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Author has written 14 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, Golden Sun, Tenchi Muyo, Harry Potter, and X-Men: The Movie.
October 12th: Miss me? Well, I wrote a one-shot. REVIEW!

June 23: In hopes that once I leave (and I shall unless more than one person can give me reason not to.) somebody will at least remember who the heck I am-doubtful it may be-my name will be changed back to Rain Child. Why? A few questions regaurding this change:

Does anybody even remember who I am? Very few.
Does anybody care that I was one of the first to try and launch Isaac/Jenna into the GS realm BEFORE Lost Age? Probably not.
Will anybody remember me? Just a few names.
Am I regaurded as a decent Authoress at all? Maybe. I really don't know.

April 20th: Well, I've updated Unrequited. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!! Or is my exit of this place gonna go that unnoticed...*sigh* Guess so...

March 17th: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Whatever, I still wish I was where I had been...didya miss me????? *cricket chirps* No, I didn't think so either...

March 9th: SPRING BREAK!!! MIGHT ACTUALLY UPDATE!!! *Dodges rocks*

February 19th: Okay, here's the deal. If you have a problem with my name, ask me about it, and I'll happily explain why it is NOT offensive to Christians. Not to mention I AM one. And especially don't complain to other authors behind my back, because I do find out! Thank you.

February 15th: Yippee, 5 days less than a month until spring break! But you won't get many updates, I'll be out of town.

January 30th: Oh yes, Ponderings is updated. If you people really like it as much as you claim to, you'd better review.

January 8th: Ah yes, as a footnote to last entry, almost every disciple was between learn something new everyday.

January 2nd: A day late, but here're the changes upcoming: I've changed my pen name to A Christian Loser. The name expands on the idea that all of Jesus' disciples were the losers of their day. One who quoted Plato was called an idios (idiot only more offensive) though he was only a lowly fisherman. I feel that the name applies as I'm a loser too. A Christian Loser. Got a problem with that? Debate with me. Also, next Saturday I will be removing all stories BUT the following: Unrequited, HP stories, Veggie Tales, Raindrops, As You Like It, Ponderings, and Finding Garet. So if you like the others save them to your computer and let me remove them.

October 5th: Rankings:

1)Empress Dotdotdot
3)Naomi --of Plied Hearts (only because i felt there was significant character OOC in Alex)

Random Author Info:

Name: Right, like you need to know who I am...

Age: 15

Stuff About me: I play the piano-and am currently polishing the Charlie Brown Theme Song-magnificent piece! I love to read, and write (what was that quote about how writers are also readers...?), and will soon be driving. I enjoy playing a few rpg video games, my favorites being Zelda and Golden Sun (1 and 2).

Quote of the moment: Antalle Ulua Salrim (Much wind pours from your mouth i.e. you talk too much)

Favorite Food: Good question. about homemade spaghetti or really good Haagen Daaz ice cream?

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper. 'Nuff said.

Favorite Bands: Linkin Park, 12 Stones, Creed, Relient K, Sanctus Real, Everyday Sunday, Evanescence, Skillet, Anberlin-clean punk/rock and alternative.

Newest Random Ambition: To drive without crashing!

Fanfic Preferances: I mostly write Golden Sun when I have the time. I'm working on a few Tenchi Muyo things, and then some Harry Potter. I don't do R-rated, and am light on PG-13, and I refuse to read or write shonen-ai, etc. I'm against the gay thing, so deal with it. My reviews are commonplace, and usually encouraging, if not funny in a stupid way, and contain constructive criticism where I see the need.

Favorite Pairings:
GS: Isaac/Jenna (Who doesn't know that!?! However, I AM NOT obsessive and if I feel the story is well-written I read Isaac/Mia and have even written one myself! So there!)
Felix/Sheba (It's so cute!)
Garet/Mia (the whole diving after her...and it's the most probable for garet)

Least Favorite GS:
Isaac/Mia (never seen it, never will. I would LOVE to debate anyone on this!)
Garet/Jenna (same as above)
Ivan/Sheba (same)
ANYTHING m/m of f/f

GS I can bear with:
etc., etc.

Tenchi Muyo: Tenchi/Ayeka (THAT'S RIGHT! Down with Ryoko, up with Ayeka! She deserves more credit than she gets!)

Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione (just so darn cute! and i don't like ron either..)
Ginny/Draco (it's so cute...and i just don't like thinking he's evil...)

Story Status:

Missing Person: Notice!!! Missing Person is being rewritten with new gusto thanks to some wonderful suggestions by a friend. ^_^

Unrequited: I need ONE REVIEW and it will be finished.

Parting Ways: Sequel in Process, will post as soon as I finish the first chapter.

As You Like It: Second chapter updated!

Ponderings: In the workings...

Raindrops: Done, Dewdrops partway written, expect delays.

Favorite Authors:

Empress Dotdotdot: One of the four wonderful people who answered my contest! She writes well and reviews honestly when I get reviews from her. She may like the evil Isaac/Mia pairing more than Isaac/Jenna, but that doesn't mean she isn't a good writer!

Kyarorain: Hey! It really is Isaac/Mia! I'm not obsessive either! Be nice in your author thingies! *Ahem* Anyways, Kyarorain writes her stories very well, and reviews honestly too. Also a cool person to talk with, even if she thinks I'm crazy...

Kevin: Writes Malink in Zelda fics! Need I say more?

Ashton the Tenkai Star: (Lost in Darkness) very insane and obsessed with Mia, okay writer with some good ideas...

Alex (Elena and Akiko): Who in the GS realm doesn't like these two wonderful authors??? they don't write Isaac/Jenna fact, there's only like one or two...but, they were the first people to really encourage my GS fanfics...

Wayward Son: Well...he "bribed" me into putting him on my list...but he is a good author...

Meelu the Bold: Her story "The Birdy" rules and needs to be updated!!! Also a good reviewer and writer who needs to update!

Mare Serentitas: Sorry if I spelled that wrong...^_^U a good writer who I'm sorry to say is leaving...I think...I haven't been on in a month or so...^_^U VERY GOOD AUTHOR!

Mikaa: Great writer and updates better than me. Also more willing to try new pairings *coughIsaac/Shebacough* Personally I'd rather see...umm...can't say the pairing or someone will write it before me...but...anyways...he's a good writer and reviews my stories when I ask.

Azul Eclispe: a very nice reviewer and a quickly improving writer. go read the stories!

And everyone who is bored enough to read this, know this now, I am a Christian and I do have morals, so, don't request anything that's just wrong, like yaoi, or yuri, etc. Also, I don't update on Sundays, that's my quiet day!

Thank you for your time and err...patience???

~The Rain Child

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