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Hmmmm...anyone notice the similarity between Jack Skellington and IT?
~*~*~*~*~Updated last on 12/1/03~*~*~*~*~*~
It's been a while, I know. Don't bother reading the out-dated profile below, or any of my old sucky fics. They were good back in the day, but now it's all poop. And my Hitchhiker's Guide Hyrule is up to anyone who wants to finsh it, just please give me any due credit. I just don't have the time. The rest of my unfinshed stuff shall remain as such, I guess. I'll give a real update when I'm not two weeks behind in school work. THE DARKNESS COMES! Guess what people? I'm actually going to start updating this!!! WHEEEEEE!! And I deleted some of my old work. I'm re-doing this whole thang! Okay, I'll start off with my bio. I was born 7/18/89 so do the math! :P I'm a crazed fangirl of Jhonen Vasquez and Roman Dirge. I'm in the 7th grade in some middle skool in Californa. Yup. Oh yes...I have peeps livin' in mah head. My alter-ego, Riz. Riz the homicidal Irken is more like it. Read "Character Bios". My best friends also have peeps in their heads. Stacey has Riz's robot, C.I.R. Crappy Info. Retarded/Retreval is my guess. CIR often visits my head though so it's like she lives there too. My other friend, Adam, has an Irken Zam in his head along with the robot M.I.R. No clue what that stands for. See "Character Bios" once again.
I am a outcast of soiciety and I really, really, REALLY do NOT like humanity. Due to their self-centeredness and all around stupidity, they've doomed the planet. I'm an artist and am even paid to draw stuff for my classmates. Yup. I have my own comic strip going too, I've made enough to do a comic book. They're very popular at skool w/ my friends so I'll give publishing a try.
During elementry skool, I was an outcast. Not into what everyone else my age liked. Crushes, fanshion, shopping, looking good, caring more about social life then skool work, getting busted all the time, polluting, socializing...I knew that i was different(good4me). But only until the end of 6th grade when I discovered Invader Zim. Meaning Jhonen Vasquez. MY LIFE WAS SAVEDED!!People are jealous of me and four guys like mah. It's acturally pretty nice. XD
I am an insane lil freak who is currently obsessed with LENORE COMIX!! RAGAMUFFIN, YEAH!!! XD Ummm...*ahem*...yeah. ^_^() I love JtHM too. LOTS. AND I FEEL SICK, GO SPOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKYYYYYY!!!!! SQUEEKY!!! XP Squee is sooooo cute. Poor lil' guy. Hehe, so funny.
To tell you the truth, I've never really READ an actural full issue of any of those. However the internet has supplied me with a TON of information. I know enough to write a decent fanfic, at least. I'm ordering the Squee collection from mah crappy Boarders store and my dad is gettin' me a Lenore collection. Yep. I've seen all the web-sodes. HAMSTER EXPLODY!
Anywho, I think it's important to tell you all my history of pen names. I will change them often. I was first Epona the Lost Sage of Life. Then Invader Riz. Soon it was Invader Riz and CIR. Then RizCirZamMir. Now it's Ragamuffin Girl! Yayers!
Yo listen up
Here's a story about a teen girl who lives in a squeak world
And all day and all night and everything she hears is just squeak like her
Inside and outside
Squeak in house with the squeakin' through the window and a squeaking toy
'Cause everything is squeak for her and herself and everybody around
Cause she ain't got nobody to listen...
Talk to Spooky, *squeak noises*
I have a little toy, it's name is Spooky!
Squeak is the only word that he can say
Squeak to the streets and to Devi...*stops singing*
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The Inheritance reviews
This is a complete butchering of Max's chapter. It had to be done for skool, and so it's written all bad-like and just plain isn't good. More like a "based on" fic. It was written late at night wo coffee. I just wanted to add onto this section.
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