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Author has written 10 stories for Spyro the Dragon, Elder Scroll series, Metroid, World of Darkness, Harry Potter, Okami, and Godzilla.

Greetings, I am Nooshoak. Here's a little bit about me:

Favorite books:

Age of Fire series (E. E. Kinght), Bazil Broketail (Cristopher Rowley), "How To Live Safely In a Science Fictional Universe (Charles Yu)

I'm a big fan of dragons, as both the books I've read and the stories i'll write can attest to. I'm also a Gamer and own a Xbox 360, a Wii, and a DS.

Favorite games:

Legend of Spyro, Metroid, Okami(den), Divinity 2, Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls series, Legend of Zelda, and many others.

now I will list the characters I have used in my stories to date, and their profiles

I also have a DA account. Go there to see my art: #

Link to Black Marsh Maps (Imperial Library):

Sab Liath (Original Character)

Age: Redacted

Gender: M.

Abilities: shape shifting (3 forms), elemental breath attacks (dragon and halfshift forms only), swordsmanship (human and halfshift forms always, dragon form with MDI emulation) magic (all forms) standard dragon abilities (claws and teeth, flight, strength, durable scales (halfshift and dragon forms only, stronger in dragon form) Armorsuit abilities: many,

Mk. 19 Dimension Shift Module: allows its wielder to copy the powers of those who they meet. Note some emulations are dimension specific. The Mk. 19 Dimension Shift Module looks like a cross between the Pip-Boy from Fallout 3 (world FLT-03) and a Nintendo DS. For his Shape shifting ability, 2 of his 3 forms are self-explanatory. However, his halfshift form can be described as thus: a gray, 7-foot tall dragonman. While not nearly as strong as his dragon form, it is smaller and thus, more agile. The halfshift form is also the best form to use for long-range interdimensional travel.


A gray dragon now, he was born human, and for the first 20-odd years of his life, he knew nothing of his potential power, until that fateful day when dark forces decided to kill him before he became a threat. That was a mistake. As the monsters sent to slay him attacked, he awoke the powers within him. He managed to fight them off for a while, but he was untrained, and tired quickly. As the monsters were closing in to slay him, Shinryu arrived and rescued him. And the rest? Well, that’s another story entirely. ‘Smiles knowingly’

Sab Liath is also titled as: The Guardian of Forgotten Unrealities and Lost Eternities. This entails that he wields the Unnamable Spell.

Image of Sab Liath in Half-Shift form (no armor) :

Shinryu (Square-Enix)

Age: Unknown

Gender: M

Abilities: too many to list


This ancient crystalline dragon claims the lost dimension of Crystallios (world CRS-01?) as his realm of origin. To this date no sign of this dimension has ever been found, causing some to doubt its existence. However, Shinryu’s planar energy signature does not match any known reality, leaving others to wonder. It is said that each of the jewel-like scales that cover his body radiates with the light of a different world.

Gneiss (The Legend of the Three Trilogy)

Age: 12 during majority of ANB and TEN, 15 during DOTD.

Gender: M

Abilities: Fire and Earth elements, as well as the Ability to combine these elements to create the stronger Magma element.

Special powers: Lava Spout: drive tail-blade into the ground, causing a plume of lava to burst out from under his targets feet.

Meteor Drill: Perform Meteor Dash (BoulderComet Dash) while spinning.


A Magma Dragon that hatched on Ashfall Island in the Kaskia volcanic island during the Year of the Dragon. his father, Granite was the leader of the Kaskia Isles, as well as the bearer of the Crystal of Molten Earth, until he passed both this artifact and his role on to Gneiss. He, along with Tempest and Jolt, journeyed alongside Spyro on his legendary adventures.

Tempest (The Legend of the Three Trilogy)

Age: See Gneiss

Gender: F

Abilities: Water, Ice, and Wind elements, as well at the ability to combine these to create stronger powers.

Special powers: Ice shield: creates an Icy Barrer surrounding herself and Allies.

Aquaform: become one with the water to avoid hazards and surprise foes.


Princess Tempest of the Sea Dragons hatched in the Sea Dragon city of Tiderest during the Yer of the Dragon. Her mother, Queen Tsunami lead her people wisely, and was the Bearer the Ocean Crystal, until both the Crystal and the throne were passed to Tempest. She, along with Gneiss and Jolt, journeyed alongside Spyro on his legendary adventures.

Jolt (The Legend of the Three Trilogy)

Age: See Gneiss

Gender: M

Abilities: Electricity and Light elements, as well as the ability to combine these powers.

Special powers: Shock Port: teleports self and allies via a Bolt of Lightning.

Diffusion Purge: Powerful Light elemntal ability. this power is capable of excising even the most deeply rooted corruption from it target. Jolt is only the third Dragon in the world's history to wield this power.


Jolt is an Arc Dragon, an extremely rare variety of Dragon that lived in Concurrent Skies. The war raging across the realms has driven them to near extinction. When (Corrupted) Cynder and her forces came to Concurrent Skies, Jolt was tasked with protecting the artifact of his people: the Charge Crystal. Taking the Crystal with him, young Jolt fled Concurrent Skies. he flew hard beyond the horizon, eventually crash landing on Ashfall Island. The trauma of seeing his people slaughtered caused him to develop a (thankfully teporary) case of amnesia. He, along with Gneiss and Tempest, journeyed alongside Spyro on his legendary adventures.

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