavities. Draco wants to ask Harry an important questions, and does it with a unique Valentine.

16. My Name Is Christmas Carole. I have always loved this song and you know me and songfics. I can't help myself. This one just seemed to pop out of nowhere and drip sappiness all over the place. Harry finds himself trouble when he sees a little girl who wants nothing more than a family for Christmas.

17. When Goodbye Was A Word. Again another songfic based on Trisha Yearwood's song When Goodbye Was A Word. Music seems to bring a great deal of inspiration to my writing. This is a short, from Draco's POV story that I wrote for the Hideaway Forum Monthly Contest. I like their website as it gives me a challenge to work on my writing...

Remember you are my inspiration.


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