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Hello! It is I!! Bmmw!!!!!


Bmmw: what? Who said that?

Meht-urt: -_-

Malik: you might as well tell us who Meht-urt is

Meht-urt: everyone know me!!

Reviewers: *blink blink*

Meht-urt: -_- I am Meht-urt. Bmmw’s Yami. AND I LOVE Y. MALIK!!!! *glomps Y. Malik*

Bmmw: anyway, here’s stuff about me


Name- Kirsten (grrrrrr. No one calls me that)
Nicknames- Kirstie (everyone calls me that), Malik obsessor, Bmmw, KoolBubbles, psycho, freak, Kristie, Kristen, Keirstie.
Hair- dirty blonde
Gender- female
Age- 12
Height- like 5 foot 4 or something
Eye color- little personal but hazel
Lives in- O_o okkkkkk. I live in haunted woods. I’m not kidding. There are trees everywhere and the neighborhood is haunted.
State- PA
Languages- English, some Japanese, and nerdish
Favorite singer- Avril Lavigne
Favorite word: supercalafragilisticexpealidotious

Favorite things

Princess Mononoke
Sponge bob Square pants
Harry Potter


1) Malik/Marik
2) Ryou/Bakura
3) Shogo
3) Inuyasha
4) Legolas
5) Mokuba
6) Sesshomaru
7) Anikan

Meht-urt: *runs around* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Bmmw: yes, she has problems

Favorite quotes on shows/tv/book/manga:

(PS: I ripped most of these off of The Perpetually Hyper One’s bio!! ^_^)

~"Yeah. Kikyo was cuter. Much cuter." - Inuyasha, Inu-Yasha: episode one~

~"Just nod and smile." - Miroku, after Inuyasha asks what Sango's crying about, vol. 12 of the Inu-Yasha manga~

~"Oldest trick on the papyrus!" - Y. Malik after pulling a prank on Malik in my fanfick. Yes, a lot of these phrases will be mine. Just go down to the real people section.~

~"My arm it, it doesn't hurt! It's HEALED! Ack! No, it's still broken. . ." - Koroku, Princess Mononoke~

~"Look everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It's eating me alive and very soon now it will kill me. Fear and anger only make it grow faster." - Ashitaka, Princess Mononoke~

~"What about the red elk? Can we eat him?" - one of the wolves to San, Princess MOnonoke~

~"Oh my God, there's thousands of them..." - Koroku, Princess Mononoke~

~"The scare floor will be...?" -Randall

Thinking hard* "Uh...painted?" -Mike in Monsters, Inc.~

~"There are two things I hate: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch." -Nigel Powers (Austin Powers' dad) in Austin Powers: Goldmember~

~"Almost breaks my heart, if I had one. - the fake Seto Kaiba, Yu-Gi-Oh!~

~"It's in the briefcase, you moron. - the real Kaiba, to Joey.~

~"Save that little kitty!" - the coach guy on the first part of the Yugi vs. Bandit Keith/Malik duel~

~"It's /physic/!" - Espa Roba on Yu-Gi-Oh after Joey called him psycho for the [put number here] times~

~"I'm not quite who you think I am" -Yami when he told Kaiba and Mokuba in the helicopter that he wasn't Yugi. ^_^ Mokuba and Kaiba were like O_O!!! very big ^_^~

Real people quotes:

~"'Brak'? He's brakking his knuckles!?" – ME!!!! (in the Inu-Yasha manga, Inu cracks his knuckles and the sound effects say "Brak brak")~

~"Dontcha wish that you could do that in real life? You know, say "Sit!" to whoever's bugging you and then they'd slam into the ground...?" – The Perpetually Hyper One

~"I can't say Sesshomaru! Oh wait, I just did." – The Perpetually Hyper One (She has speaking problems!!!)~

~"Dimension the potato!" – Me at dinner~

~"Hey, don't make fun of my wrong pants!" – The Perpetually Hyper One, after I called her Ms. Wrong Pants when she got a science question wrong~

~"Yami slap!" – And no The Perpetually Hyper One, this was you who said it. Not me~

~"When mules go "Moo" and donkeys go "ACK!" – ME!!~

~"Oh my God! It's God's dandruff!" – me to The Perpetually Hyper One when it was snowing. I say a lot of weird things~

~"AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" - Me, when Malik took his shirt off. Sigh. The world stopped right about then~

~"He just reached around and yanked it off!" – The Perpetually Hyper One when Malik took his shirt off~

~"No, Bakura would be too shy to wiggle." – The Perpetually Hyper One and me. Don’t ask, it all started with a line of wiggling anime characters. ~

~”Sttttttteeeeeeeeeroke the kitty!!” Meht-urt when she first saw Inuyasha~

~"The young turtle meets the young hen." - Me after The Perpetually Hyper One told me that Nicole had just said something wise~

~"So...male bees have sex 24/7?" – The Perpetually Hyper One in science~

~"Every morning, you wake up thinking, 'What a bright, beautiful morning', but what comes out of your mouth is 'Shit!'" - Autumn~

~"Yugi's humping the TV!" - me, when we were both watching YGO! (it was the episode, "The Gauntlet is Thrown" At the end, when Yugi's shaking the TV and shouting "Grampa! Grampa!" it really looks like he's humping it.)~

~"Does Malik have a big boat?" – The Perpetually Hyper One when we were on the phone watching Yu-Gi-Oh~

~"Go Dobby, go Dobby, it's your birthday, it's your birthday!" - Me, The Perpetually Hyper One, Laura, and Marissa when we were watching COS and Dobby threw Malfoy's dad up against the wall~

~"Yippy skippy." – me again. I said while waiting for YGO to come back on~

~"He's (Bakura's) so caring! NOT GAY." – Me on the phone during the eppie w/ Tea dueling Mai~

~”CCCCCCCCCCOOOOOAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!” Me, when Weevil was dueling Joey in BC and his queen ant made this noise~

~”Yeah……uh huh……keep talking, I’m not listening to my CD player” Me to Marissa/Harriet Potter when we were in the lunch room. She was complaining and I was listening to my CD player and you can't see the earphones when i listen to it~

“nu nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh” Autumn. This has a tune to it but I can’t put it in here. It was her idea for a commercial with people in straight jackets dancing in the background.~

"Planet of the Narakus!!!!" ~me. a kid named warren had just said that we should watch planet of the apes in science (end of the year) and Naraku's a monkey so ^_^~

"HAGS! Beware, Elmo knows where you live!" ~This is what i signed in the yearbooks ^_^U~

~"hogger del toliet!"- Me, TPHO's sister called her a toliet hogger and i put it in italian and it came out as this!^_^~

~"In an empty chatroom, no one can hear you curse...damn"- me, ^_^ everyone left the chatroom and i said that too my self. after cursing alot.~

~"A watched inbox never gets any emails"- me, i was talking to Lisa on IM while waiting for her email that she sent me~

~"LAST TIME I TALKED TO YOU YOU WERE LONELY AND KINDA A FRUIT BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "- TPHO, quoting my K/R story~

~"Ah yes...the things we think when we've just been hit by a bus"- Daricio~

Meht-urt: you know, people probably want to know how all these quotes came for The Perpetually Hyper One...

Bmmw: Oh. ^_^U Well, we go to the same school, are friends, and we talk on the phone from 4:30-5:00 everyday after school


and to thank you for reading this, i will post some perosn's fic. I have no idea who the author is beacue someone sent me the contents of their bio. ^^


Is pretty, my breakfast is.

Pretty pretty like sunshine on sunshine on hikari's soft shimmery hair.

Pretty like tumbly-down buildings wrapped in flame and writhing in heat and crumbling and whispering and shrieking in glee.





Tumble into ashes and ashes onto gold and gold vanished into shadow and cold like eternity and night.

Ambery gold like the soft curves of his skin, shaded with sleek dark ebony like the thick curve of his lashes when he's curled up quiet and soft and dreamy in my bed. Curvy curly drowsy dreamy dreaming hikari.

My bed, my hikari, all mine and mine and mine.

Hikari soft and cuddled deep in sheets and pillows and blankets. Pretty like morning sun falling into his face.

Hikari, hikari, hikari hikari mine! All mine!

Hikari, hikari! Wake up, wake up, wake up for me! Don't you want to see what I've made for you? Don't you want to see? Hurryhurry! Come and look, come and see, come and know and now I know you'll love me!

He yawns and shifts and twists and sits up all slow and dazed and half-tangled up in a dream. Soft hands rubrubrub at pretty shadowed lavender and he blinks all heavy and thick with sleep, so I scoop him up in my arms and carry him out to his breakfast.

The door is in my way, the door is in my way, I don't like the door, I don't like the door, and I'm not putting him down, I'm not! You can't make me, they can't make me, I'll do it never ever ever ever let him go!

Soft boom like sonic thunder and now there's no more door! I hated the door, and then the door wasn't there anymore! See? I can do anything, see? All for my hikari! Bend and break and shatter and kill and scream and destroy and you'll be so happy when I'm done, so happy!

Hikari, look look look look!

Can't you see?

I made you breakfast!

He gasps, soft and wet and warm and hungry, and his soft hands fly up and cover his slippery-sweet mouth.

See? See? Don't you see what I did for you? See? Breakfast, breakfast just for you! Always for you!

He gives a little choked mewl and digs his fingers into sleek flesh, and slow crimson streaks down dusky skin like shards of colored glass and mourning shrouds ripped apart in ceaseless tearing shredding shrieking winds like forever and nothing and everything that dies screaming and drowning in thick puddles and blood.


So pretty, my hikari, so pretty.

Broken pretty.

"Is a present!" I say, and he tosses his head back and giggles like a waterfall, too high-pitched and crackling to be fragile and human, but he is no matter how hard he tries to deny it, no matter how much he lies and cries and hides and runs away.

Silly hikari.

"Of course it is! Of course it is!" he chants, and scrubs at his eyes again, pretty crimson mixing with new fresh dew. Saltywet and soft soft soft.

He likes it?

I touch his fingertips and his lips and his shimmery-silk hair, and he stares at me with his eyes so wide and needy, all pretty and pale hidden under burnished gold.

Golden hikari.

Pharaoh isn't a god, pharaoh isn't the morning, *my* hikari is morning and evening star, not silly pharaoh.

"Hikari likes his present?"

He hiccups like a child and nods, nods nods nods and I don't think he's going to stop, he's not stopping, he's not, so I catch his dainty chin and make him stop. Stop stop stop! I didn't say you could do that, I didn't! Stop it, damn you! STOP!

I shake him and shake him and he whimpers soft and wet and shimmery-broken, and he's stopped now, hasn't he? Hasn't he stopped?

You stopped for me? I love you... is that why you stopped? Is it? Tell me!

But he can't tell me. He cries a little more, cries and cries and cries, and I tuck him close against my chest and bite his ears and his softsoft lips and he quiets, he calms, he goes boneless and warm and vulnerable and shaking in my arms.

"...hikari likes his present?"

He shudders and buries his head in my shoulder and smells of summer storms and melted ice cream.

Mmm. Hikari-mine.

"...I love it," he whimpers, and cries and cries and cries.

Sweet hikari.

Sweet like the screams that I melted into syrup, tumbling down over thick fluffy pancakes, turning soft gold into sopping wet redredred, sweet like the soft cries when I ripped apart their minds to melt his butter, sweet like the soft swirls of ebony draped around the plate as silky decoration.

Pretty present for pretty hikari!

Aww...sweet. Sweet sobbing mine who loves his present.

Love love love hikari.

Hikari cries and cries and cries and cries and cries.

But everyone else at breakfast is still still still still quiet. Quiet quiet quiet like shadows and silence and empty rooms at night. Ssh! Stay quiet! Don't speak don't breathe don't interrupt! You won't, will you? No? Stay! Stay like this!

All blank and empty and staring.

Why are they staring? Stop looking at him, he belongs to me! I didn't say you could look, you can't look! You can't! Only I can look, only I can touch, only me, only me! I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I will!

...oh! Wait! I can't do that.

Can't do that anymore, I can't do that, I can't! I want to but I can't!

Because you're already dead! Ha! Silly silly silly of you, you're already dead! Frozen and stiff and staring and staring and staring and I thought I told you you couldn't do that! I did! I did! Why the fuck aren't you listening to me?!

Oh! You can't hear me!

Ha! Ha! You can't hear me, you can't hear me, and I can't hear you! No more screaming and crying and pleading and I ripped them all out of you, all those pretty pretty noises, and I took them and shaped them and gave them as a present!

Present for my hikari.

You're such a pretty present.

He's so happy! See? Wasn't it worth it? All those hours when you kept drip drip dripping on the floor and into silver cups and you cried and cried and wailed and screeched and you sounded so pretty like thunder and rain and ripped-apart blackness and crush crush crushed velvet and pale splintered bone?

Aren't you happy that he's happy?

You said you wanted him to be happy, so I made him happy, so you should be happy too!

Aren't you?


Crystal glimmering. Soft spiky ebony all edged in black and silky shadows. Wet slippery like salt-stained kisses and broken summer light.

My summer light, all shifting and trembling and sniffling all sad like rainshowers and forgotten candles.

...hikari? Aren't you tired of crying?

Why not? Can't you see? Can't you tell? Don't you care? I thought you knew I loved you! I thought you understood!

Don't you see? I'll do everything for you! Everything, everything, I promise!


...poor poor precious hikari. Come, come, stop shying away from me, stop clawing at my hands, why are you trying to run away? Why? Why?!

Come and sit and take and eat! I did it for you, for you!

Stop fighting me! Don't make me hurt you, I can, I will, I will I will I will!



Come and sit, silly sad happy hikari-mine. Here. Sit on my lap?

You will?

Mmm. Yes. Hikari in my lap and in my arms. Mmm. Love hikari, love hikari, yes yes yes, I do. Shush-shush-shush - no more crying, ne?


Come, come, taste and take! Silly child, can't you see?

Your breakfast is getting cold!

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