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I am man of many things manly enjoying the writting of others and hopefully having my own writting being enjoyed though my total expectance of that is not high as I am amature at best, but what are you going to do right?

I live in fairly rual area in Iowa, but thats really all your going to get.

My hobbys: The computer, Mathematics, writting, reading, drawing, science, and video games of all varieties.

Thats pretty much the best I can give as of current, because really I'm just a shy man who enjoys personal time and reading fanfiction along with asperations of writting it.

I like to write. No I love to write, I love to read, I love to listen to music.

But I hate it when my heart bleeds, but life will not, I refuse to let it, Get me down.

To those who have Lost someone near them.

I’m not going to do a poem or some sort of story as to how I can relate to you I’m just going to express the pain that is felt when you lose someone.

Though to be honest Loss isn’t what you would normally think, it doesn’t mean died. If it only meant death then there is far less loss in this world then there really is.

When you lose someone it hurts, it hurts inside, and it hurts so much. You cry, and you cry and you cry. That’s alright, keep crying, keep letting it all out, don’t let it bottle up inside, because that will only make it hurt worse. If you can’t find it in you to cry, listen to some music, look at some pictures, remember the good times. Trust me. You will cry.

Yet it won’t just hurt, you’ll regret, you’ll regret every moment that wasn’t a happy one in retrospective. You’ll ask yourself, “why did it turn out like that? What happened?” you’ll miss them, and chances are all that’ll be left are momentos, pictures, and memories.

But everyone experiences Loss differently, and there are different ways to lose someone close to you. They can die, and all you’ll have is the good times, and the memories you have of them, and cherish those memories, never let them go and never, not even once, try to look back. You’ll only hurt more. It’s okay to want them to still be here, and it’s okay to wish could hear them, see them, hold them, one more time. But don’t try and change the past, don’t glorify it, remember and cherish them for who they were to you, and eventually, you’ll be able to move on and remember them fondly.

When you Lose someone who is close to you, not by death, but by circumstance, maybe a foolish mistake, or maybe something completely out of your control… it’s hard to explain. When it’s your fault, you know who to blame, you know what went wrong, and you can try to fix it, you can look to a way to mend that, and maybe change a loss and prevent it from being permanent. That doesn’t make it hurt any less. You’ll be angry at yourself, you’ll feel anxity, pain, fear, regret, and a wanting. Don’t let it consume you. Be patcient, be cordial, do not obsess over the details and simply try and become friends again, or at the very least on good terms. If you obsess over what you did wrong chances are you’ll push them away farther, and farther, until some event takes them away for good and then it’s to late. I know that pain personally.

When you’ve lost someone not to death but to circumstance that you have no control over, when they’re forced into a hell in which you can’t save them, not by their own actions, or your actions, but by some greater power, maybe an abusive parent, or an idiotic legal system, or some other means to which no one could have foresaw… It’s infuriating.

Possibly the most infuriating kind of loss there is. You will be enraged, but you’ll have nothing to blame, don’t try to blame anything, it won’t help you, there was nothing anything could have done. Maybe if life were different, if people envolved were better people, or the system in place was more intelligent, but all you can do is vent your rage. Scream. Yell. Cry. Punch. Kick. Do anything, but vent against someone or something. What can make this worse is not being able to even contact them afterwards, knowing that doing so might just make things worse. It hurts not being able to help a friend, and when you can’t find a reason why something has happened. When something has been taken without cause. It hurts so much that I couldn’t even begin to explain to you what it’s like. Just hold on to the memories, don’t let the pain overwhelm you, hope and pray that one day you can see each other again, and in the worst of scenarios… You remember them fondly, because after all is said in done you wouldn’t be feeling this pain if they weren’t close to you.

But the most important thing to do regardless of what ever form of loss you’ve experienced, is to be able to look forwards, to take that step from mourning the loss of a loved one, or the forcing of a close friend to live with the person who made their life hell and not being able to help them, or the stupid choices that made you and your friend grow apart. The thing you’ve got to remember is that you’ve got to move on. Life is not meant to be lived in the past, and you’ll be left behind if you do. You cared for this person that you’ve lost. Maybe they were your best friend, or maybe they were a brother, a loved one, a child, a cousin, or some icon, but there are people that care about you to.

Don’t make them feel the pain that you’ve felt. Don’t follow in the one you’ve lost’s footsteps. Move forward, and remember, no matter what, you’ll always be together in memory, and that is something that if you truly hold on to it, that will never fade no matter what. With those memories, move forward, and live life, live it to the fullest that you could.

I dedicate this to a friend that I have lost recently due to unfortunate circumstances that were out of mine and her control. I miss her dearly, I regret the time that was lost due to foolish words, but in the end we parted on good terms, and when you can’t do anything more, I couldn’t ask for a better way to part aside from not having to part at all.

If you have lost someone you hold dear, or no someone who has and needs help, and feel that my words have touched you then share this.

If my words have not, and you’ve made it this far, then I thank you for reading a remorseful mans ramblings.

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