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Hello people! Hey, Padfoot, did you ever notice that if you look at QK sideways, it looks like a ninja?

*tilts head sideways* OH MY GOD, IT DOES!

Hehehehe, she'll be amused for hours now. So we were going through and rereading our profile and WOW, we've changed. We're just a tiny bit more mature now. Maybe. We use better English at least!

No, we're more mature, by at least a little bit. At the very least, our humor has changed! I love going back, reading these moments and going... When did THAT happen??! LOL! So we're writing, yay us! And hopefully it'll be up before Christmas, so we can have some short stories as a Christmas present! Sorry if you don't celebrate Christmas, that's what we celebrate, but Merry Whatever won't offend you! :D

Merry Christmahaunakwanzica! Or, you know, happy Wednesday. Also, Padfoot would like me to tell you that I 've noticed that she uses better English than she used to. (Even though I still have to correct her a lot.) SO, yeah, there's a little update on us, now we're going to go write! Love ya!

Really quick, on twitter, if you use these hashtags for our stories, we'll follow you and like your post!

Spoiler: True To You #HT2U

Packaged Deal: #PKGDL

Reckless: #LyraRcklss

MJ universe: #MJUNIV

Problem with Potter: #PrbWPttr

So this makes us feel epic and famous, and like we're going somewhere in life... just, you know, for reference! :D have a great life, and we'll get back to you with True To You soon!


WE ARE NOW ON TWITTER!!! ...God help twitter... but I, Padfoot, will be the one most commonly talking on twitter. We all know how Prongs isn't very big with the technology thing. Ow! No Hitting! (Its because she's older!) But it'll have everything from update announcements, to just funny stuff that happens and we want to share, to just, well, the randomness of us, so you know it'll be entertaining. I know I'm not the best with English, and I'm sorry it will be me posting, I know you all love Prongs more because he actually updates *sheepish grin* I am working on my stuff but its slow going! So yeah, that's happening, and this is a long paragraph, and dinner is done so I'm going to eat now! Thanks hope you all subscribe! and tell your friends! We'll subscribe you back!

and here is our name:

Padfoot and Prongs



So we're bored...PRONGS!!! I WANT TACOS!!!

But YOU'RE hungry, why don't YOU make tacos?!?!

But, but, but...It's you! And you make the best tacos ever! ...we need to eat if we're going to not be hungry during the movie, and I dont feel like your stomach making dinasour noises while Will Smith is being funny!!!

But my dinasaur noises are awesome!!! It will add special effects to Men in Black 3. We're going to see it. Oh yeah, be jealous.

While I love Jeff, his noises are annoying! And even though the Men In Black(Oh yeah, be jealous) go back in time they dont go that far back! ...Did we ever figure out why nobody ever kills anyone with a mushroom? It's a pretty easy way to lay a guy out! Most people like their mushrooms.

I know and they'd be very hard to tell as poisonous! You know, if you and I decided to be criminals, the world would be screwed.

We should give the Fanfic world a heads up if we became criminals, that way they can be afraid, verry afraid! Lol! ...Between the two of us, we would have a plethera of ideas, and ways of not getting caught. Yeah, the world should fear this.

Yeeeeaaaah... Luckily for the world, we have morals. Mostly.

Yup...Mostly... And anyways, we gotto go to the movies! See you all later!

Bye, later gaters!


*Licks Padfoots elbow*



Hi, I'm Prongs, or James. No, i'm not telling you my real name. quit stalking me.

HEY!!! My name's Padfoot!!! For all you who say thats not a real name, for you!

the voices and i took a vote and it's unanimous; you suck. And just because i hear voices doen't mean i'm crazy. i'm... gifted. yeah, that's it.

So!! yes, we are actually two diffrent people, not just one person with tons of personalities,... not that that's bad or anything, that just makes us more diverse. WARNING: I CANT SPELL!!! so SHUT UP about it. WARNING: dont follow in my footsteps, i walk into walls.

he's not even kidding. once i saw him epically try to run at me, slip on the floor, fall flat on his face, then get up and do it again on purpose.

Oi!!!! The floor was slippery, and ... you know,... stuff! and they wanted to know what happened and i couldn't talk because i was laughing to much, so i just re-enacted it!!! DON'T JUDGE!!!! Oh yeah! I dont do grammer either, remember Prongs!!!! *slightly annoyed, but laughing anyways!!!* I'm Padfoot, I don't DO english, thats YOU remember!!! Oh, i also repeat my self, dont like it, for you!

well!!! (i could correct her spelling and stuff, but it's not worth the effort and i know a lost cause when i see one) anywho... OH!!! guess what?

WHAT!!!! Ooooo Ooooo Oooo!!! TELL ME!!! TELL ME!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPILL IT!!!!

we've got to go, so we'll talk to you later. keep scrolling to read the rest of our awesome profile. Peace homies, Prongs out!!!

WAIT!!!! WHAT?!?!?!? TELL ME WHAT!!!! PRONGS!!!!!!! ... PRONGS?!?!?!?!?!?! DONT LEAVE ME HANGING WITH THESE WIERD PEOPLE!!!!! (no offense to all you wierd people!!) JAMES POTTER DONT YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME!!!! TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!

*LAUGHS MANIACALLY* bye Padfoot!!!

NOOOO!!!!!! AT LEAST SHUT THE COMPUTER DOWN!!!!! YOU PAID ATTENTION IN MUGGLE STUDIES, I WAS BUSY PRANKING SNIVELLUS!!!! CRAP!!! I SAID THAT OUT LOUD!!! (can you tell i like exclamation points??? I get loud when aggitated/freaking out!!!)


Dear society,

If I start acting mature, that's all it'll ever be. Acting.

Sincerely, stuck in the tree.

*ahem* PADFOOT!!!!!!!!

WHAT!!!!! its fun in the tree!!!!!!


Jeff just SOUNDS like a made up name!


She's not getting eaten alive, she's getting clawed and bitten! There's a difference!

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