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I'm That one pervert. You might have seen some of my unregistered reviews for lemon stories under the name, That one guy. Well, I was gonna have that as my pen name, but some ASSHOLE already took it. But I digress, this accounts only purpose is to review lemon stories, so I guess That one pervert is a name that suits.

As I said above, this account is made solely for me to favorite and review lemon stories. If I like it, I will say so. If I don't, I will also say so. I will not flame or insult you, but I will be brutally honest, and sometimes the truth hurts. As a forewarning, I am very picky, so only a good lemon will satisfy me. No, not that way. Okay maybe that way too, but that's not what I meant. I don't look for lemons that just jump right into the sex, I enjoy a good build-up and story behind it. I think that makes a lemon even sweeter. I also like the actual sex scenes to be as descriptive as possible. Make me feel like I'm in the room watching them, like the one pervert I am.

If you're an author with only one lemon story and has no intention of making another, then I will favorite your story. If you are an author who makes lemons all the time and I enjoy most if not all of them, then I will subscribe to you. I will also make the occasional requests if I think you are well suited to make the storyline I am requesting. Now I am not a shy individual, if you wish to say something to me then please, message me. I welcome anything somebody has to say to me about my reviews, whether it is another reviewer, a fan of the story/author I reviewed, or if you're the author yourself. However, I forewarn you- I am a sick, twisted individual with sexual desires most people find disgusting. No, not something like 2 Girls 1 Cup, that was just gross... But things like incest, bestiality, rape, child sex, etc. so don't come here and judge me if you were reading the exact same thing I was, cause as far as I'm concerned you're the same as me for reading it to begin with. Anybody who does judge me will be ignored and blocked without a whisper of a reply from me. Now I'm not a bad person, I'm just vocal about what it is that I want. Basically, I speak my mind. If any of you spoke your mind, you'd probably be just like me.

Now as for lemons on my part, I should tell you that I have absolutely no intention of ever writing one FanFic, lemon or no. I don't really have that much faith in myself as a writer, even though I am a writing critic. So if you're coming onto my page looking for a lemon story posted by me, don't bother, cause it won't happen.

Reason why I favorited stories below

Ben's Girls: This story is good and graphic, isn't afraid to get into stuff people would normally find repulsive (incest, alien sex) and it knows how to tie in an actual story while including all of the graphic sex. I also like how descriptive the actual sex scenes are, it doesn't leave much t the imagination, which is good for some people who don't really have that much of an imagination. Another part of the story I like is that it stays faithful to the characters; I legitimately think that the characters would act exactly the way they do in this story if they were in the same situation. To anyone who's a fan of Ben 10 and lemons, I recommend this story.

A Weekend of Pleasure For Larxene: One of the main reasons I enjoy this story is because it's one of the few good Larxene lemons here on FanFiction. It has a good storyline, and stays faithful to the character- well, of Larxene at least. One problem I have is with the yaoi included in the story. I am just so tired of finding yaoi in a story when I'm looking for something else. That's the reason why you won't see me criticize or favorite any yaoi FanFic's; I'm just so tired of them, cause for pete's sake it's over-flowing FanFiction. I also didn't like how it just sorta included a Axel/Larxene storyline right out of the blue. My last major criticism is how the male Organization members don't act like they would in their original persona's, the slight lack of detail in describing the sex scene's, and the including of Luxord in the "ugly member" category. For pete's sake, Luxord isn't ugly. Hell he's probably to most attractive member there. All in all it's a pretty good story, definitely recommended to any who find Larxene as sexy as I do.

Reprogrammed: This story is on my favorites list because it has one of my favorite pairings in Dragon Ball Z; Future Trunks/Future Android 18. The storyline is great, the sex scenes are great, all in all it was pretty well thought out. One of my problems that I had with the story was sometimes the characters were a little over emotional a little too quickly, there should have been some build up behind those emotions. Another major problem I had was the way some of the villains were taken down, some of them were taken down too easily by too weak a move. My last major complaint was that one particular chapter promised an anal sex scene, but never delivered. All in all, this is a good story to check out for anybody interested in this pairing. All the others ones (that I know of so far) are crap.

Ventus/Aqua Pairings by YamiYugi4Ever: Ventus/Aqua is my absolute favorite Kingdom Hearts pairing. Aqua as the older, more mature individual, and Ventus as the younger, more immature and naive person; I think they balance each other out perfectly. And of course, with limited Ventus/Aqua pairing stories, I was left with much disappointment. However, the author YamiYugi4Ever had the same fetish as I did with the pairing, and did something about the limited selection of stories about them. They are well told, stay faithful to the characters, and you can truly feel the love the two share with one another. My only chief complaint is that the sex scenes aren't quite as descriptive as I think they should be. When Ventus is having sex with virgin Aqua, mention Ventus breaking her hymen, not just her bleeding. And when they both orgasm, mention Ventus ejaculating into Aqua. Now normally I'd have YamiYugi4Ever added to my favorite author list, but unfortunately she has a lot of yaoi fic's too (sorry YamiYugi4Ever, I just really don't like yaoi cause of the overflow). But because of the limited amount of Aqua/Ventus lemons, this author is your gal if you want to read such a pairing.

Forbidden Fruit: This story is one of my absolute favorites. As a fan of the Metroid game series, I honestly did not expect to find any good lemons with the limited amount of FanFic's about Metroid. But when I found this one, I was most pleased. The sex scene is nice and descriptive, the storyline is great, the thought of an incestuous lesbian relationship adds to the excitement. I also think that the author did a good job of giving some background to Samus's normally cold personality; you can almost feel her emotional pain. I have to admit, I didn't quite like the idea of Samus being adopted by human parents to live by all rights, a peaceful life, but I suppose that addition was absolutely necessary for the inclusion of a twin sister who was not a bounty hunter. My final conclusion, if you like Metroid and lemons, then this story is definitely for you.

Weakness of the Princess: I love Ty Lee/Azula pairings, especially one where Azula dominates a submissive Ty Lee. So when I read this story, I was thrilled. Now it's not exactly a lemon, but it does get you off if you can appreciate a horny insane lesbian woman spanking a submissive non-lesbian innocent woman. It's good and descriptive, starts with spanking on panty covered behind to a bare bottom spanking, and it adds to the thrill when you know Azula wants to fuck Ty Lee while she's spanking the completely helpless and oblivious submissive Ty Lee. I have to admit I did not like the second chapter, as I feel it was unfaithful to both Ty Lee and Azula. I don't think Azula would feel sorry or apologize; if anything she would probably rape Ty Lee. And I don't know why, but I just don't picture Ty Lee's character as a lesbian, and even if she was I think she'd be more attracted to Katara, Suki or Mai than Azula. But all in all, this is the story to read if you are an Avatar: Last Airbender fan who likes lesbian domination/submission.

New Kid: I mainly favorited this because I like the thought of a Larxene/Sora pairing, I like the way the author types, I like the story that sets up for it, and I like how the characters are displayed. I can't really criticize the lemons part yet because they haven't been written yet, but based on the writing abilities I've seen from the author so far, I don't expect I'll be disappointed.

Chains of Destiny: Yet another unfinished lemon story that has yet to get to the lemons. I always liked the idea of an Azula/Katara lemon story with Azula raping Katara, and I liked this authors writing skills and the plot of the story. Sadly, based on how often the writer gets on and updates their profile/stories, I do not think this story will ever be finished. However, I am hopeful that perhaps one day soon the author will decide to log back on and finish what they started.

Girls on a Sora: This story is great. It has not a couple, not a threesome, but a foursome. A foursome of three horny, experienced girls seducing a naive, virgin boy. This story has a good plot, good writing, a descriptive sex scene, and my dream fantasy of not one, not two, but three horny gals with sexual knowledge seducing a shy, hesitant, virgin boy. They even baby him. *shudders* it's my dream lemon fic... To any who like Sora pairing with Namine, Kairi, or Olette in a lemon fic, read this story, cause he pairs with them all. My only complaints are the use of a condom in this story (use them in real life, not in a fic) and the fact that Sora was only laid by one of them before the story ended. Sure the other two did things too, but it would've been great if they each had a go at him.

Clocktower: This is by far my favorite lemons author on FanFiction. He has yet to make a lemon story that I don't like. His stories are well written, have good plots, hot couples, and descriptive sex scenes. I also enjoy the way he stays faithful to the characters of the story he writes, I swear their personalities are exactly the same as their original persona's. To top it all off, he actually has good Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, and Hellsing lemon fics. How often do you find those? So for anybody who is a fan of lemons and the three titles mentioned, check out this author, and be amazed.

Bath Time: I favorited this story mainly because it contained one of my dream lemon fantasies; Toph and Katara sexually experimenting with each other. The story is well written, it has excellent detail, and the author captured Katara's character perfectly. My one and only complaint is how tender Toph was, which I think, even in the particular situation they found themselves in, Toph would have still had a tougher personality. But I think the story is told well enough for that small detail to be overlooked. My final thoughts, it you are a Toph/Katara lemons fan, read this story.

Interrogation: I favorited this story mainly because it is one of my dream lemon fics. I think the author has great writing skills, and that they captured the characters of Suki and Azula perfectly. The only main problem I have is that Suki should have been more a little more traumatized with the whole event, and the rape scene wasn't as long as I felt it should be. Still, I found it satisfying, but I honestly can't say if you will find it satisfying, as I mainly favorited this story because it is one of my dream lemon fics.

My Dream Lemon Fics


Dragon Ball Z:

Future Android 18 raping young Future Trunks

Bulma seducing young virgin Gohan (with a Bulma and adult Gohan spinoff)

Naruto: Tayuya raping Shikamaru

Konan and Naruto falling in love


Avatar: Last Airbender:

Azula raping Ty Lee

Azula raping Katara

Lesbian Suki seducing straight Katara

Ty Lee and Mai falling in love

Ben 10

Ben and Gwen falling in love (I know there are already a zillion of these, but I have a more specific story in mind. If you're curious, message me and I'll tell you all about it)



White Queen/Emma Frost seducing Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde


Kingdom Hearts:

Aqua boldly seducing shy Ventus (Ventus as a virgin, Aqua experienced)

Terra/Aqua/Ventus threesome (no yaoi, just double penetration)

Xehanort & Vanitas raping Aqua (double penetration, Aqua as a virgin)

Kairi seducing shy Sora (both virgins, but Kairi showing no nervousness)

Larxene raping Namine (Namine as a virgin, Larxene experienced)

Riku/Kairi/Sora threesome (again no yaoi, just more double penetration)

Larxene raping Roxas (Roxas as a virgin, Larxene experienced)


Ridley raping Samus

Legend of Zelda

Link and Ruto (Adult Versions)

Link and Nabooru (Young and/or Adult Link)

Link and Saria (Young Link)

Assassin's Creed

Any decent story for this particular series would do. Seriously, all the lemon fics there are for this awesome game series are either yoai or OC, and I'm sick of them both. There are only so many lemon fics that can be made with this story; AltairxMaria Thorpe, EzioxCristina, EzioxCaterina, EzioxRosa, DesmondxLucy, for pete's sake there's a ton that can be made. Can somebody with a good author who can capture these characters personalities and do good lemon scenes please make a fic with one of those pairings? Please? Seriously, there are like, none.

To anybody willing to write any of my dream lemon FanFiction's because of my page, message me and I'll reply to you in graphic detail on how I want it done. If you do it the way I wish to see it, or at least fulfill my desires, I will favorite your lemon story onto my page. Thank you.

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