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Author has written 7 stories for Grand Chase, Gaia Online, Inazuma Eleven/イナズマイレブン, and World Only God Knows/神のみぞ知るセカイ.

Hiyas! I'm not actually an anime lover, however I have great stories about them... so that being the case I am a Junior, or 3rd Year anyways thats it...

Grand Chase OCs (Changed them to 1st Jobs, except for ordinary GC characters they 4th Job)

Note: Soulers can switch classes as long as their are classes with the "Soul" as a preword.

Name: Ace Slayer

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Human Immortal

Favorite Activities: Socializing, Adventure, Jenelle

Pet Peeves: The Forces of Pure Evil

Appearance: Hair of Yoh Asakura, Red Eyes, White Skin.

Clothing: Black Sweater with Orange Dragon Outlines, Black Thick Pants with Orange Dragon Outlines, and Black Sneakers with Orange Dragon Heads, Black Fingerless gloves.

Home: Bermesiah, Bermesian Villas

Attitude: Mr. Sophisticated


1st Job: Blader - Luna Twin Blades

2nd Job: ??? - ???

3rd Job: ??? - ???

4th Job: ??? - ???


1st Job:

Lying Moon - He disappears and reappears out of nowhere striking the enemy.

Clockwork Aegis - Summons a giant stopwatch that when hit, mimics the attack of an enemy but more stronger.

Time Stop - Stop time for one minute...

Dawn of Time - When the full moon appears it's energy is forged within the blades.

Luna's Blessing (Passive) - greatly increases attack and defense during dusk to night.

Life Story: As a young boy full of talents and such, he has a very big interest about the moon and it's darkness, as he grew older he adapted to the dark environment, his parents were happy to see their boy.

As he reached the age of 15, he went out of their home continent, and went to the most prestigious university: AIU... there he learned how to manipulate time and darkness itself, he met Kazuya, Theon, and Jenelle. Together they were in one group to explore the regions keeping time to prosper.

When he graduated with his friends, Jenelle left the group and went back to her hometown, while the three of them went on to find their perfect lives in Bermesiah. While trekking on towns and woods, they have seen a poster saying "Grand Chase, Chase Out Evil, Keep Grand Peace, now Recruiting" this gave ideas to the three, and where they met with the whole Grand Chase was at an inn...

As Elesis and he team got attacked by the Forbidden the second time, he, Kazuya, and Theon showed them what they got, combination of immense power and teamwork they are accepted in the Grand Chase, as gratitude.

Name: Torn Soulfiend

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Half-Breed?

Favorite Activities: Picking Up A Fight.

Pet Peeves: Annoyance

Appearance: Blue Psychosis Hairstyle, right eye is maroon, left eye is fanged and green but has a really long scar from head to bottom cheek, a bit tan skin.

Clothing: Blue Sharp-Tipped Long Vest Jacket, Dark Blue Shirt, Black Belt with Sapphire Gems, Black Finger-Less Gloves, Blue Thick Pants, Blue Shoes, with Sapphire Gems.

Home: Unknown

Attitude: The Serious One, No Smile Guy


1st Job: Souler - Demonus

2nd Job: ??? - ???

3rd Job: ??? - ???

4th Job: ??? - ???


1st Job:

Soul Taker

Void Scratch: His claw glows violet, it's scratch is poisonous that it can kill a person in three minutes.

Void Portal - Summons soultakers to assist him.

Speedy - Increases speed and evade.

Soultake - Crushes a person's oul to bits.
Doomify - Turns a VILLAGER into a soultaker (works once every month)

Green Scarred Eye Soultake - Summons scarred deomonic hands to grab each and everyone's soul in a large range. Works when all souls in that range have been crushed

Soul Weaver

Enslave - Stuns the enemy in chains.

Overkill - Barrage of slashes from the spirit looms, lasts until the enemy is dead, but will tire out one soulweaver (except for this one)

Lightning Blade - (Not the kakashi thing!) Literally summons a black samurai blade dealing two hits one for physical, one for lightning.

Green Scarred Eye Weave - The soulweaver special, he uses his scarred green eye as an enhance ment of speed, strength, intelligence, and evade. This lasts until the enemy is completely dead.

Soul Reaper

Grim Assault : Instantly appeared behind his opponent

Shackles : Bind his enemy with chains that are coming from out of nowhere, canceling all modes, abilities, and effects. Only last for 4 to 9 seconds.

Grim Reaper : Unleash an invisible (while dashing only) quick dash to the front (around 3 - 7 steps), knocking his enemy to the air with a really strong one-hit-critical-guard-breaking-attack (unblockable) (This is Unknown to him for now) (Given by ChaosSeeker)

His Life Story: It is unknown what his age was. All he remembered was waking up on the center of a Souler Symbol, and talked to his demonic hand.

As a hybrid, he was treated like an outcast by many people in towns and out, and so forth people started making myths about him, making him wonder what his true purpose was. Not long until he met two other people who appreciate him as a friend, but somehow turned them into Soul Takers due to their strong friendship, he starts invading the towns who hated him and turned them all into his own army of the Underworld, this made his own Empire that outruns and outshines all other empires in the inner underworld, SoulTaker Empire was called, allied with the Burning Canyon, Crimson River, and the Haros. And all he needs for the invasion of the Surface was nothing more then "Human Blood"

As he carried out the missions of gathering the blood, he then saw a girl in black hair that is tied to a pony-tail, wearing a yellow kunoichi suit and red eyes, and she wanted to be friends with him, Maya Slayer was the first true friend of Torn, followed by Ace whom she introduced.

As the first attack against Xenia goes on, he has been caught because of his too obvious plan, and was Exiled from the realm where he will never see daylight.

He started thinking about it, all the attacks, and joined the Grand Chase by the friendly advice of Ace and Maya. But he will not last long in his standard state.

Name: Kazuya

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Race: Human

Appearance: Black Medium Messy Hair, Spiky at the back, and black-gray eyes, white skin.

Home: Bermesiah, somewhere near a dragon cave.

Clothing: White Shirt, White Jacket, White Camo Pants, Black Finger-Less gloves, Black Boots.

Attitude: Mr. Sophisticated, Alpha Jock, Sensitive (Miragine)


1st Job: Beast King - Rapidz (Dragon Gloves of Drakmuk)

2nd Job: ??? - ???

3rd Job: ??? - ???

4th Job: ??? - ???


1st Job:


Dragon Scratch - stuns the enemy and it life leeches.

Split Fire Dragon Breath - a normal fire breath splits into three

Burning Rampage(Passive) - has burning aura and it increase his defense and attacks especially the buffs.

Ignited Blow - slams his opponent down to ground giving a huge explosion that can be seen from afar.

Metamorphosis - transforms into a 4-winged dragon of flames (Drakmuk is one of them)

Dragon (2-winged):

Super Dragon Slash - stronger than any dragon slash and its a one hit kill.

Super Dragon Breath - a very pwerful dragon breath, blue in color.

Dragon Sight(Passive) - his sees his opponents strengths and weaknesses.

Super Fire Blast - realeases a giant fireball that explodes on contact dealing high double damage, in blue color.

Skill possible to turn into dragon: Morph

Dragon (4-winged):

Scaling(Passive) - turns bigger and armors itself.

Supreme Dragon Breath - an ultiamtely powerful breath that can destroy the environment, in green this time.

Flaming Air Boom: Burns his opponent then slams his down the ground giving 100% of death to enemies

Tornado of Flames - breaths and flies around the sky making a giant ring of green fire killing enemies slowly.

His Life Story: Abused harsly by his former parents, he had no choice but to kill them himself with a kitchen knife, and he felt devastated on what he did. He decided to run away, no food, no clothes, no water, no money.

He started off as a beggar, asking money from other people for two years, and has not succeeded due to the horrible comments they made, as a mid-child, he became a street urchin and was wanted Alive so the king could torture him, eventually as a pre-teen he got captured and sent to the king for execution.

When the execution has commenced a guard came in screaming the words: Dragon! And yes there was, a giant black dragon with yellow eyes, the legendary Drakmuk, he destroyed the kingdom and grabbed the boy. As they looked into each other's eyes. The dragon talked to him and told him of great power and responsibility.

As he aged he had become a Beast King of the Dragons, and had a father he always dreamed of. He soon went to AIU and joined Ace's group eventually joining the Grand Chase along with him.

Name: Theon

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Human

Appearance: Messy brown hair and black eyes.

Home: Bermesiah, Military Camp

Clothing: Wears a gray nazi uniform.

Attitude: Responsible


1st Job: Void Gunner - Void Rifle

2nd Job: ??? - ???

3rd Job: ??? - ???

4th Job: ??? - ???


1st Job:

Black Spit Fire - Shoots a long line of dark energy and summons a portal for easier targeting, can shoot in five ways.

Black Hole Shot - Charges up the shot ready to form a small black hole.

Void Transport - Shoots himself and transports him to a place where his mind depends on.

Leader of Duty - Passive skill giving him and his team morale.

His Life Story: Leader of a squad and member of Ace's own AI squad, he became the Stealthy Agent of both groups. When he was young he once used guns to defend his home, as they were the richest, and criminals are after them. As he grew older, the master of Time, Gorz, was impressed and told him, and his group to join Grand Chase, a group chasing out evil and bringing in good.

Name: Maya Slayer

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Race: Angel

Appearance: Black hair that is pony-tailed, and has red eyes, with a bit of pale skin.

Home: Bermesiah, Bermesian Villas

Clothing: Wears a yellow kunoichi suit.

Attitude: Pure Priestess


1st Job: Lightwielder - Double Sun Blades

2nd Job: ??? - ???

3rd Job: ??? - ???

4th Job: ??? - ???


1st Job:

Shining Strike: literally blinds the enemy by bringing the sun rays to them.

Light Combo: a super-fast combo using reflex and elegance.

True Blessing: can raise the defenses of EVERY ally in the battlefield.

A Thousand Suns: 1000 clones slash and dash every enemy in the battlefield (costs 50% of her health)

Her Life Story: She fell off the sky around the time Ace had reached the age of a two year old. She is the brother of the Time Fighter Ace Slayer, apparently she's a minor in time and history. So she studied healing and living things. She metTorn in a manner in which he was drawing the landscape of Bermesiah. Shefound out he had no friends before, but she agreed to be true friends with him(even though she is friends with bad people like jocks and popular kids) shedonated her metal pen which she made out of iron and smelted silver and gaveit to him. She was also chosen to choose 2 orbs. But she chose an opposite side of Torn's orbs. the 2 orbs of the highlanders, namely Innocence and Freedom.


Comin soon... hue

Real Name: Clandarrlo Silay

Age: 18

School: N/A not gonna reveal it to ya haha :p



Movies: Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, Half Past Dead 2, Disaster Movie, National Security, Transformers 2, Battle: Los Angeles, Sucker Punch (hot chicks ;D), Thor, Fast and Furious 5, Spiderman 3, Dragonball Evolution, X-Men Origins, X-Men First Class

Anime: Rave, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Fairy Musketeers, Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Sonic X, Sonic X 2, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Chrono Crusade, Bakugan: New Vestroia, Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Eleven Go, Zoids: Genesis, Baka and Test Summon The Beasts

Cartoon: Chowder (xD), Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, Futurama, The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Jimmy Two-Shoes

Reality Shows: Animal Planet, NBA, WWE, MTV, MYX

Games: AQW, PTRO, HeroSmash, GetAmped 2, Prince of Persia Series, Grand Chase, Elsword, Fists of Fu, Destiny Online, Flyff, Halo 3, Spore series and expansions, Tales of Symphonia, Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2013 Xtreme, Assassin's Creed all series, Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs


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