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My name is Sarah, and I'm very new to I've been using Quizilla... and well, I thought it was time to move on to a more sophisticated and mature site. The teens on there have potential, but they're not exactly writers yet. If I can't understand your spelling... I won't be able to get into the story!

I'm eight-teen years young, and I will be going into the Army National Guard. After my training, I'd like to attend school to major in animal behavior and minor in business management, and eventually in the future I would like to own my own farm/ranch. I'm a country girl--from my cowboy hat right on down to my cowboy boots! I was born and raised that way, and I ain't afraid to stay. I love old (muscle) cars, trucks, four wheelers and dirt-bikes. I love to camp and hike and get dirty, and you'll see that in my writing!

I've been writing for God knows how long... It's a passion (along with various other things). Writing has just been an escape for me. When I wish I could do something, but another thing is holding me back--I write. It helps me straighten out my thoughts when I'm stressed too.

I worked on a ranch with thirty horses, three cats, two ducks, two dogs, and one miniature donkey. I was a wrangler, which means I did a bit of everything including: leading trail rides, feeding, tacking, grooming and mucking. I've always wanted to work on a farm, so I got what I wanted I guess :D

Right now I work at an All Breed Kennel, specializing in Labradors and Norwich Terriers. I travel to dog shows and help out the handler I work for. Maybe some day I'd like to get into dog showing, but I'm more into the horses.

I drive a big ol' pick up truck, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She's a 1990 Ford F-150 Lariat. My other truck is a 1987 Chevy Silverado, currently having some engine work done--I miss her dearly, and can't wait to have her back as a weekend project! I'm a complete country girl, and I love it.

I guess this goes without saying, but I am absolutely nuts about the show Supernatural. I'm in love with Dean Winchester; he's just that type of badass that makes you want to crawl through the screen and jump him. It makes the whole one-inght-stand thing sort of sexy. He's the kind of guy that would make the shyest girl adventurous... I just wish that some of you girls out there could get him right. I see a lot of writers making him jump right into the relationship thing--NO that's not how Dean works. Unfortunately, you've gotta go through some pain and heart break to get him... I know that in my stories he may start out that way, but I try my best to make him the JERK he is.

I do have my Sam days... It's hard to choose sometimes, but most of the time I'd pick Dean. I try not to use the episodes in my writing. That's really not fan-fiction when you do; it's just you writing the same thing the writer of the episode wrote, except you put another character into it (or replaced a character with yourself). The only time I will ever do that is when I'm at a complete loss for direction. For example, in my The Winchesters story, I use the episode "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", but that's only for about two chapters, and then I go back to my own ideas.

Anyway, I also like the show LOST. Sawyer is the sexiest southern man in the world. I have to admit, though, that I like him in the first 3 seasons the best. After that he just gets... organized... Jack is pretty sexy too, but I'm such a Sawyer fan ;] (Nothing will ever change my love for Dean Winchester, though).

Well, there ya are (some things to know about me). You'll find me out in my stories. Whenever I write I use the same main character--and she's just like me! You'll probably get to know me from her, so I hope you enjoy my work!

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