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I think I've bitten off more than I can chew this summer.

I don't know when I'm going to update one of those bigger pieces. I do know I am somewhat unsatisfied with my older writing, and would like to take the time to plan things out better. Until then, I don't think I'll be doing anything.


It's the middle of the night. Ugh.

Well, the last month has been eventful. I studied. I procrastinated studying. I studied more. I did my work. I lost the flash drive that had all my writing, so now I've converted to Dropbox. I look back at my old writing and I think to myself "Man, I sucked so much."

I don't really want to write another chapter for either of my "bigger" works until I kinda go through a practice oneshot first. However, school's about over, so it's time for me to actually get down to it.

I hope to come back with something more concrete soon.


APs. That is all.


I am aware that it's been more than a month since I said anything. To tell you the truth, it's been a rocky month or so for me. I've been through a few small breakdowns, gotten sick, and now I have to get ready for these silly things called AP exams and SAT IIs, not to mention try and not die from being behind. I will update something as soon as I can finish it...if I ever finish it.


Spanish: The bane of existence for this particular writer. Work has been hampered to patch my grades up.


I have no words to describe myself. *angry fuzzle


Getting work done here :)


Ugh, midterms... T-T

At least they're over now. Got the chance to actually write. Hopefully I can finish things up here.


Midterms will be over by next week. Have a good three days to actually do something.


The existence of midterms are terrifying indeed. T-T


Happy New Year people!

Yes, I'm writing. My papers. T-T


Should've posted something yesterday, as a Christmas gift, but I have nothing done yet. Sorry.

I plan to put something up sometime soon as a Christmas gift of sorts nonetheless. Silly projects though. XD


Assuming we live through the 21st, work should resume during break.


There should be a bit of a lull by the end of this week, hope to get some writing done. :(


The good news: I got started with some writing.

The bad news: I barely got anything done. :(


Got nothing done. It's Thanksgiving soon. *facepalm


Well, next wave of tests incoming. Spanish (the language) and I have a hard time compromising.

I've started considering how I'm going to tackle the next chapter of Divided. I might also write another TWEWY oneshot, and I also want a chance to write this FranticShipping oneshot just because. Otherwise, it's been rather lackluster.


I finally get something done. Ugh. Sorry guys.

Time to get started on the next one... -inb4 it comes out in, like, April-

Hopefully I'll actually manage to finish the bulk of Divided by Thanksgiving... I honestly doubt it now though. >:


Remember what I said on the last post? Yeah, no, I wrote like half a page. WORK. DOES. NOT. RELENT...

Sigh... T-T


It's like the closer I get to finishing anything, the more work gets thrown at me...

At this rate, I'll update by the end of the week because I finally get a break... and the Divided chapter will be uploaded in Thanksgiving... -_-


Going has not been easy for me, I've been struggling to try and finish my work as school starts, and it's a bit tough. I'm getting there though, and hopefully I will be free at the upcoming 4-day weekend. Hope to finally bring around some good news by then.



Ok, I've decided that I'm not going to leave this spot to be so useless anymore, so I'm going to keep a log of my writing activity. Hopefully this will reassure the readers that I'm not dead, if they ever see it. Anyways, my alter-ego (that doesn't actually exist, but I'm sure most of you know that) and I have been, let's say, a lot more busy than we've expected this summer. Spanish prep is a lot more exhausting than I expected. Throw in a couple of vacations, and, yeah, it gets a bit difficult. Not that no blame could be placed on "us." I did procrastinate a lot more than I should've this summer. However, I did upload the oneshot that I worked on for a while, which you can find somewhere under this whole mess. If you have interest in The World Ends With You, read it and hit me up with some reviews or something!

As for now, I'm trying to finish up Same Old, and I'll work on Divided soon enough. Hopefully, with some good time management, I can get through all of this before October, but I won't give any guarantees, because I'm just unreliable like that. :(

Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope to upload soon.


...I feel awkward about this. What the hell am I supposed to say?

Oh, well, I guess, now that I look back onto this, I have to try to say something. Um... I'm not too confident of my writing ability (I had to take writing prep... something I find a bit embarassing). Even though these days, i usually get very good grades for my written works, I'm not too sure if I write well enough to keep the general public interested. So I would greatly appreciate it if you have any critisism to make about my work, or just to say if you think my writing is good or not, through a review or a PM. I'm sorry, but i just don't feel safe giving out my email, so that's not an option (I barely check it anyways...so no worries! :D).

Age: Well, over 13, of course

Gender: The name says it all.

Live: Somewhere on the face of the earth

Hobbies: Math, drawing (though I'm not that great), playing a children's card game, some sports, reading, writing something when I'm not forced to.

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