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Hey, people who stumble across my profile: I'm looking for 2-3 people that would be willing to beta a multi-chapter fic I'm writing. I'm super picky about my stuff, so I'd prefer someone that has experience and is nitpicky with details. If you have the time to do so or know someone that is an awesome, please send me a PM letting me know. Thanks!

ATTENTION: I can ONLY review, critique, and reply to PMs during my breaks. This means I will be active in Summer and Winter, primarily. I may do a few critiques and replies during school, but these will mostly be to those that have PMed me and requested a critique. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Note: I feel as though I need to point out that none of my reviews are meant to tear or break anyone down (unless there is a complete disregard and disrespect towards writers that put effort into their story). I realize that over the internet my writing tone tends to sound rather condescending and demeaning, which is not the case at all. Yes, I point out errors, that's what I'm here for. Because no one is ever going to improve if they don't face the imperfections. I thoroughly enjoy every single story I read on here (unless I happen to state otherwise in a review), but out of respect for the writer, I attempt to point out the things that other reviewers don't. That is my intention with this account, and if you do not want me to review or critique your story, BLOCK ME. I do not look at the names of authors before I read the story to avoid any chance of being bias.

Thanks you.

Name: Arian

Age: 20

Education: College

Gender: Dude

Credibility: I have read various numbers of books and analyzed them. I have received top marks in all of my English classes, and praise from my professors. I am not new to the concept of critiquing. This being said, I am not perfect. I make mistakes like anyone else. Anything I say is a mere suggestion, unless it violates the FFN guidelines, in which these changes are extremely encouraged or else I will report (In most cases).

Writing Ability: I am more of an essay/speech person, so while I do write, I am not exactly the best at stories. This, however, has absolutely nothing to do with my critiquing skills, so if you use my writing ability against me as a critique, you will immediately lose any and all respect, credibility, and care I have for you. These are two different matters and should be treated as such.

Primary stories I read: Pokémon, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Victorious (Yeah. I'm a 20 year old dude that watches Victorious. Elizabeth Gillies is freaking hot). The main one I critique and write, though is Pokémon, although if I do find a fic among the others that I like, I follow it, maybe even favorite.

Particular Shipping: Contestshipping. Again, yeah, I'm a 20 year old dude, and I support Contestshipping. When I was a kid, watching Pokémon, Drew became my idol. He was, in my young, 14 year old opinion, the coolest dude to ever walk the earth. I also had the biggest crush on May. I grew out of both of those phases, but I still like the pairing. So those are the stories I usually read and write.

If you've stumbled across my page, which is constantly undergoing change, it is more than likely due to a review posted on your/a writer's story. I am a critic, in the hopes of possibly being an editor, which is what brings me to this site. Unfortunately, many of the reviews are not positive ones. If this is what brings you to my profile, then all I can do is tell you to leave a private message if you wish to improve your writing, so that I may give specific examples as to where you may need improvement.

If, however, you are here for any other reason (although I am not quite sure what that would be), either private message me for assistance, or refer below for any questions answered.

Frequent Private Message Topics:

You reviewed _'s story too harshly, and this is why you should die. I seem to get this more often than any other. The most I can say is I that if you wish to rebuke something I say, please do it in a mature manner. I do not mind admitting if I have made a mistake. I do, however, mind when idiots waste my time. Should I receive more PMs of this nature, I feel compelled to tell you that any response I make is soley for my own amusement, as well as the amusement of my friends as I pull up your PM and show them your idiocy.

"Do you mind critiquing one of my stories?" For those who have/will asked/ask for critiquing, whether it be from me or anyone else, have already received respect from me as a writer. I love it when people quest for further improvement, despite having already received praise from other authors. This being said, my respect for you will force me to review your story just like anyone else's. Please do not expect an immediate "this is amazing" simply for asking for a critique. If your story is bad, I will review it as such. If it is good, I will review it as such. Please bear in mind that simply because I leave a lot of feedback, it doesn't mean I think you are a bad writer. I have the gift of being able to critique even the best of stories.

"You're just a sad, no-lifer, 15 year old girl who has no friends, so you try to blast other people's stories to make them feel as bad as you. Hahahahahahaa!" This is verbatim, the last line from a PM I've received, and a summary of three other PMs. First, I am quite happy with my life, thank you very much. Second, I do not have a life, thank you for pointing that out. Third, I am 20. Fourth, I am a man. Fifth, I have 4 friends, thank you very much. Sixth, why would I spend my time blasting other people's stories in order to make them feel bad about them self, when I can do other things? And last, "Hahahahahaa?" What are you, an evil villain? How about you feel bad about yourself.

"You said you'd critique my stories, but you haven't." I apologize. I am a full time student in college, aiming for a high GPA. This being said, I am incredibly busy studying, doing homework, attending classes, ect, so is a little low on my priority list. Furthermore, I do not necessarily review all stories in order. When it comes to replying to request PMs or critiquing, please give me one to one and a half weeks to reply.

"Will you add my stories to your favorites?" The only stories I add to my favorites are ones I feel are rather exceptional in plot and/or writing style. By this, I mean well written, completely original stories that I feel deserve recognition. Some days I may feel generous and add stories that may not quite be up there but are close. The likelihood of me adding anyone's story to my favorite is slim, and it is even slimmer if I add you as a favorite author unless I know you. That said, anyone on my favorites list will always be worth reading, and will never be a let down.

"I don't like how you reviewed my story because of _" Okay, well, I probably didn't like how you wrote it. I give every review the same level of critique, whether you are a new author, writing your first story, or a veteran. Do not expect me to hold back. Do not ask me to be nice. Do not PM me calling me an ass because I was too harsh and you're a new writer. You will lose my respect this way and I will either troll you, ignore you, or criticize you further.

"Are you the one who reported my story for breaking ToS?" Okay, so I guess someone had a problem with a story getting reported or something? And seeing as I always point out whether or not your story is within the guidelines, I'm clearly the only one who could possibly acknowledge that a story breaks Terms of Service and report them. Anyway, that being said, lets get one thing straight: if I tell you that your story is against FFN Guidelines, I don't even touch that report button for a week and a half to two weeks. And I will notify you days before I report. Hell, I'll probably forget to even report you. So, if you get reported without notification, don't come to me, then block me, because that means I can't notify you. That also means that I can't tell you that I feel especially in the mood for living by the rules, and may report you right then. :) (You three people know who you are).

"You're kind of an a*hole." Yeah, I get like that when I'm annoyed with someone, and I get annoyed rather easily. I also have no life, so that makes me especially set up to make others miserable (This is a joke. Laugh).

So I've already mentioned that I do get annoyed easily, I believe...yet people still PM me, and I swear, it's like they are purposely trying to get on met nerves. So, here's a list of things that annoy me. Don't. Freaking. Do them. ( )

-Idiots: If you PM me, please use proper English (or Latin. Latin is good) and grammar to the best of your ability. Don't say stupid things. Stupid things annoy me.

PMs saying I what I said was uncalled for: So...I get that this site of full of tykes around the age of 10-15. But please don't PM me saying I'm a jerk/meanie who had no business leaving a mean review on your story. If you'd like to argue your point, that's fine, I even encourage you to do it. Just don't do it like a 12 year old, even if you are one.

Plagiarism: no questions asked, if I see a story that's been reposted by a different author, I will leave a review saying that you have until the end of the day to explain your case. I don't care if its 6 pm or 8 am, my time. I can't stand plagiarism and will not tolerate it. If its the same author, with two different accounts, then I just have to say, any reposted material, whether it be your own or someone else's, is banned from this site.

Blocking: I don't care if you block me. In fact, if you don't want me PMing or reviewing you, I encourage it. What I do care about, is if you leave me some long PM, then block me before I can reply. I WILL ridicule you, someway or another. Just giving you a warning .

PMs complaining about how I critique: so, some one got mad at me, I guess, because I always say the same thing when it comes to reviews (incorrect punctuation, poor editing, awkward sentence structure, etc). So my reply is: 1. Uhm...I guess I'm sorry that alot of authors have some of the same problems when it comes to stories? I can't control that. What am I supposed to do, just not tell them their sentence structure is weird because someone else on another story ahead the same problem? Seriously? 2. My specialty is content: what makes up a story, if it's a good idea, if there's too little or not enough detail, etc. So obviously, that's where I'm going to go in depth.

PMs telling me I'm a jerk: I FREAKING GET IT! I'm the biggest jerk/meanie/douche to walk the planet since friggin Hitler. So stop PMing me with that crap.

More to come...possibly.


CRITICly Anonymous

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