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Author has written 2 stories for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Mass Effect.

About me


Hi there, I'm a law undergraduate student in London who often likes to let the imagination loose. I write for pleasure, and thus I may be very likely to be bad at writing since I don't have any formal training whatsoever. So I'm sorry in advance if the quality doesn't meet your expectations. However, I do take pride in the fact that I can write without having any typos. Bear in mind though, I write in British English, not American English. So those typos with 's' instead of 'z' are completely intentional.

Also despite my efforts trying to make my updates more frequent, law is a very demanding academic course, and so please be patient with my inevitable slowness. I work around the clock for the subject, and sometimes even more during British term time dates (September-December, January- March, April- June). Yes, we have three terms or 'semesters'. Law does get very black letter and dull, however, and I find that creating my stories are very soothing for the soul. Well, it always has been, but I never took this hobby very seriously until now.

In addition, I am working on several projects simultaneously- I get bored very, very easily with mundane, repetitive tasks- and so again, please be patient with me.

I am also working on how to combine music with my stories, because I believe it is a bit one dimensional to encounter stories with just text. I want to experiment with how to combine senses, just like how multiple senses are engaged when you are watching a movie or television. I want to recreate the feeling of synaesthesia, a condition I have (look it up on Wikipedia, it will do a better job of furthering your understanding of it), and I am stimulated by music to hear colours. I want to paint colours within the stories, like it is a blank canvas, waiting for me to make my mark. I also think music helps you get engaged with the story a lot more than without music. I am thinking of posting all my stories on FanFiction on a separate website- maybe tumblr or blogspot- so that when you scroll down to a certain place in my story, the music immediately comes on and fades away. Currently at this stage though, I will only have to make do with giving you the artist, song title and where it is from (album, game etc.). I am planning to create a Dropbox folder full of those music files once a story is finished.

I hope you understand what I've been trying to say so far. It is very confusing, but quite cool at the same time I think. Maybe I'm being too ambitious, but hey. I like setting high goals for myself. Whether I can be motivated enough to fulfill those goals is a different story- so PLEASE MOTIVATE ME BY LEAVING REVIEWS AND CRITICISMS FOR MY STORIES EITHER BY PUBLIC REVIEW OR PRIVATE MESSAGING! I would be extremely grateful for all your feedback, and I will reply to each and every one of you by private messaging.

Oh, and one more thing about my style: most of my stories are going to be written in present tense unless otherwise intended to. They will also most likely be written in a script format. I want to convey the immediacy of the scene by putting it in the present, and I like writing things in the script format.

So thanks for reading this very long introduction about me, and I hope you enjoy my works. I certainly enjoy writing them!

Yours truly,

M. Tullius Cicero

PS: My handle, M. Tullius Cicero, was a famous Ancient Roman senator and advocate of the courts. He lived during the Republican times, and died just before the full transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. A great place to start learning about him is on Google. He and his rival Hortensius were phenomenal in the arts of advocacy and political intrigue. If modern day politics were as exciting as the Roman times...

Works in progress

City of Men- Ace Attorney series

Interlude- Mass Effect series

999: 9 Days, 9 Persons, 9 Vices- Final Fantasy XII

Me and the Devil- Final Fantasy XII, Resonance of Fate, Resident Evil & Deus Ex: Human Revolution crossover

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