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Well, I finally decided that it was about time I made a half-decent attempt at writing a bio or whatever this is called, so here it goes...

I am a Mexican kid with a lot of time on his hands. Now that we've got that over with, let's get to the "real" bio.

Well, I obviously enjoy writing, its a great exercise to avoid every idea that I have stay bottled up in my head and send me into some vivid daydreams while I am having an exam or something similar. Anyways, I currently only have one story (which is still ongoing) about a (relatively) regular ODST fighting through the Human-Covenant war as best he can. I'm writing it in first person perspective for one main reason. It is a lot easier to write epic adventures when you can somehow identify yourself with the hero, that goes both for me and my readers. On the other hand, I try to keep it as realistic as possible without making it dull and boring. You know, with the Author Avatar and Marty Stu and all that.

Anyways, I really hope that you enjoy my story and I hope to write some other kick-ass fic in the foreseeable future. Love you guys (in a totally not homoerotic or creepy way).



My profile pic is an epic high-five, not a heartwarming moment between father and son.

That is all.

The Life

"It wouldn't do the squad any good to have the both of us dead, now would it?"

"Fine. Frank, if you die can I keep your knife?"

"Me? Die? I was talking about you."

This story follows an ODST called Francisco Castillo. A highly skilled warrior of small importance to the overall war effort finds himself in larger-than-life situations more often than he would like. Joining Frank is the witty Pavel, his best friend and squad mate. Frank, as a regular human being, does his best to survive. He is extremely lucky and has seen more war than he would care to admit.

I've tried to make the story and protagonist as realistic as possible (I have, in a way, failed), but can't really do it 100% realistic because... well, what fun would it be? Regardless, I aim to please all kinds of readers with this fic.

Characters in The Life

Francisco "Frank" Castillo (born: 2515)

Height: 6'4 (previously 6'2)

Weight: 205 lbs

Francisco was born to two Mexican parents in Mexico City, United Republic of North America. When he was just ten years old his father was killed in a car crash and his mother was left in persistent vegetative state. Francisco went to live with his uncle in Jericho VII, where he lived all through his teenage years. At the age of eighteen, he signed up to join the Helljumpers and flew off to Mars for training.

Pavel Klaus (born: 2516)

Height: 6'0

Weight: 203 lbs

Pavel is the first and only child of a Polish family. During his teenage years he was won over by the skillful UNSC propaganda and fell in love with the Marine Corps and the ODST. He joined the Corps just as he turned eighteen and was accepted into the 105th Drop Jet Platoon just one year after that. His first combat mission as an ODST was a complete failure. His unit was overrun by incredibly large numbers of grunts and Pavel was left the only survivor. He was rescued by Francisco and transferred to the UNSC Inconvenience

Marina Bogdanovic (born: 2515)

Height: 5'8

Weight: 137 lbs

Youngest out of eight siblings. She was born to a privileged family in the Balkan States. Ever since Bogdanovic was young she demonstrated an interest in flying. As soon as she turned fifteen she decided that she would fly small, fast, and agile craft. Her family's wealth allowed her to fly small civilian aircraft on occasion, but she fulfilled her dream when she joined the UNSC Marine Corps at the age of eighteen. Bogdanovic desired to be the pilot of a Longsword type fighter, but in account of (alleged) sexism in the Flight Corps, she was unable to, instead becoming a Pelican pilot. Marina can only be described as an ace pilot. As good with a Pelican as almost any human being alive.

The remnant

Robert "Bumblebee" Agnarsson (born: 2517)

Initially introduced as the rocket-launcher marine in an early chapter, this man's mannerisms and attitude proved to be popular enough to bring him back. Rob is what you would call a crack shot with the M12 SSR Spanker, being able to hit a moving target at a distance without need for the tracking mechanism. He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and is an only child. Personality-wise, one could say that he is strong-headed, impatient, arrogant, and a difficult person to get along with until you really get to know him. All in all, the stereotype of a Helljumper.

Naveen "Snark" Avninder (born: 2519)

Naveen, usually called by his call sign even in non-combat situations, is a marksman and a sniper. In fact, he's one of the best in the whole universe. Ranking in the Top 15 marksmen on the UNSCDF and certainly being better than any Covenant sniper that he has encountered, Snark has the right to be cocky about his skills. Despite this, Snark is pretty quiet most of the time, although he has opened up to Reaper Squad ever since he got inducted. His nickname comes from his capability to deliver plain-faced sarcastic comments at a moment's notice.

Grigori "Caboose" Konstantinov (born: 2513)

Grigori is a superb soldier in all aspects, talented, brave, good marksman, and best of all, will follow orders without question. Not much is known about his past before joining Reaper Squad. It is known for a fact that he was born in one of the outer colonies, but not on which one. The man is very private about his past and personal life, this is probably due to the fact that Frank discovered that he had been planted in the squad by ONI. Despite this, Frank is willing to let Caboose into the squad as long as he remembers what his place is and doesn't mess up.

Camilla "Grass" Seppa (born: 2519)

Camilla, usually called Cam, is a prodigy and an overachiever. Boasting an IQ of over 160 she is a certified genius in all societies of that kind. One would think that her intelligence and capacity for learning would be wasted as a mere infantry grunt, but Camilla is an exceptional soldier, talented with a weapons and often possessing information that serves the rest of the squad. When she first joined the the squad the was rather shy and insecure, but she has let go of those tendencies with time. Her call sign comes from her rather large rear.

Private Miranda Novak (born: 2526) New and wide eyed. Physically she's kind of cute. In fact, all of her is kind of cute.

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