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Author has written 9 stories for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dune, Inheritance Cycle, Lord of the Rings, and Avengers.

Who am I? What defines a person? Am I my name, or is my name only a reference to an unknowable metaphysical reality? Am I defined by my actions, or are those actions my effect on my surroundings? Am I this body? Am I more than this body? Am I separate from this body?

Ok. Now I've gotten all the philosophical crap out of the way.

Soooo... Hi. I guess you could call me eccentric in my interests. I am an avid SCUBA diver, and a PADI certified Divemaster with over 150 logged dives. I love nature, be it geology, hiking, plants and animals, spelunking, or gardening. I am an amateur bonsai artist. I appreciate a good work of art (I'm not even gonna touch the question of 'what is art?'). I love philosophy (to the point that I am majoring in it), but I despair the direction modern philosophy has taken. Now a days, most "philosophers" only compile and explain that what has already been written, or just stare into space, thinking about esoteric questions that has no real impact on everyday life. I care about philosophy its capacity to answer the why of life and the how of the soul.

I am an avid reader. I am almost never seen without something to read. I enjoy reading Bernard Cornwell, J K Rowling, G K Chesterton, Aquinas, Plato, Plotinus, Pseudo-Dionysus, Tamora Pierce, Christopher Paolini, Edgar Allen Poe, and JRR Tolkien.

No, strike that. I love reading JRR Tolkien, and not just the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. My favorite work has to be the Lay of Leithian, closely followed by the Silmarillion. Because of the depth of humanity and development of his characters and stories, I consider him one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century (yes, I know that he was born in 1892, but he didn't write anything substantial in his first eight years on this earth).

I enjoy history and all mythology. I love ancient Roman and Greek art, and architecture, and anything pertaining to England that predates William the Conqueror. The Norman Conquest sort of ruined English history for me.

My list of Favorites

Favorite Fantasy Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Favorite Fantasy Work: Silmarillion

Favorite Science Fiction Author: Frank Herbert

Favorite Science Fiction Work: Dune

Favorite Historical Fiction Author: Bernard Cornwell

Favorite Ancient Philosopher: Plato

Favorite Medieval Philosopher: Aquinas

Favorite Modern Philosopher: Edith Stein

Favorite Essayist: Chesterton

Favorite Classical Score: Carmina Burana by Carl Orff (specifically the movement Fortuna Imperitix Mundi and the score In Taberna Quando Summus)

Favorite Opera: The Magic Flute by Mozart

Favorite Opera Singer: Diana Damrau (I mean, come on! Listen to http:// www.

youtube. com /watch?v=DvuKxL4LOqc and tell me that she doesn't rock!)

Favorite Opera Aria:Der Hölle Rache (Again, if you listened to Diana Damrau from the link above, you know that this is a great Aria. This is what inspired Trans Siberian Orchestra to write Queen of the Winter Night)

Favorite Musical: Sister Act or Sweeny Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Favorite Band: The High Kings

Favorite Songs: The Star of the County Down, The Rocky Road to Dublin, and Parting Glass (The High Kings versions)

Master of Death Challenge 10/2/2011

Harry is the Master of Death. Every time he dies, he is reincarnated in a different world. This challenge is open to any crossover, other than Dune, the Inheritance Cycle, Lord of the Rings, and the Tortall Universe series by Tamora Pierce (I have a crossover planned for this).

Requirements are:

There must be an author's note at the beginning stating that the story is in response to my challenge

The writer must PM me with the title of the crossover when the first chapter is posted

The plotline of the original work must change due to Harry’s influence

If Harry will be romantically involved, it must be situated after "The Green Rider" and Harry must be truly in love with that person, it must not be just a fling.

Must have some references to his other lives (i.g. skills and knowledge that Harry brought with him when he was reincarnated)

Harry may not bring any items with him from other worlds

Harry is capable of wandless magic

Harry is a master magical duelist (was a dueling champion in his first life)

Harry is a weapons master (He was trained by Duncan Idaho and Lady Jessica in Swordmaster and Weirding Battle techniques respectively in his second life)

Harry’s character does not fundamentally change from that displayed in the HP cannon

Harry’s new reincarnated body is the same age he was when he became the Master of Death, namely, his age during the Battle of Hogwarts

Harry may not necessarily be reincarnated as a Human

Harry is not evil

Harry still has his ‘saving-people-thing’

I would be very pleased if anyone were to do a Master of Death Crossover with some of the following works:

Star Wars
White Collar
Covert Affairs
James Bond
Indiana Jones
Artemis Fowl
Bartemeus Trilogy


Dear Beloved Readers,

I am soooo sorry for the delay. I have not abandoned ANY of my stories. I have all of my stories planned out for a a few chapters and a HP/Star Wars 'Master of Death' crossover is in the works. I am just having an immense case of writer's block. Hopefully, after the semester ends in a few weeks, I will be able to sit down and continue the stories.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Olorin The Maiar


I have just learned that a fellow FanFiction writer passed away on November 8th, 2011 after a drunk driver collided with his car in a head-on collision. I ask my readers to pray for Matthew (MRDraeon), brother and fellow writer.


After certain PMs and some thought, I have updated the Master of Death Challenge. Harry may now fall in love, but it cannot be a fling.

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