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My name is Alexandria and I am 21 years old. Recently switched from a psychology degree to a nursing degree. I figured that pretty much everyone in the world could be classified as insane and even those clinically insane can live 'normal,' happy and healthy lives. However there is a significant amount of people in the world who do not have access to proper healthcare or have no knowledge about receiving medicine. I hope one day to go to such destitute places as either a paediatric nurse or a midwife to help women and children in need.

I am a feminist, though my writings may seem contradictory to that. I happen to like writing a lot about women getting knocked up by accident. Not the strong sort of feminist woman you'd think was in my stories. Not someone who is strong, 'smart' or vigilant. I prefer to write things based on reality. And reality tells me that most people don't gain strength or vigilance without some form of suffering or a mistake.

Either that or I write about women stuck in emotionally abusive relationships. Again, seems contradictory to what I believe in, however I stress the importance of gaining strength and courage through some form of suffering. One of life's important lessons.

I couple this in my stories with my love for midwifery, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Mothers are a force to be reckoned with and would do almost anything for their children. Partly why I love Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones so much. Incestuous, bitchy and turns into Satan himself when her children are threatened. Plus her actress is just plain beautiful.

My current interests are:


Game of Thrones


In Time

The Pairings I ship for FFVII

Aerith/Sephiroth- I noticed in fandom and I think this applies to reality as well-is the knack for fans (particularly female) to pair the most unlikely characters. I don't know if it is something masochistic within us, but pairing a woman with the man who killed her and destroyed the life of her lover (Zack) is very tedious. Still though, real relationships bear testament to that fact. It takes a woman an average of seven years to leave an abusive relationship. But I am not a misander. Women abuse men too, though I have no idea how long it takes men to leave a relationship. How this applies to Aerith and Sephiroth? They are polar opposites. Light and darkness. She is everything he is not and he has everything she does not. I also think when it comes to the psychoanalytic approach, Sephiroth has an Oedipus Rex complex. I view Aerith as a motherly figure. Indeed she is in many of her personality characteristics. Kind, loving, caring (though I think people underestimate her. She is strong in her own way and can be deceitful). So it would make sense to me that he could find affection with someone like Aerith since she embodies everything he never had as well as him having this complex. Seeing Sephiroth as someone who loves crushing something weak, I could also see him protect something that he perceives as weak and fragile if he is fond of it or them. Though to be honest, placing Aerith and Sephiroth in any real relationship, I still think Sephiroth would be somewhat cold, intolerant of any form of betrayal or infidelity, very suspicious and paranoid of his partner, but also very controlling. I think an inferiority and superiority complex would come into play here as well.

Tseng/Aerith-This one is relatively new to me, but I have decided I love it. Tseng has known Aerith for most of her life and it seems he even protected her from the Shinra Company. I think it would be both easy and hard to pair them together. Easy because Tseng genuinely cares about her, but hard because of where their loyalties lie. I wouldn't put it past Aerith to take advantage of him and use him to assure her own safety, but at the same time I can see her returning his feelings. Yes he slapped her and not that I support girl bashing, but I do look at things in context. He has spent years protecting her, loving her, shielding her; probably with the intentions to have her willingly tell the Company about the Promised Land. How does she repay his devotion and putting his neck on the line? By joining and aiding a terrorist organization and going as so far to call out for them at the helicopter when he captured her. Considering the events of Before Crisis and how it all leads up to the climax to the beginnings of FF7, I'd say he was suffering from an immense amount of stress, frustration and pressure. His whole organization was nearly wiped out, Veld and Elfe were almost killed and the previous Avalanche nearly destroyed the world. Call me lame, but I think Aerith's betrayal was a shot in the balls and he just snapped. That being said, as far as a possible relationship is concerned, I think he needed someone-some other aspect of life to take away the diabolical and stressful nature of his job. I even have that view for Veld who was the previous head of the Turks. Even he had a family. I am sure when it comes down to it, Tseng is always someone who does his duties even if he knocks someone up (bear that in mind for another one of my future unwanted pregnancy stories).

Shelke/Nero-There is just too much I want to write down to ship this pair. There is so much mystery between them and their interactions. I have no doubt in my mind that they were close. When I have time, I'll write a nice chunk for this pair.

Game of Thrones:

Sansa/Sandor-I myself have not read all the books, but there is definitely something there between them. While I write them romantically, as far as canon is concerned I think Sandor's affections for her bear something closer to sibling. He himself was tortured and suffered tremendously as a child. Unjustly so. Seeing Sansa live through something similar at the hands of a boy who is supposed to be her future husband, only serves to remind him of his own childhood. He pities her and does not want her to suffer what he has suffered. Hence with subtle hints and warnings. he tries to coach her on what to say and how to act because we know Sansa has an uncanny ability to say the wrong thing. She is no Cersei Lannister who knows what is at stake. Sansa isn't someone who can effectively use lies, deceit, seduction and treachery to get what she wants or even save her own skin. Sandor can see that which is why he tries to protect her without getting accused of treason. As far as a romantic relationship is concerned, I can picture that too. Not that I ship pedophelia, but since it is medieval fantasy, girls married much older men as soon as their periods started. Different time, different morals and the full brunt of natural selection at work. So I make an exception. However given Sandor's knack for visiting whores, drinking and violence (like most men in Westeros), I don't peg him as someone who'd give all that up for a woman. Yes perhaps he could love her and care for her, but Ihe wouldn't tolerate a snarky wife who would try to control him nor would he consider sexual fidelity a virtue. I suppose that must be one of the reasons Sansa appeals to him.

Lyanna/Robert-With so much open to interpretation I think they deserve a second chance. Robert, despite being a lecher and a drunk, was a good man (as good as a lord/king could be considered in Westeros) and loved Lyanna deeply. As Jaime Lannister put it, Robert rebelled for his pride, a pretty face and a cunt. All for Lyanna. I think she would make a good queen. In so many ways she is like Cersei and in so many ways she is not. I picture her as someone kind, regal and generous-things which Cersei is not. Yet at the same time, Lyanna is ambitious, selfish and deceitful. Running away from home at sixteen to shame your family with a prince calls for tough nuts. She didn't even care that Rheagar had a wife and two children. She stayed with Rheagar, the scandal of all of Westeros as his mistress. Of course, the story goes that Rheagar kidnapped and raped her so it is widely up to speculation and such a thing would make sense considering she didn't leave the Prince when his father had her father and brother burned alive. But at the same time, she may have run away and things just became complicated. Either way, she would make a good queen for Robert. Loving and caring yet ambitious and strong.

Sandor/Lyanna- I haven't got much to say on this. It is something I consider as an AU like I do for Lyanna and Robert. If she lived. Still a working progress.


Princess Mary Tudor and Katherine of Aragon is mainly my centre of focus. It is not so much the pairing that matters for Princess Mary, but rather the fruit of it. Often in my stories(s), Mary does what her mother could not and bears a son thus starting a political game of power to control her and her child. Katherine of Aragon is a queen first and a mother second. I would not put it past her to use her own daughter for her own ends as long as it secured the English throne and the sanctity of the Catholic Church. At the same time, given what Princess Mary had suffered at the hands of her father and Anne Boleyn, I can easily see her being as ruthless, power hungry and ambitious as her mother. Certainly as queen, Mary proved that with her paranoid policies and burning of heretics. A trait brought about by her treatment as a young woman, her extremist views as a Catholic, but also something inherit in her royal line. Her own mother was a war monger and defeated the Scottish King. Katherine of Aragon presented King James's blooded cloak to her husband upon his return from France. Even Mary's grandmother was a fervent religious crusader who spent most of her rule fighting the Jews and Moors in Spain. So whatever AU's I make for Princess Mary, it will be her fighting back. As I said, mothers are a force to be reckoned with so couple all of Mary's psyo/socio/political/religious problems along with motherhood and you have an apocalypse.

In Time:

Sylvia/Raymond Leon-Yes I have been in love with the couple even though they hardly have much interaction. I think deep in the back of his mind, Raymond probably likes her. I mean he was so butt-hurt she ruined his plans in the Ghettos and shot him in the arm. It probably made him want to tear his hair out that a top brass rich girl from New Greenwich had sided with the very people he wanted to keep suppressed. Also comes the fact that she is trying to destroy the political/economical system that let her live the life she was living. No doubt In Time is a modern spin off from Robin Hood and Sylvia is the maid Marian! Raymond can be the evil prince or regent king that wants to control her and make everything complete. At the same time. Raymond Leon is a man of honour and integrity in nihilistic terms. Albeit a hypocritical one. He is from the slums himself, yet had decided maintaining the system is more important. Securing Sylvia might be something considered as a victory or a trophy for the things he never had when he was in the Ghettos.

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