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Author has written 8 stories for Grand Chase, Inazuma Eleven/イナズマイレブン, World Only God Knows/神のみぞ知るセカイ, Fairy Fencer F, and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Hiyas! I'm not actually an anime lover, however I have great stories about them... so that being the case I am a Junior, or 3rd Year anyways thats it. Now I am a College Student in the Sophomore Level.

Previous Pen Names:

- Ghosthunter Slayer

- Ghosthunter Seihai-kun

- Seirei No Hai

- Seirei No Yomi



Comin soon... hue


Name: Saber

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: An image that has both hints of Sherman and Fang, he has well-toned skin, blondish-brown hair with extensions similar to Sherman's and swept up sides and bangs similar to Fang, often times, mistaken for the both of them. He has golden colored eyes and is quite tall.

Clothing: Golden hooded trenchcoat with black trim, underneath it is a black stiff suit with golden trim, he has black cargo pants and black military boots with golden trim, he has fingerless gloves.

Personality: Saber is a calm, super chill person. People would think he is awesome to hang out with and just might be the most friendly employee in the entire Titan's Throne Employment Campaign. Despite his authority as the Twinwielder and one of the "Three Titan Kings", he won't hesitate to just get down and say "Yo! How's it going!" To anyone he meets, that includes strangers.

In battle, he tends to be more focused and reserved, he mostly, strongly prefers working as a team despite his amazing strength to hold his own. Its probably the reason why he would like to go with friends elsewhere. If it were an opponent he didn't have any knowledge about he could just wait until he or she could reveal their entire skillset to him so he could formulate a plan to defeat him.

Towards the opposite sex, he tends to act like Sherman, although this is different to someone he actually likes, if he likes someone he would just revert back to his normal personality.

Skills (So Far): Lightning Blade - Wipes out a line of opponents in a single hit.

Magic (So Far): ???

Fairize Form: ???

Special Ability: ???

Fury (So Far): Kitana - Sword (Gladius)

Cerberus - ???

Background: No revelation on his childhood yet, but he was already working at Titan's Throne at such a young age.

Saber's Bonded Fairies (So Far)

Fairy Name: Kitana

Age: Looks like a 21 year old, but is actually 300.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Despite his gender, he looks like a female both from afar and at a close encounter, he has long blonde hair, beautifully fair skin, has brown eyes and is taller than Saber.

Clothing: Golden Butler's uniform but with a black undershirt and black tie.

Type of Fairy: Humanoid

Presiding Element: Lightning

Fairy Rank: S

Fury Forms (So Far): Sword (Gladius)

Owned by: Saber

Background: Spends time as his secretary, no revelation for his past as well.

Fairy Name: Cerberus

Age: ???

Gender: ???

Appearance: ???

Clothing: ???

Type of Fairy: ???

Presiding Element: ???

Fairy Rank: ???

Fury Forms (So Far): ???

Owned by: Saber

Background: ???

Name: Kairos

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Appearance: An adolescent with a medium muscular build, he's quite tall and has a bit of a tan skin. He has short blue hair, some of it were swept to the sides, and has navy-blue eyes.

Clothing: White formal coat with blue trim and black leather boots.

Personality: Kairos seems to be a workaholic, there isn't one side of him that likes to slack off at all... he just follows the routine of a dull person and carry it on like a loyal follower. Kairos doesn't seem like to like failures... he sees one failure he thinks he will fail forever, that would make him one arrogant bastard, In a trivial sense, he also seems to be quite thrifty and shows some dislikes to Lola's greedy nature, often finding ways to haggle with the little fairy.

Skills (So Far): ???

Magic (So Far): ???

Fairize Form: ???

Special Ability: ???

Fury (So Far): Unnamed, White Drake

Background: So far, he was already employed by Titan as a top-ranking Fencer. He even became one of the recruiters in Titan's Throne

Fairy Name: ???

Age: ???

Gender: ???

Appearance: A small white drake that has a little blue detail, resembling lightning and water synergizing together.

Clothing: ???

Type of Fairy: Bestial Fairy (Dragonkind)

Presiding Element: ???

Fairy Rank: ???

Fury Forms (So Far): ???

Owned by: Kairos

Background: ???

Name: Chira

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Appearance: A young girl with short red hair, but has a pony tail hanging from it nonetheless, her eyes are hot pink and she's shorter than Kairos.

Clothing: Black breastplate with checkered orange trim, she is also wearing leather boots and gauntlets.

Personality: Chira is peppy and cheerful, whoever she meets automatically will become friends with her, even enemies... though that depends if the enemies don't strike first, as a darker side of her hates those who betray the word of "Friendship". She can also be quite supportive, even to total strangers because that's her goal: Help Everyone Achieve. Though she's about to learn it the hard way sooner or later.

Skills (So Far): ???

Magic (So Far): ???

Fairize Form: ???

Special Ability: ???

Fury (So Far): Unnamed, Humanoid Fairy with long orange hair and orange eyes.

Background: So far, she was already employed by Titan as a top-ranking Fencer. She even became one of the recruiters in Titan's Throne

Fairy Name: ???

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Appearance: She looks human, heck she can even be compared to Eryn's standards. She has long bright orange hair and fiery colored eyes, her skin is fair and is quite taller than Eryn.

Clothing: A long red gown that's backless on the upper part, she wears red heels and red bracers, she even seems to have a necklace with the symbol of fire.

Type of Fairy: Humanoid Fairy

Presiding Element: ???

Fairy Rank: ???

Fury Forms (So Far): ???

Owned by: Chira

Background: ???

Name: Rae Alice

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Appearance: A beautiful girl with tan-white skin, a large bust and bun size, has a slender body build, long dark blonde hair with a part of it tied to a black ribbon in the form of a pony-tail and has dark yellow eyes.

Clothing: White sleveless overcoat with golden trim, white shorts, iron boots, and fingerless gloves.

Personality: Rae tends to be late all the time, she is never one to be punctual, if at all she just barely makes it and complains afterwards. Rae is also seen to be very patient, in fact, superbly temperamental.

Skills (So Far): ???

Magic (So Far): ???

Fairize Form: ???

Special Ability: ???

Fury (So Far): ???

Background: She was a novice swordslady who wanted to become a Fencer badly, it was hinted she tried at Dorfa but was rejected immediately, now she seeks employment with Titan.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Fic Characters

Sankasha Nanoko (Role: Protagonist of Surviving Gamindustri)

"I don’t know what the hell is going on, I’m freaking out, and I want to go home for many reasons! First on the list being I might get scolded for sneaking out of the house!"

Birthday: February 14

Age: 16 years old.

Gender: Female

HT: 171 cm (5'6")

WT: 35 kg (77 lbs)

Bust: 80 cm (B-Cup)

Waist: 60 cm

Hips: 75 cm

Blood Type: AB.

Laterality: Ambidextrous

Species: Human From Beyond the Fourth Wall - Earth

Nation: From Japan on Earth, still looking in Gamindustri

Occupation: None

Appearance: (From her perspective)

“It seems I still had these girly headphones on -they were way too pink for me for my taste- so I took them off and wrapped them around my neck, which also had a red collar that I like, since it’s stylish and keeps my neck warm. I was currently wearing a light brown jacket with thick red lines in the middle, I rolled up the sleeves all the way up to my elbow because it had this “boyish” flair and it complements the “cute girl in boy’s clothing” ideal I had going with my classmates, underneath the jacket is a white blouse that I really like and the one I got last year on Christmas Day, I am wearing pleated shorts, a pair of long black socks and I am wearing black sneakers with white trim, that glows different colors ranging from red to violet in the dark. The designs on the fabric of my sneakers had controller pads in different colors.”

Weapons: None

Skills: None


  • 1x Gamindustri Journal

  • Personality:

    Nanoko has the semi-cold highschool girl feel to her, enjoying life to the fullest while still following rules, this is easily achieved by her rich nature as owner of the Sankasha Family Apartments while their parents are taking double jobs at Idea Factory at Compile Heart. Her big brother Sai is in charge of the Apartments Complex whenever they were out.

    Nanoko possesses useful traits applied in her community and is known to be a hardworking, smart, and capable person.She is also, self-righteous, and short-tempered, She is bold, straightforward and also loves eating food, especially roasted corn and meat. She can also be quite the gamer despite her hardworking attitude, not rivaling Vert’s but certainly overpowering everyone else.

    A persona that anyone could use as weakness would be her sense of adventure and curiosity of new things around Gamindustri and/or presenting an impossibility in front of her.

    Crush: None.


    Sankasha Nanoko was born to a family of gamers brother to Sai, who doesn’t show the same sort of “public access” of gaming and instead would like to show off his seemingly indirect narcissism towards his peers, father and mother to Shiso and Shirei respectively. As a child, she seems to enjoy games as soon as she was introduced to a console, further progressing to the PC. As she grew, she was being rebellious, slobbish, and overall a total jerk fortunately it took her little time to realize what she had done due to the moral strain and guilt that she faces afterward.

    In her current age as a first year in highschool, she had made friends with several gamer boys and other girls that respect her for being honest.

    In the story, she finds that she was bored one day on a weekend afternoon and decided to play with her brother, upon finding that he wasn’t there she took it upon herself to try the “perverted” games he plays to see if it actually has any good values to his morals taking the mysteriously placed game instead of the others messed up all around inside his room, eventually she was electrocuted with an unusual amount of electricity from the PC’s power button causing her to collapse on the floor for several hours until her brother found her.

    It was later that when she slept, she woke up on a dead dogoo and was found in a different world.

    Kiseijou Jiyu (Role: Protagonist of Fusei Watch Dogs)

    “They call me Kiseijou Jiyu, and I plan to bring Tari from the ground up, even if it means using scum to take out worse people."

    Kiseijou Jiyu is a recently turned CPU when a small subset of the population from each nation got bored of just running around four nations and wanted something more. Because of their wishes and faith in another CPU from a very old nation, a burst of Share Energy fills Kiseijou Jiyu, who is known as their ideal CPU in mind and body. Before long, she had already established a small nation in between Lowee and Planeptune further up north using salvageable material from the Atari Marsh dungeons surrounding both nations. She rebuilt a smaller portion of Tari after recognizing the symbol and name as they built it from the ground up.

    Her Basilicom is what used to be LAN Castle (now improved) and there are only two cities, one which was formerly known as the Creator Town route in the V II game now became Creator City and the other is known as Starter Village. The population is quite small but it’s growing at a normal, healthy rate. The Share Output surrounding this nation is much, much smaller than any of the existing nations around the Continent they stand on.

    Like certain CPUs, Jiyu has her own ability: To manipulate Shares she currently owns and gains from the faith of her people and to detect Share Energy Output in various locations with just mere eyesight, think of it like a “third eye” of sorts or like a metal detector.

    Profile - Jiyu

    Gender: Female

    Height: 161cm

    Weight: 40kg

    Three-Sizes: B85-W60-H83

    Cup: Near C

    Race: Console Patron Unit (CPU)

    Weapon: Bow and Arrow (Base Form) and Compound Tek Bow and Arrow (HDD)


    Human - Jiyu has thin white swaying hair with blue highlights near the very edges of the tips of her hair tied in small ribbons by the sides of her face, with the back of it tied into a barely seen pony tail and icy blue eyes. She has fair white skin which seems to glow around sunlight emanating beauty from her face. Her attire consists of a short white vest showing off her midriff and a small gap that reveals her bosom from the sides. Over it is a thin, black hoodie with a matching long, black scarf with a blue trim that surrounds the inner parts of the fabric. She keeps the lower parts of it unbuttoned except the collar portion. She wears a pair of black fingerless gloves and seem to wear black underwear, given the long straps stretching out of her hotpants. She also has bands around her thighs as well as a pair of shin guards. For footwear, she wears long boots with a golden trim.

    CPU - Wouldn't you like to know?

    Personality: With a short-temper and an intolerance for disorder, Jiyu is easily the most volatile CPU of the Hyper Dimension (at least she thinks she is). She tends to use vulgar language and speaks with masculine expressions in order to maintain a powerful appearance, sometimes even using the strict mother or big sister approach.

    Despite her rough edges, Jiyu is very considerate to those she likes; always looking out for their best interests, and, though she doesn't like to show it, Jiyu greatly treasures her friends and would be willing to sacrifice her own happiness to keep what they have together. When dealing with a problem, Jiyu typically chooses to take a very direct approach to solve it, making it a challenge for her to deal with delicate situations. Jiyu is also a naturally distrustful person and worries that the other CPUs might just be playing nice to get on her good side and get intel on what her nation has despite the rebuilt Tari being small and less of a threat to the others, she thinks that letting down her guard against them is a death wish anyway.

    Behind her front of arrogance and self-assurance, Jiyu has proven to have a ‘dere’ side. This is largely attributed to her distrustful nature. While she did want to have true friends to hang out and talk about, she’s actually pretty awkward about the things she does, similar to Noire’s secret of cosplaying but it doesn’t really matter at this point with the CPU of Lastation. She also dislikes being compared or related to any sort of warlord or dictator out there thinking she's "her own version of a good dictator".

    During combat, she tends to stay as far from the battlefield as possible and look for a possible vantage point or hiding spot or both in which she can pick off enemies from afar without being spotted so easily. She usually sticks to darkness or the shadows of buildings (especially night time where her “Share Detector” is of great use) to ambush or hide from pursuers that might track her down. She is just an archer after all. She is also analytic and cunning. Even from her current spot she can calculate which spots to pick off first and which could cause a chain reaction, unlike Uni… her attacks always hit albeit slower than the CPU Candidate's firing rate.

    Affiliation: Tari

    Base of Operations: LAN Castle - Tari Basilicom

    Relationships - Jiyu

  • She currently has no established relationships with anyone but her NPC father
  • SP Moves

  • Focus (STR, DEX and TEC increase) - “No lag, no hesitation, no hiccups.”
  • A unique skill used by Jiyu wherein she increases her Strength, Dexterity and Technical stats as well as a useable Share Gauge (which is a thin, crystalline arc that appears on the right side of the reticule to which Neptune might bother to point out) which works like a timer whenever she aims at an opponent. The world around her slightly slowed down in order for her to have a grasp on which targets to pick. Can also be used with other skills. Current timer is sixty seconds which also means two posts after it was activated. When the Share Gauge is gone, she loses her stat benefits as well.

  • Crippling Shot (Break Skill, MOV and AGI decrease, Paralysis or Stun Chance) - “Where the hell are you going? No one escapes my arrows.”
  • A small, light blue, rune appears just a few inches from the front of her right eye as some sort of aiming reticule/scope that can magnify someone’s sight. She creates an arrow with four hooks as its end and lets loose on one of her opponents, breaking their guard and decreasing their Movement and Agility stats as well as gaining a chance of Paralysis or Stun. With Focus, the chance for Paralysis and Stun increases by ten percent.

  • Shining Arrow (Light Damage) (AoE) - “Heretics, be gone!”
  • Jiyu runs toward an endless landscape before leaping off a rock formation of a ramp and lets loose an arrow in mid air. When it hits the ground, a large circular rune is formed and a pillar of holy light follows, dealing AoE as well if there are enemies in range. With Focus, she can let loose several beams of light from the sky to rain down her enemies with missile-like explosions.

  • SP Siphoning (SP Stealing) - “I’ll put your points to good use.”
  • Jiyu shoots a faintly lit arrow towards one of her opponents and while it cannot deal damage, it absorbs the SP it holds and will continue to absorb unless the faintly lit line from the arrow’s tail is cut by any sort of attack. With Focus, this can stack up to four times.

  • Skill Cager (Chance of Skill Sealing) - “Stop spamming your stupid skills. I’ll make sure you won’t use them ever again.”
  • Jiyu materializes an arrow with celestial chains made of Share Energy, drawing all the way back and hitting the opponent straight through. There’s a likely chance for skill sealing as the damage dealt by this is lower than even the Combo Attacks. With Focus, the Skill Cager’s damage increases by twice its original attack and increases the chance to Skill Seal.

  • Deadeye (Increases Critical Rate by 50%) - “One shot, one kill.”
  • Jiyu’s eyes glow a bright red, hinting a significant increase in her Critical Damage and its chances. This can also be used with skills, however, unlike Focus… this can only be used once after every shot. If she misses, she might have to start her Deadeye all over again but this is highly unlikely.

    EXE Drives

  • [EXE Drive Level 1] Law and Order: Righteous Judgement (AoE) (Light Damage) (INT and MEN decrease) - “Silence, criminals. Judgement is upon you, prepare to suffer.”
  • Jiyu shoots four arrows in the form of a baseball diamond before planting her hand to the ground. A trail of Share Energy bursting forth to form a prism around the enemies encased in it. She creates several runes around the prism to shoot rounds of arrows from every one of them, passing through the prism and attacking the opponents inside as they fly in and out of said prism. The attackers trapped in cannot escape. If it’s a boss, the finale is her summoning a large rune from above and create an arrow rain as she charges an arrow full of Share Energy, letting it loose on the prism and breaking it apart along with whatever was inside. With Focus, Skill Seal chance is possible.

    Story - Jiyu

    Kiseijou Jiyu is not the illegitimate daughter nor is she really related to Kiseijou Rei in any way. She is actually an only child to a single father living in the outskirts of Lowee where the forest blooms a bright green. They are a poor family and she hadn’t really seen her mother until she passed away, however, they are a humble family and that’s all that matters.

    Her father was considerate of her to stay around and help. Because of this, they have to hunt their own food and grow their own crops to eat healthily. They barely earn enough to keep up with today’s technology but it was all for her and her education in Gamacademi.

    No one really bullied her until she graduated. It was during that time where Share Energy flowed into her during her birthday, signifying her status as a CPU. Her father became a devout follower who’s proud of her daughter and respects her like a CPU. She returns the favor by meeting with the many people who put her faith into her and built a nation around LAN Castle which lies in between Planeptune and Lowee.

    Their nation may be small, but whenever she’s in a pinch. Her father would always be there to guide her correctly in her leading of the nation. She has yet to meet any CPUs or face any threats, and she already has the attitude of what a Goddess should be.

    Of course, this was before she met her ragtag team of troublemakers...

    Seigneun (Role: Protagonist of Fusei Watch Dogs)

    “I love fighting, it’s the only thing I know for real." - Seigneun

    Profile - Seigneun

    Gender: Male

    Human Form

    Height: ???

    Weight: ???

    Viral Form

    Height: 168cm

    Weight: 52kg

    Race: Viral - Console Pretender Unit (Jashin)

    Weapon: Nodachi and Gauntlets

    Personification: Fictitious Virus that takes the form of a console’s processing.


    Human Form - ???

    Viral Form - Seigneun becomes significantly taller, his hair lengthening downwards and ends near his back. His eyes have a pinkish hue and its pupils will be replaced with broken power buttons. Depending on the Processor he hijacks, his entire body will be covered in black base or white base followed by some mechanical armaments that cover his elbows, kneecaps, heels, and torso. In some cases, he can hold this form with his normal reddish-pink eyes.


    Human Form: ???

    Viral Form: Fighting is all this man ever thinks about 24/7. It’s almost impossible for him to take a break or kick back to relax. Once he finds someone capable of fighting with any weapon they may desire he would always challenge him on a one on one. He cannot fight against numbers and is basically his weakness.

    Despite his fighting obsession, he is also known to be mischievous when the situation calls for it or when he can’t find someone who can’t punch a tree for more than an hour.

    Affiliation: Tari

    Base of Operations: LAN Castle - Tari Basilicom

    Relationships - Seigneun

  • Kuuhaku (Little Brother)

  • - Waking up beside a broken tube, these two recognized each other as brothers. While Seigneun may have a vague purpose in life, his little brother does not. Because of this he chooses to stick around until he finds his true purpose, these two will be a makeshift family till the end.

    SP Moves

  • Inverse Cross Reversal (Unarmed and Nodachi) - This is strictly a counter move. Seigneun’s main go-to is that whoever tries to block his attack or vice versa will force him to overshoot his target, summoning a booster circle for him to land on and launch himself back to his opponent upside down followed by two intersecting streaks of electricity in the form of a cross.

  • Nodachi Gaeshi (Nodachi) - A charge attack. Seigneun sheathes the nodachi before it suddenly bursts a pinkish aura. In a flash of speed, he draws it quickly from behind for an overhead slash. This results in a critical or fatal blow to the head.

  • EXE Drives

    Story - Seigneun

    [1st Arc] - Seigneun has little to nothing about what just happened. “Born” inside a liquid-filled tube that was nearly destroyed. The Viral woke up with only one purpose. To fight. When does it end? He does not know. All he does know is that he and his brother were born in the same place, they both left and blended in society from then on out.

    Then of course, he had to pick a fight with every capable fighter on the streets of the city he walked in: Planeptune.

    Real Name: Clandarrlo Silay

    Age: 20

    School: N/A not gonna reveal it to ya haha :p

    Grade: COLLEGE BRO!


    Movies: Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, Half Past Dead 2, Disaster Movie, National Security, Transformers 2, Battle: Los Angeles, Sucker Punch (hot chicks ;D), Thor, Fast and Furious 5, Spiderman 3, Dragonball Evolution, X-Men Origins, X-Men First Class

    Anime: Rave, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Fairy Musketeers, Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Sonic X, Sonic X 2, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Chrono Crusade, Bakugan: New Vestroia, Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Eleven Go, Zoids: Genesis, Baka and Test Summon The Beasts

    Cartoon: Chowder (xD), Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, Futurama, The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Jimmy Two-Shoes

    Reality Shows: Animal Planet, NBA, WWE, MTV, MYX

    Games: AQW, PTRO, HeroSmash, GetAmped 2, Prince of Persia Series, Grand Chase, Elsword, Fists of Fu, Destiny Online, Flyff, Halo 3, Spore series and expansions, Tales of Symphonia, Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2013 Xtreme, Assassin's Creed all series, Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs


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