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Author has written 8 stories for Beyblade, Codename: Kids Next Door, Lord of the Rings, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Here's my profile.

Real name: Toni Catherine Geens.

Internet name: Toni Hikaru LaVelle.

Nicknames: Chris, Tone, Tonikimpson, Mertoni, Winged-Nut, Suede-Head, Hollow-Legs, Mini Moo, Pippin the Open-Minded, Samwise, Jimmy, Margaret, the Prodmaster, Paiger.

Age: 15.

Gender: Female.

Birthdate: 06/10/89 (its also the same birthdate as my friend Kiren's).

Starsign: Libra.

Chinese symbol: Snake.

Best friends: Kiren (her penname is ProfessionalTB), Marieke (Moongazer152), Leanne (no account yet).

Favourite Anime: Pokémon, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sonic X, Magic Knight Rayearth, Hamtaro, Flint the Time Detective, Digimon, Cardcaptors.

Favourite TV programs: Friends, The Simpsons, Just For Laughs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Wolf On Campus, Charmed.

Favourite Pokémon characters: Pikachu, Ash, Celebi, Sam (Pokémon 4ever), Chikorita, Bayleef.

Least favourite Pokémon characters: None! I love them all!

Favourite Beyblade characters: Tyson.

Least favourite Beyblade character: Dunga.

Favourite Yugioh characters: Yugi and Yami Yugi.

Least favourite Yugioh character: Seto Kaiba. Such an annoying prat.

Anime crushes (not in order): Takes a deep breath

Ash (Pkmn i.e. Pokémon)

Sam (Pokémon 4ever)

Tracey (Pkmn)

James (Pkmn)

Shingo (Pkmn)

Falkner (Pkmn)

Rudy (Pkmn)

Brock (Pkmn)

Tyson (BB i.e. Beyblade)

Ozuma (BB)

Max (BB)

Ray (BB)

Kai (BB)

Kevin (BB)

Lee (BB)

Michael (BB)

Johnny (BB)

Enrique (BB)

Oliver (BB)

Tala (BB)

Bryan (BB)

Joseph (BB)

Kane (BB)

Wyatt (BB)

Zeo (BB)

Gerry (BB)

Net (BB)

Eagle (MKR i.e. Magic Knight Rayearth)

Ferio (MKR)

Lantis (MKR)

Clef (MKR)

Ascot (MKR)

Yugi (YGO i.e. Yugioh)

Yami Yugi (YGO)

Duke (YGO)

Noa (YGO)

Joey (YGO)

Tristan (YGO)

Bakura (YGO)

Merlock (Flint Time Detective).

Favourite Simpsons character: Homer of course! The star of the show.

Favourite Buffy character: XANDER! DEFINITELY! CUTE!

Least favourite Buffy character: Dawn. She's a spoilt brat.

Favourite Big Wolf on Campus character: MERTON! HE'S SO CUTE!

Favourite Just for Laughs character: That weirdo guy with very short gingery hair and glasses, who's almost always got a mobile phone with him.

Favourite Friends character: I really like all of them, but my best is Phoebe.

Favourite Charmed character: Paige. She's really funny and has the best powers.

Least favourite Charmed character: Prue. Just die already, Paige is so much better.

Favourite Anime pairings:

Jessie + James (Pokémon)

Ray + Mariah (Beyblade)

Max + Emily (Beyblade)

Salima + Kane (Beyblade)

Kenny + Hilary (Beyblade)

Dunga + Mariam (Beyblade)

Hikaru + Eagle (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Hikaru + Lantis (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Fuu + Ferio (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Umi + Clef (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Hamtaro + Bijou (Hamtaro)

Hikaru + Ascot (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Max + Hilary (Beyblade)

Kenny + Emily (Beyblade)

Max + Mariam (Beyblade)

King + Queen (Beyblade)

Sonic + Amy (Sonic X)

Tails + Cream (Sonic X).

Hated Anime pairings:

Tyson + Hilary (Beyblade)

Ozuma + Mariam (Beyblade)

Ash + Misty (Pokémon)

Yugi + Téa (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Joey + Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Tristan + Serenity (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Duke + Serenity (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Knuckles + Rouge (Sonic X).

Favourite yaoi pairings:

Kai + Wyatt (Beyblade)

Tyson + Max (Beyblade)

Tyson + Zeo (Beyblade)

Ozuma + Tyson (Beyblade)

Kane + Tyson (Beyblade)

Kai + Ray (Beyblade)

Enrique + Oliver (Beyblade)

Yugi + Yami Yugi (Yugioh)

Yugi + Joey (Yugioh)

Duke + Tristan (Yugioh)

Sonic + Knuckles (Sonic X).

Hated yaoi pairings:

Robert + Johnny (Beyblade)

Seto + Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh).

All-time favourite pairing: Wally + Kuki (Codename: Kids Next Door).

All-time favourite yaoi pairing: Merry + Pippin (Lord Of The Rings).


Favourite duos: Merry and Pippin (LOTR),

Billy and Dom (LOTR actors),

Dick and Dom,

Ant and Dec,

Lee and Carter (Rush Hour),

Jessie and James (Pokémon),

Miguel and Tulio (El Dorado),

Barry and Paul (Chucklevision)

Shrek and Donkey (Shrek)

Donkey and Puss In Boots (Shrek 2).

Favourite films: Weekend at Bernies 1 and 2, Grease, Lilo & Stitch, Stitch the Movie, Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, Blade, Shark Tale.

Favourite LOTR character: PIPPIN! PIPPIN! PIPPIN! FUNNY AND ADORABLE! And I love Merry too!

Least favourite LOTR characters: Legolas because he looks like a girl and he's boring, Aragorn because he's really ugly and he always has to save the day, and Gandalf because he's mean.

Favourite Singers: Chris Hide, Shania Twain, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, Evanescence, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears.

Favourite bands: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Offspring, McFLY, O-Zone, Girls Aloud, Green Day.

Idols: Chris Hide and Shania Twain.

Favourite Songs: It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing - Shania Twain.

Everytime - Britney Spears.

Puppet On A String - Sandie Shaw.

Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson.

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John.

Markya Mou - Antigua.

Ka Ching - Shania Twain.

Up - Shania Twain.

Man, I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain.

Black Eyes, Blue Tears - Shania Twain.

From This Moment - Shania Twain.

Honey I'm Home - Shania Twain.

Don't Be Stupid - Shania Twain.

Come On England - Buster Bloodvessel.

My Immortal - Evanescence.

You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson.

She's Got Issues - Offspring.

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera.

My Band - D12.

Thank You Baby - Shania Twain.

Forever And For Always - Shania Twain.

You Got A Way - Shania Twain.

Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan.

Yellow Submarine - The Beatles.

Hello - Evanescence.

5 Colours In Her Hair - McFLY.

Obviously - McFLY.

These Words - Natasha Bedingfield.

Dagostea Din Tei - O-Zone.

That Girl - McFLY.

Not Alone - McFLY.

Gonna Getcha Good - Shania Twain.

Met This Girl - McFLY.

Chills In The Evening - McFLY & V.

She's Not Just A Pretty Face - Shania Twain.

I'm Gonna Get Thru This - Daniel Bedingfield.

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield.

When You Tell Me That You Loved Me - Diana Ross.

American Idiot - Green Day.

October - Evanescence.

If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield.

Dirrty - Christina Aguilera.

Room On The 3rd Floor - McFLY.

Some Girls - Rachel Stevens.

Love Machine - Girls Aloud.

Sound Of The Underground - Girls Aloud.

Sick And Tired - Anastacia.

Out Of The Blue - Delta Goodrem.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day.

When You Kiss Me - Shania Twain.

Steward Of Gondor - Billy Boyd.

Jump - Girls Aloud.

Just Lose It - Eminem.

The Show - Girls Aloud.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Tight Fit.

How Soon Is Now - Love Spit Love.

I Had A Dream - Alyssa Milano.

I'll Be - Edwin McCain.

Favourite type of music: A bit of everything really. I like rock, pop, soul, rap, R'N'B, rock 'n' roll, oldies. I like to play classical music on instruments but its not my choice to listen to. I also like Just For Laughs music laughs But the best is cheesy party songs.

Favourite albums: Elton John Love Songs.

Pes-Mou CRN.

Shania Twain - Up!

Shania Twain - Come on over.

The Idols, the Xmas Factor.

Black Lace, Party Party.

Cheese Party.

Buffy the Musical, Once More With Feeling.

Evanescence - Fallen.

Grease Soundtrack.

Bombay Dreams soundtrack.

Hits Marmaris.

McFLY - Room On The 3rd Floor.

Worst singers/bands: Usher (Has crap music and a big fat nose), Nelly (crap music and ugly), 50 Cent (crap music and v. ugly with weird teeth).

Favourite actors: Billy Boyd,

Dominic Monaghan,

Stephen Dorff,

Terry Kiser,

Robin Williams,

Eddie Murphy,

Jim Carrey,

Matthew Perry,

Matt LeBlanc,

David Schwimmer,

Norman Wisdom,

Jack Black,

Steve Martin.

Favourite actresses: Lisa Kudrow,

Courtney Cox,

Jennifer Anniston,

Sandra Bullock,

Sarah Michelle Gellar,

Rose McGowan,

Alyssa Milano,

Holly Marie Combs,

Hilary Duff,

Melissa Joan Hart.

Favourite phrases:

Spaz attack,

So-and-so'll get over it,

Moley moley moley MOLE,

Moley moley moley spot,

Moley moley moley nipple,

Moley moley moley freckle,


As if...


Farts Twist!

Burps Ooh la la!

Sees a yellow car Yellow car! Whacks the person nearest to her


Sees an old person walk past cough-in-dodger (coffin-dodger).

Bloody hell!



Pokes nearest person Poke/Prod!

How darest thee!

Tis/twas/twill be (insert adjective here).


Does or says something weird or stupid Ignore me.

Silly tart!




Favourite quotes:

Keep the change, you filthy animal! ~The freaky guy from Home Alone.

Look at that rat! ~Carter from Rush Hour 2.

Kesagawaga ~Stitch from Lilo&Stitch.

Guyaka guyaka! ~Carter from Rush Hour 2.

Oh, hell no! ~Carter from Rush Hour 2.

We could have been a good couple, we could have had something special. But you're one crazy ass bitch! ~Carter from Rush Hour 2.

Swim with the fishes, you zombie bastard! ~Larry from Weekend at Bernies 2.

ALOHA! ~Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.

Don't run with scissors? ~Dizzi from Beyblade.


Watch it! Fishermen! Fishermen! Fisher... fisher... fisher...AAAHHHH! ~Larry from Weekend at Bernies.

Well, one time Tyson's gas made us race for the door. ~Max from Beyblade.

The usual; world peace and less homework. ~Ozuma from Beyblade.

If he loses, like, a hundred pounds. ~ Tyson from Beyblade.

Imitation of a piano Kunk a dunk a dunka ka dunk a dunka dunk ~Numbuh 4 from Codename: Kids Next Door.

Hey Dano, shouldn't we go help your Mom? ~Frank from Final Destination 2.

Ever heard of the ozone layer, asshole! ~Frank from Final Destination 2.

DUDE, LOOK AT THOSE TITTIES! ~Dano from Final Destination 2.

Can we go get the guys? I'm getting horny! ~Shaina from Final Destination 2.

Maybe if you shut the fuck up we'll live. ~Rory from Final Destination 2.

BOGIES! ~Dick and Dom in da Bungalow.

Beans, beans, are good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you PHRRRT! ~Dick and Dom in da Bungalow.

I can't understand why he couldn't wait until Monday to kill himself. ~Larry from Weekend at Bernies.

Open the sackit, I mean sachet. ~Chris from Pop Idol 2003.

Special! ~Dave Hill and Gary Goldie.

You been on a lot of planes that blew up? ~Tod from Final Destination.

Because of you I get to sit here and watch fucking 'Stewart Little', thank you. ~Tod from Final Destination.

Aahhh! It's haunted toilet paper! ~Dizzi from Beyblade.

He threw his alarm at me. ~Max from Beyblade.

From a very reliable friend of a friend of a girl whose sister's going out with someone very high up in government. ~Bruce from Bruce Almighty.

Did that monkey just come out your crack, man! ~A guy from Bruce Almighty.

Sit the fuck down Carter! Sit! ~Tod from Final Destination.

But there's one thing money can't buy... a dinosaur! ~Homer from The Simpsons.

And now I'd like to say, get the hell out of my back yard! Turns the sprinklers on ~Homer from The Simpsons.

Is it knees bent, chin out, rah rah rah? ~Paul from Chucklevision.

Or is it back straight, arm bowed, schpin schpin schpin? ~Barry from Chucklevision.

I couldn't care less if you were a vacuum cleaner! ~Tyson from Beyblade.

Rose bud... weiser ~The frog off Teen Angel.

Woohoo! ~Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Crotte de nez! ~Dick and Dom.

Don't worry kids, I know what to do... JUMANJI! ~Homer from the Simpsons.

MINE! ~The seagulls from Finding Nemo.

Mocos! ~Dick and Dom.

My God you hungry. Must be starving. ~Hercules from Villa Anna in Stallis.

All this over a fucking tooth! ~Kyle from Darkness Falls.

I know it's working, run! ~Merry from Lord Of The Rings.

The sound's man, who you would usually find over there, stuck this piece of tape onto my chest, because apparently the hair was making a noise. He didn't ask me if he could stick it on, he just stuck it on. ~Billy Boyd.

Can I rip it off? ~Dom Monaghan.

No, you can't rip it off! ~Billy Boyd.

I think they play the noseflute. A very difficult instrument to master. ~Billy Boyd.

I can see the headlines now: The vicar just got slicker. ~Neil Fox (Foxy) from Pop Idol 2003.

We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast? ~Pippin from Lord of the Rings.

But why has the rum gone? ~Jack from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Stop blowing holes in my ship! ~Jack from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

I didn't deserve that one. ~Jack from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

And really bad eggs. ~Jack from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Did I say bosom? ~Billy Boyd.

Maybe he can put my soul into an eagle, or some wonderful bird. I'll be free to fly with the wind. I can hover around my house... and shit on her head! ~Edwina from All Of Me.

Xander's decided he blames the wall. ~Anya from Buffy.

Have you not been paying attention? ~Experiment 625 from Stitch the Movie.

Apparently, singing I Will Survive with helium wasn't helping. ~Chandler from Friends.

Prepare for a snowstorm. Blows the chalk dust There you go. ~Mark from SMart.

Oh Gavin, please look at my ass. Stop looking at my ass! ~Rachel from Friends.

Where will all the ribbons go? ~Monica from Friends.

Oh, the evilness! ~Lizzie Lymer.

How you doin'? ~Joey from Friends.

Looks down her top Don't make me come in there! ~Phoebe from Friends.

What kind of a host invites you to his house for the weekend and dies on it! ~Larry from Weekend At Bernies.

Don't worry about the vegetarians, they can eat the grass. ~Colin Geens.

Three miracles. One, two, Three. ~Colin Geens.

That's what I said... whupah! ~Chandler from Friends.

Oh, it's just a lorry reversing. I thought it was a party... ~Yvanne Loillet.

Hang on! I'm lost! ~Yvanne Loillet.

Great... where are we going? ~Pippin from Lord Of The Rings.

Why are you so BORING! ~Spryman from Ozzy & Drix.

Whose idea was it to have a faint button anyway? ~Ozzy from Ozzy & Drix.

You need people of intellignce on this sort of mission... quest... thing. ~Pippin from Lord Of The Rings.

Well that rules you out, Pip. ~Merry from Lord Of The Rings.

We're OK, we're O... we're not OK. We're not OK! ~Richard from Weekend At Bernies 2.

Marge, is Lisa at Camp Granada? ~Homer from The Simpsons.

Eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding. ~Homer's brain from The Simpsons.

Cows don't jump... only over the moon. ~Lizzie Lymer.

Why not jump in front of 9 buses? ~Phoebe from Charmed.

Hey, Joey's ass! ~Monica from Friends.

Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica! ~Ross from Friends.

Hmm. Rachel... with handcuffs. Interesting... ~Chandler from Friends.

Joey's bare ass! ~Monica from Friends.

Nothing but air there. Nothing but air there. My ass is gone now, and I'm slim slim slim. Looks down trousers Well, I'll be damned... I can see my dick! My dick! My dick! My dick! ~Buddy from the Nutty Professor.

Are you wearing waterproof mascara? Oh, you are so screwed! ~Phoebe from Friends.

Look Liz, it's the worm police coming to get you. ~Kelly and moi.

Don't you just feel thin? I am thin! Hey man, where's the apple pie! ~Buddy from the Nutty Professor.

Now listen to me carefully, you fat tub of goo! ~Dean from the Nutty Professor.

Who can take a rainbow? Wrap it in a sock. Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie. Oompah! Doompah... ~Bruce and Bull from Bruce Almighty outtakes.

In other news... wha ha ha! ~Evan fom Bruce Almighty outtakes.

I've changed my mind, I don't wanna marry him. ~Fizz from Coronation Street.

Stop the ride! Stop the ride! I wanna get off! ~Jessie from Pokémon.

But it will be tough to reach the top... because we're afraid of heights! ~Jessie and James from Pokémon. Runaway train! ~Jessie and James from Pokémon.

Bet my bottom? ~Shrek from Shrek 2.

How do you get the flames up? ~Chris from Pop Idol 2003.

At least you have a great fashion sense... not like me. ~Tess (Really Anna) from Freaky Friday.

I can't marry Ryan! EW! ~Tess (Really Anna) from Freaky Friday.

Whoa, she's blind! ~Tess (Really Anna) from Freaky Friday.

I'm a stallion, baby! ~Donkey from Shrek 2.

It's a thong! ~The Gingerbread Man from Shrek 2.

Rinse and spit... but not on me. ~The dentist from Ozzy & Drix.

They were on strings! You cut strings they're on floor! ~Sam from Pop Idol diaries.

Sit down Dougie... you're not special. ~The pictures inside the McFLY album.

Hang on a second, this isn't a mobile phone. Yes it is, no it's not. Who said that? Ha! Who are you? ~Ant from Pop Idol 2003.

Oh God, I'd kill myself on both! ~Michelle from Pop Idol diaries.

I love weddings! Drinks all around! ~Jack from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

How long have you been thinking of that one? ~Chris from Pop Idol 2003.

Don't get talking about my bow tie! ~Dewey from School of Rock.

The one on the left is Mel Gibson, I don't know who the other two guys are. ~A lady from The Simpsons.

Well, right now I wish my Mom had named me Bob instead of Ash. ~Ash from Pokémon.

If ever he broke out into a sweat again, I'd be like is it a splinter? Are you OK? And he'd be like grrrr! ~Billy Boyd.

Dom's an idiot. ~Billy Boyd.

Bloody Nora! ~Minas from Taverna Maria.

I like you, I love your wife. ~Alex from Taverna Maria.

It reminds me of a girl I once knew. ~Billy Boyd.

Hey, I don't remember saying that. ~Homer from The Simpsons.

Hey, Lord Of The Flame... your tail's on fire. ~Manny from Ice Age.

Well, I kinda orbed them... into a volcano. ~Leo from Charmed.

Down please. ~Jerry from The Tom & Jerry Movie.

Yay, more flowers! ~Phoebe from Charmed.

Goodbye muscles! ~Chandler from Friends.

Birds go plop. ~My mate Kiren.

OK, 1. Ow! 2. Where'd you get an idea like that? 3. Ow! ~Xander from Buffy.

I've beeeeeen expecting yooooouuuu! ~Danny from McFLY.

He started it. ~Angel from Friends.

Busted! Charlie! ~Dougie from McFLY.

Stop it James! ~Danny from McFLY.

Matthew! ~Dougie from McFLY.

Don't slap him, that's your boss! ~Richard from Weekend At Bernies.

That was a hamster! I'm not gonna vaccuum up my baby! ~Rachel from Friends.

Young lady... old lady... lady! ~Monica from Friends.

If it's a girl, Phoebe, and if it's a boy, Phoebo. ~Phoebe from Friends.

The toilet exploded! ~Dougie from McFLY.

Singing I found you in my bed. How'd you end up there? You're such a mystery. Little black curly hair. ~Phoebe from Friends.

There was a young woman from Ealing. Who had a peculiar feeling. She lay on her back, and opened her crack. And pissed all over the ceiling. ~Daniel from Bridget Jones's Diary.

Nobody's home... pity. ~Frodo from the LOTR game for XBox.

They must be out in the fields... too bad. ~Frodo from the LOTR game for XBox.

Current top 17people that I like (WILL CHANGE A LOT! And there might be 2 or 3 on the same slot if I like them both the same):

1. Chris Hide (Pop Idol 2003).

2. Robbie Smith (A student at Birmingham University) / Anthony Fedorov (American Idol 2005).

3. Tuc Watkins (Burns in The Mummy) / Steve Zahn (Al in Sahara).

4. Billy Boyd (Pippin in Lord Of The Rings).

5. Dominic Monaghan (Merry in Lord Of The Rings) / Stephen Dorff (Deacon in Blade) / Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal in Blade Trinity).

6. Tom Fletcher (The band McFLY) / Matthew Perry (Chandler in Friends).

7. Billie Joe Armstrong (The band Green Day) / Rose McGowan (Paige in Charmed).

8. Mike Way (The band My Chemical Romance) / Some random guy from Just For Laughs with glasses.

9. Chris Tucker (Carter in Rush Hour).

10. Rainn Wilson (Rudi in Sahara).

My address doesn't exist anymore, cos I've got broadband now. And I don't use either. My new hotmail address is

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