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Author has written 1 story for Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and Shugo Chara!.

I'm Victoria Wills. I'm sometimes called Tori, Vixen, Vicki or Vi.

Any of my storys that u want to take for ur own you can. I sometimes forget 2 finish them so i wouldn't mind if you adopted them but please show me the end product!

My Hotmail name is:

Please check my other accounts:

My fanfiction challenges

Challenge 1: Raven is Fem!Harry challenge.

Raven from Teen Titans is secretly Violet Ivy Potter (Ya all don’t need to use this name but this is what I would call her) who was abandoned because her Twin is thought to be the Boy-who-lived when really it was her.

-The Goblins are allies of Raven.

-Raven is a Titan.

-Potter Bashing is welcome.

-Can have Weasley and Hermione bashing (except the Twins and the two eldest boys; Bill and Charlie.) but not necessary.

-Raven isn’t half-demon instead she’s a meta-witch.(Unless James Potter was possessed by Trigon at Raven‘s contraception.)


-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck.

Challenge 2: Ace/Fem!Ace, Luffy/Fem!Luffy or Shanks/Fem!Shanks is reincarnated/reborn as Naruto or Fem!Naruto!

Naruto is a reincarnation of one of the D. Brothers or Shanks(can be Fem!D.Brothers/Fem!Shanks), if you use Fem!Naruto she hides her gender and Naruto hides his/her brains can be a character bashing fic but no bashing the D. brothers, Shanks or Naruto!

-Must be Naruto was once ether Ace, Fem!Ace, Luffy, Fem!Luffy, Shanks or Fem!Shanks.

-Naruto if Ace/Fem!Ace must have Narcolepsy!

-Naruto must have all powers from Previous incarnation by end of fic.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 3: Bleach/Harry Potter crossover Challenge.

Harry can be a Shignami or Esparda or Vizard but it must be a Harry-Centric! Harry must be hiding his true self from the Magical-Humans (Including part humans) of Great Britain, but goes to Japan or the afterlife (Ether place in afterlife) to hide from the liars that he has as Wizard/Witch friends.

-Must be Harry-Centric!

-The Goblins are allies of Harry!

-Harry and Ichigo can be boy or girl.

-Harry grew-up in Japan or Soul Society(SS) or the Hollow World(Can’t spell the name sorry!)

-Harry must be independent/strong/smart.

-Harry can be related to the bad-guy (eg Aizen is his dad) if you want(or a Good Guy ie Ichigo is his cousin.)

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 4: Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover challenge.

Harry is Ryou Bakura because he was adopted when a very young child or there is no Ryou Bakura and Harry invented the name to escape England. Bakura/Harry-Centric style fic. Must be twin-fic and/or a James/ Lilly or both gives Harry up so he/she/them a new life.

-Harry must be Ryou Bakura.

-Must be Harry-Centric!

-The Goblins are allies of Harry!

-Harry must have the Ring and Yami-Bakura because he’s Ryou.

-Harry/Ryou must be independent, strong and smart.

-Ryou/Harry can be boy or girl.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 5: Yu-Gi-Oh!GX Crossover Fanfic challenge.

This fic must have Jaden in but can be based around any character…You can create a past for your favourite character using your favourite anime/book/film ect but try to make it realistic-ish (No Choosing say Jaden to be Yugi or Yusei ect)

-Jaden must be involved or at the very least mentioned.

-Your chosen character must have a secret past.(ie Jaden used to be say Harry Potter or Naruto)

-Must be at least 3 chapters long.

-Try not to put other Yu-Gi-Oh season characters as your chosen character for your characters past.

-Can have any Yu-Gi-Oh!GX characters in it.

-Pairings must not be one-sided.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 6: Naruto/Bleach crossover challenge.

The main character must be a reincarnated person from Bleach (i.e. Naruto is the Reincarnation of Ichigo, Gin or Grimmjow or Sasuke is the Reincarnation of Ulquilla or Aizen.) The Character you choose must regain the powers and memories of their past incarnation slowly, but you can have another incarnation as well if you are so inclined ie in-between his/her two lifes (Bleach life and Naruto life) they had another life.

-Your Character must be a reincarnation.

-Teams are however you wish as long as the Kohona 12 and Sand siblings are mentioned at least 3 times.

-Naruto can be boy or girl.

-Naruto is wearing a mask of happiness but only Naruto and Kyuubi knows unless you picked a different character then they know.

-Must be over 500 words.

-Kyuubi must be male & see Naruto as his Kit.

-No SasuNaru/ItaNaru/ItaSasu Pairings or one-sided pairings please.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 7: Winx Club Crossover Challenge.

The main character is secretly holding herself back because she’s ether a reincarnation or has a secret past.(ie Bloom is Fem!Harry Potter or is Fem!Ichigo or Stella is Ino or Icy is Bella Swan) Your main Character must accidentally reveal herself.

-Your character must be either a reincarnation or has a secret past.

-Your character is stronger than she shows(Can be either a Witch or a Fairy.)

-Must be set after 1st year.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 8: W.I.T.C.H. crossover challenge.

Will is a reincarnation/is smarter than she let’s on/is hiding who she is Other than being the head Guardian. She is adopted but doesn’t know.


-reincarnation/mask. Ie Will is Naruto or Bloom reincarnated or Will is hiding her IQ and skills.

-Will dislikes being the leader or hates the W.I.T.C.H. girls.

-W.I.T.C.H. is shocked when they find out(Can be a Bashing fic)

-No smut please!

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 9: Narnia Crossover Challenge.

Choose a person you like to write about and they will be Aslan in human form.

Aslan has both powers from Narnia and your chosen character eg Aslan is Harry Potter‘s animagus form or Aslan is Aizen’s punishment.


-Can be during or after The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

-LuSlan(Lucy/Aslan) pairing or EdSlan(Edward/Aslan) pairing if you don’t like LuSlan.

-Must be a long One-Shot or Two-Shot.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 10: One Piece/Harry Potter challenge: Shanks, Halk-eye Malhalk, Ace, Zoro(Or is it Zolo?) or Luffy is reincarnated/reborn as Harry.

Harry is a reincarnation of one of the D. Brothers, Zoro, Malhalk or Shanks and hides his brains(how smart he is) can be a character bashing fic but no bashing the D. brothers, Shanks, Malhalk, Zoro, Harry, Luna, Neville the Weasley Twins, Bill or Charlie!

-Must be Harry is the reincarnation of ether Shanks, Halk-eye Malhalk, Fire Fist Ace, Zoro or Luffy!

-If Harry is Ace, he must have Narcolepsy!

-If Harry is Shanks he must lose his arm at some point.

-Harry must have all powers from Previous incarnation once he remembers his past life(If you don‘t make him remember from birth).

-Harry can be boy or girl and/or a twin if you want.

-Harry can meet people from his past life.

-Luna, Neville the Weasley Twins, Bill and Charlie can be reincarnations too if you want.

-Must be at least 10 chapters.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 11: Fem!Harry Potter is Buttercup from (PPGZ) Power Puff Girls Z or Harry is Butch from RRBZ (Rowdy Rough Boys Z)

Harry is Buttercup or Butch. If Buttercup she is a meta-witch, if Butch he is a reincarnation.

-Buttercup or Butch is Harry. So Harry can be boy or girl.

-Harry has both his magic and Power Puff Girl/Rowdy Ruff Boys powers.

-Harry can be a twin/Triplet if you want.

-Harry is in at least 5th year.

-Must be a one-shot or a short fic.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 12: Dick Grayson is Naruto Uzumaki challenge.

Robin(Dick) from Young Justice then Teen Titans is secretly Naruto Uzumaki who was banished by Kohona, then de-aged by Kyuubi and sent back in time, becoming Richard Grayson.

-Dick is leader of the Titans when Kohona comes looking.

-Kyuubi isn’t in all the fic as he becomes or is absorbed.

-Naruto used a mask to hide the true him hence why he feels comftable in the Robin mask as Dick.

-Can be short story/one-shot.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 13: Harry Potter becomes Dick Grayson or Jason Todd challenge.

Dick or Jason is secretly Harry Potter. (If Dick (Robin) he’s from Young Justice and Teen Titans . If Jason (Red Hood) he’s from Young Justice and the Outlaws(Kori (Starfire), Red Arrow/Speedy (Roy) and Red Hood (Jason)) so ether way he knows Roy and Starfire.)

-Harry is Robin or Red Hood.


-Squib! or Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived! or Abandioned!Harry

-Please no Starfire/Robin pairings.

-Potter bashing is ok.

-Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore bashing welcome and encouraged.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 14: Harry Potter is RedX from Teen Titans Challenge.

Harry is RedX from Teen Titans. He’s in America because the Wizarding British community betrayed him causing him to flee. He’s a thief because 1 he’s bored, 2 he used to be a pick-pocket (and that’s why Vernon said Harry went to St Brutus’ School for hopeless criminal cases in book 3.) and 3 the Wizards wouldn’t expect it.

-Harry is the Super-Criminal/Thief/part-time hero RedX.

-Harry beat Voldemort but was betrayed.

-Harry is a black-belt.

-Harry can switch sides whenever he likes.

-Raven knows who he is by empathy and the fact RedX appeared at the same time Harry left Britain.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 15: Harry Potter is a Gwen or Ben Tenison(Ben 10) or Kevin Levin(Kevin 11)Challenge.

Harry is one of the Ben 10: Allen Force members but it can be set anytime between 10 years old to 15 years old.

-Harry is Gwen, Ben or Kevin.

-Harry is really strong but not god-like.

-Any pairings welcome.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 16: Naruto is Marik/Malik (Marik is the Yami!Malik…I think…most fics say he is.) or Ryou Bakura because he was Abandoned or Banished challenge.

Naruto is Malik or Ryou because ether he was abandoned in Demon Territory (Causing a random portal to take him to the outer world(Egypt or England) by his guard ANBU after a beating or he was banished.

-Naruto is Malik or Ryou.

-Abandoned/Banished Naruto.


-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 17: Seto Kiba is Harry Potter challenge.

Seto Kiba is Harry Potter, he left after ether 2nd year(age 12) or 3rd year(age 13) going Japan.

-Seto/Harry has an IQ of 120

-Seto isn’t as nasty/cold/cruel as in Yu-Gi-Oh! Because he is calmer.

-Mokaba is the only one to know Seto was Harry Potter.

-Seto remembers his past life through dreams hence he doesn‘t believe them.

-Seto is so good at chess because he used to play daily against Ron and saw Dumbledore’s manipulations.

-Yugi, Ryou and Marik are friends with Seto but the others aren’t, he only puts up with them because of Yugi.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 18: Seto Kiba is Jaden Yuki’s Father challenge.

Seto is Jaden’s dad but it’s a secret so Seto and the teachers aren’t accused of favouritism and so Jaden and his mother aren‘t kidnapped like Mokaba was always in YuGiOh!. The gang find out in 2nd year on the school trip. Jaden’s Neo-Spaceians are a birthday gift instead of the contest win.

-Seto is Jaden’s papa.

-Seto has a soft spot for Jaden, Mokaba and Jaden’s mother Yuki Kiba (This is where Jaden got his fake last name. Oh and I made Yuki Kiba was once Yuki Yuki because her parents weren‘t creative and I‘m tired) but no-one else.

-Jaden hides his intelligence.

-Pairings must be realistic.

-Chaz and Alexis must be White!Chaz and White!Alexis hen they find out on the Domino City trip.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 19: Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinnzel) is Fem!Harry Potter challenge.

Fem!Harry is Harley Quinn. Harri got bored of the Wizard!World or was banished so she changed her name to Harleen Quinnzel and got her diploma to be physiatrist in Arcum asylum, later becoming Harley Quinn.

-Harri is Harley.

-Joker doesn’t know her past but Poisson Ivy does.

-Set after the war.

-Joker and Ivy hate one another(Except in Young Justice) so try to make it hate.

-Ivy is like a big sister to Harri and Joker is her boyfriend unless you prefer Yuri(girl/girl love) so swap Ivy with Joker: girlfriend Ivy, best friend/brother/ex-boyfriend figure Joker.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 20: Black Cat: Train Heartnet is Harry Potter or Naruto Uzumaki challenge.

Train is Harry or Naruto somehow (Eg-1 Train is the reincarnation of Harry or Naruto or both. Eg-2 Harry or Naruto is a reincarnation of Train.) and he hates Creed. If Train is Harry he must have his magic, if Train is Naruto he must have Ninja skills ether way he must have his Black Cat skills.

-Train is ether Naruto or Harry or Ether Harry or Naruto is Train.

-Train is a older brother figure to Eve.

-Harry/Train/Naruto has skills from both/all lifes.

-Creed is Dark/Evil.(And in the Anime a creepy bloodthirsty stalker.)

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 21: Naruto Uzumaki is Harry Potter‘s past incarnation & they get reincarnated again once Harry(Naruto‘s reincarnation) dies.

Naruto becomes Harry Potter when he dies then once Harry dies he is again reincarnated but in this incarnation he remembers his other lifes.

-Reincarnation fic.

-Naruto, Harry and one other are the same person.

-All powers are carried into new life.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 22: Fem!Harry Potter is Poison Ivy challenge.

Harry is Poison Ivy. Harri got bored of the Wizard!World or was banished so she changed her name to Pamela Isliey and got her diploma to be a Plant Biologist, later becoming Poison Ivy.

-Harri is Ivy.

-She doesn’t know her past.

-Set after the war.

-Joker and Ivy hate one another(Except in Young Justice) so try to make it hate disgust (Joker abuses Harley in most cartoons and fics.)

-Harley Quinn is like a little sister to Harri.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 23: Shugo Chara/Naruto crossover challenge (Naruto is Ether Utau, Tadakaze or Rima, Sasuke can be Ikto and Sakura can be Amu.)

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are Shugo Chara characters. It can be Banishment/Reincarnation or whatever else you can think of. If you want Kakashi in it he can be the weird brown-haired Easter Company employee/Teacher at Amu’s school, the one with the broken inventor egg.

-Any characters from Naruto must have their ninja powers bided or locked.

-Naruto is a must include character!

-Amu is a ditz in the Anime(English dubbed) so anything you do to her just make her less ditzy.

-Tadakaze is really…funny(Yeh let’s go with that -_-’) in the British Anime but has fangirls make him more what fangirls like ie broody.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 24: A Death Note/Shugo Chara crossover challenge!

L has Shugo Chara! He’s always so…Apathic in most fics, so give him some Chara to reveal the real him. Other characters can have Shugo Chara too.

-L get’s Shugo chara.

-L will be less Apathic but still be a great detective.

-Light will be less insane.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 25: Death Note/Harry Potter crossover challenge.

L is Harry. (Through abandonment (by Dursley’s or Potter’s) or through reincarnation or he chose to go there.) L can go Hogwarts or he could go to another magic school. (A Better magic school would have non-magic classes at any level depending on IQ and test scores.)

-L is Harry.

-L is really smart in the anime so make him around that level.

-If Harry ran away from Hogwarts and became L he was ether hiding his intelligence, didn’t know how smart he was or had suppression blocks on both his magic and intelligence.

-L must be pale (like in the anime and manga.) and become frien-e-mies with Light.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 26: Fem!Harry is Catwoman challenge(Can be she was Patience Phillips(2004 catwoman.) or Selina Kyle(the 1st and remade multiple times catwoman.) or both.)

Harry is catwoman. Must be art-y. Must be thief/hero. Must have dark hair, blue-ish eyes(unless it’s Patience then the eyes are brown-ish) and long legs(gymnasts/runners/swimmers/ballerina build.)

-Harry is a girl.

-Catwoman is a thief/hero.

-Catwoman is a flirt.

-Techno-magic is welcome.

-Must speak Parseltongue.

-Can be clairvoyant if you wish.

-Can be a master at Legilimency and Occlumency.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 27: Three Days Grace/Naruto Challenge.

Three Days Grace(the band) in a Naruto fic or a Three Days Grace Music-fic (ie a one-shot of Naruto using a Three Days Grace song.)

-Three Days Grace music in a Naruto fic.

-Can be based off of the Youtube Naruto/Three Days Grace videos if you can get permission.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 28: Harry Potter/Winx Club crossover challenge.

Harry is in Winx Club(ie Harry is Rivin or Darcy or Techna.) or a Winx Character is in Hogwarts.

-Harry must be ether the main character or mentioned in passing.

-If Bloom dates any Hogwarts students she must be less goody-goody.

-Icy, Darcy and Stormy are my favourite characters so please include them!

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 29: Harri Potter is Fem!Salazar Slytherin challenge.

Harri is sent back in time and becomes Salazar (Sal) Slytherin or she is Sal’s reincarnation but everyone thinks Sal is a guy because she looked like her blood-adopted son and hid her gender due to discrimination (her son is the racist not her due to his real parents’ teachings)

-Harri is Salazar.

-Salazar hides her gender.

-The founders know everything if it’s time travel.

-Voldemort’s true ancestor was pure black hearted evil but he isn‘t.

-Salazar is good at potions, DaDa(Defence against Dark arts), Da(Dark arts), Charms, Wandless casting and weapons.

-Harri is secret friends with Draco, Blaze, Theo and Pansy because she knows Dumbledore is paying her ‘best friends’ Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Mrs Weasley to get close to her.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 30: Digimon/YuGiOh!GX challenge.

Jaden is TK from Digimon season’s 1 & 2. Jaden is hiding his intelligence. His GX friends find out about him being TK. His digidestined friends know he changed his name, as did Kari and Matt because a group of Dark Digimon and Dark Digidestined (dd) need all the crests from season 1’s dd and the others already lost theirs.

-Jaden is TK.

-Jaden’s past is catching up to him.

-Patamon can appear at any time because the digivices updated themselves to call Digimon partners from the digi-world to the digidestined.

-Kari, TK and Matt are called to help the others once the 2nd season dd’s save the others crests.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 31: Shugo Chara/YuGiOh!GX crossover challenge.

Jaden has Shugo Chara. His past is a secret but he wears a mask hiding the true him, hence why he has chara.

-Jaden has at least 1 chara.

-His past is a mystery until the gang find out after the shadow riders or during the field trip to Domino City.

-Jaden’s chara can be based on anything or anyone you think will suit him.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 32: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Catwoman/Batman crossover challenge.

Buffy becomes Catwoman. Bruce finds out that she was once a supernatural slayer. Buffy's friends drag her out of heaven in the show sometime after that everyone but Spike and Angel betray her hence why she becomes Catwoman after moving to New York (where she goes back to collage to do art) and changing her name to Patience Phillips then later becomes Catwoman for the 1st time because one of her bosses kills her, she then moves to Gotham becoming Selina Kyle then once again becomes Catwoman because she was again killed by her boss.

-Buffy is Catwoman.

-Angel and Spike are on Buffy's side no matter what.

-Buffy has 9 lifes like a cat but sometimes lies about how many times she has died.

-Scooby gang bashing welcome. (By the Scooby gang I mean the Slayerets)

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 33: Batman Returns (1992)/Catwoman (2004) crossover challenge.

Catwoman from both films is the same person just 12 years older (not that she looks it thanks to her powers)

-Catwoman is from both films but gains total temporary amnesia so she goes from Selina Kyle to Patience Phillips.

-Catwoman is a young PA in the 92 film and her age is 18 but is a art designer in a New York cosmetics company and her age is 30.

-Being Catwoman is how she regains her memories which she lost after electrocuting both herself and her boss, Mr Shriek.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 34: The Addams Family Crossover Challenge.

The Addams family adopt a character from another Film/TV show/Book/Anime/Manga/Comic.

-The adopted child (character) must become half Addams-ish half how they would be if they wasn't an Addams.

-The character must have special talents they wouldn't have if they wasn't adopted by the Addams family.

-The Family must accept him/her in their Addams-ish way.

-If you'd rather have the Character you chose be related by blood then you can.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 35: Sonic Underground/Sonic X crossover challenge.

Sonic is the Sonic from both Underground and X. Sonic has kept his being a prince a secret along with the fact he and Knuckles are old friends and that Sonic is a triplet. Sonic's medallion was stolen by Robotnik hence one of the reasons he still fights him. Knuckles knows Sonic from Sonic Underground and later meets Dr Eggman (Robotnik after he changed his name.) in person helping Sonic with beating him (if only to protect his chaos emeralds and the master emerald.)

-The Sonic X gang find out both Sonic's and Knuckles' pasts because Eggman dangles Sonic's royal Medallion.

-Sonic tells the full truth to the gang (including Shadow and Rouge) with help from Knuckles at his parts.

-Sonic shows them his full power.

-Or you could make it so Sonic X happened 1st so he has to explain to his siblings about his past when Robotnik uses his friends as bait and he gloats about finally opening Eggman Land. Only he changed it to Robotropolis.

-Sonic can be paired with anyone but his siblings.

-Sonia can be paired with Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge or Stipes (No Bartlebey/Sonia pairings please!)

-Manic can be paired with Amy, Rouge, Shadow, Knuckles or Tails.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 36: Sonic X/Underground and Harry Potter or Naruto crossover

Harry/Fem!Harry or one of team 7 is the reincarnation of Sonic which Sonic's medallion marks.

-Harry/Fem!Harry/Naruto/Sasuke or Sakura is Sonic's reincarnation.

-If Harry or Fem!Harry is Sonic then Harry gains his powers and memories during ether 2nd, 4th or 5th year.

-If one of team 7 is Sonic then they gain Sonic's powers ether on their wave mission, the 2nd exam or the invasion. (or if Naruto on the day he steals the forbidden scroll)

-The Sonic X/Underground gangs team up to find his new incarnation.

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

Challenge 37: Young Justice and Teen Titans crossover

Robin (Dick age 15) misses his old team (from when he was 13) and eventually gets distracted by this in a fight against Mad Mod (Or someone you want) and gets de-aged by 2 years. Raven having been in his head quickly calls Kid Flash (Wally) and Speedy (Roy) who help him and the past is slowly unravelled by the Titans, Titans East and Jinx.(You Can have it so his past is only revealed after he's re-aged because they are dragged to somewhere to watch Robin's Life from his 1st day as Robin to current events (Yes the team can see what Slade did to him) but Robin isn't happy till the Young Justice clips)

-Robin, Kid Flash and Speedy/Red Arrow are the main characters

-Robin's secrets come to light

-Robin is De-aged

-Robin's past is revealed

-Must have disclaimer somewhere.

-Please use spellcheck

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Crossover - Harry Potter & Vampire Diaries - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 39 - Words: 199,188 - Reviews: 3064 - Favs: 1,166 - Follows: 1,342 - Updated: 4/9 - Published: 7/31/2013 - Harry P., Klaus
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